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The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to a new study, Doctors get this wrong over 90% of the time. What?

A.   The Expected Due Date



Bonehead Of The Day:

BONNEY LAKE, Wash., July 21 (UPI) --Instead of ordering a pizza or hitting up a 24-hour diner after a night of drinking, three Washington men allegedly decided to settle for a burglary instead of a nightcap.

The men, all of whom are under 21, allegedly broke into the garage of someone who lives near the Tapps Island Golf Course and stole a stool, computer tower, hammer and cordless drill.

Prior to the burglary, the victim had seen the three men -- Grant Agather, Elvis Marler and Austin Stone -- driving around in a golf cart.

When police spoke to the suspects, Stone reportedly admitted that the "three of them were drinking beer and driving around in the golf cart." Agather told police he had "consumed an entire case of beer by the time of the burglary."

Some of the stolen goods were reportedly stashed in a crawl space at Marler's house, and his mother told deputies that her son "was out all night with a golf cart," KOMO reported.



Nursing Homes Don't Like Ukulele's

One California retirement home is really against ukulele music, just ask Jim Farrell. The 97-year-old was evicted from Redwood Retirement in Napa for, he claims, playing his ukulele. Farrell told KPIX 5, "Management continually suppressed my talents.”

Farrell further explained he play his music too much for Redwood's liking. The very senior citizen spent three nights in a homeless shelter. Farrell's former caretaker Carol Elridge said, “Here’s this frail man and he’s got his head held up high going in the doors of this shelter and knowing that this is not the place I ever expected him to ever be.”

Thanks to a an anonymous donor, the 97-year-old was able to move into Piner's Nursing Home in Napa. Friends are raising money to help him stay there. 

Source: KPIX 5



Woman Tries To Steal Sex Toy By Hiding It In Baby Stroller

So, you’re strolling around the mall with your little bundle of joy. Stroller ready? Bottle, check. Diapers, check. Sex toy wedged between baby and back of stroller seat? Check…if you’re Misty Ann Lee, 38, of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Yep. Lee just couldn’t resist that shiny new vibrator at Spencer’s, but didn’t want to pay for it. So, what did she do? The same thing any good mom would, she crammed it into her baby’s stroller and tried to bolt. And, the “Mother of the Year” award goes to…anyone but this woman!

The store manager said she confronted Lee who acted like she didn’t know what the manager was talking about, but then retrieved the toy from the stroller, according to a Spartanburg Police Department incident report.

Lee was charged with shoplifting, and hopefully being a terrible role model.

Hey, Lee, if you can’t afford a sex toy from Spencer’s you’ve got bigger problems than shoplifting charges.

Source: Go Upstate





  • Keegan Allen (“Pretty Little Liars” “As a Last Resort”) – 25
  • AJ Cook (“Criminal Minds” “Final Destination 2”) – 36
  • Willem Dafoe (“The Boondock Saints” “Spider-Man”) – 59 
  • Louise Fletcher (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” “Cruel Intentions”) – 80 
  • Danny Glover (“Lethal Weapon” series, “Saw”) – 68
  • Rhys Ifans (“Notting Hill,” “The Amazing Spider-Man”) – 47
  • John Leguizamo (“Ice Age” “Moulin Rouge”) – 50
  • Madison Pettis (“The Game Plan” “Seven Pounds”) – 16
  • David Spade (“The Emperor’s New Grove” “Joe Dirt”) – 50



  • George Clinton – 73
  • Selena Gomez – 22
  • Don Henley – 67
  • Bobby Sherman – 71
  • Keith Sweat – 53



  • Bob Dole (1996 Republican nominee for President) – 91
  • Britain’s Prince George (son of William and Kate) – 1
  • Author S.E. Hinton (“The Outsiders,” “That Was Then, This Is Now,” “Rumble Fish”) – 66
  • “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek – 74
  • The late Jack Matthew’s (became known for his Civil War era novels “Sassafras” and “Gambler's Nephew”) (1925-2013) …he would have been 89



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