Whew, gotta say I didn't sleep well last night, and I am dragging today.. Hope you're having a better day than me.  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster 

25% of married couples have this in common. What is it?

A- Sleep in separate beds

Bonehead Of The Day: 

An Alaska woman tried to get away from a DUI stop by pulling in her garage and shutting the door on the cops.

Cops tried to pull the 36-year-old over about 1:30am, but she pulled into the driveway of her house and then tried to close the garage door.

Cops walked into the garage before the door closed and could see she was pretty drunk.

She tried to fight them off, but was eventually handcuffed and arrested. She refused to take a breath test and was arrested for DUI



Don't Return Phone Calls From These Area Codes.. It's A Scam

The Better Business Bureau is warning people about a scam they're calling the "One Ring Phone Scam."


Scammers call your phone and hang up after one ring.


They're hoping you'll call back, which allows them to pile on charges while you're connected.


The calls usually come from outside the US, but you won't always know that because they come from countries that use a 1+country code.


You could get a $19.95 international call fee plus a charge of upwards of $9 a minute.


The area codes to look out for are 268 (Antigua or Barbudo), 809 (Dominican Republic), 876 (Jamacia), 284 (Virgin Islands), and 473 (Grenada.)


If you do get scammed, tell your carrier, they are usually aware of the scams and will cancel the charges.


In the meantime, if you get a call from a number you don't recognize….Google the area code and number first so you know where it's coming from. Plus you may find other people posting about the number being a scam.




Your Car May Eventually Talk To Other Cars.. So You Don't Crash


The government is considering a plan that would require new cars to come with technology that would let you know if you were about to hit another car.


It has "game changing potential" to cut down on crashes, deaths, and injuries.


A radio signal would continuously transmit your position, heading, speed, and other info.


Cars would also receive the same info from other vehicles and computers inside would let you know if you were about to crash.


Alerts could be flashing lights or a message, an audible warning, vibrating seats, and more. Some cars could even automatically brake to keep from crashing.


Your car could "see" when another car with the same technology was about to run a red-light even if that vehicle was hidden around a corner.


The technology works up to about 300 yards.


It could be months or years before any of this becomes law, if at all.




Kids Allowances On The Rise


Do you remember how much your weekly allowance was when you were a kid?


If you're thinking around $10 or $15 you would be in the minority today.


The number of kids that are bringing in a weekly allowance of above $20 is rising with some kids adding $50 and $100 to their piggy banks each week. As the economy is slowly starting to rebound kids are benefiting from parents feeling like they have a little extra to give out.


In some families, giving their kid a little weekly stipend means the kid is now responsible for some of their own things - like buying their own clothes.


While only 1% of parents are giving their kids $100 a week, the average is $16.25 a week or about $65 a month.


Experts warn parents against giving their child more than they need just to keep up with their classmates - you could be doing them more harm than good.



Wanted:  Superhumans


A team of scientists are searching for superhumans... and are offering $10,000.


The researchers hope to track down people with rare phenotypes-- for example, people who are somehow protected from disease or heal very quickly.


By studying these people, the hope it could eventually help them to find treatments or even cures for severe diseases.


They are asking potential entrants to describe their interesting or rare characteristic on an online form with the best one getting $10,000.





~~Comedian David Brenner is 78.
~~Actress Lisa Eichhorn is 62. (All My Children's Elizabeth Carlyle, Another World; The Talented Mr. Ripley)
~~Actor, Jerry Adler ("Rescue Me"; "The Sopranos") is 85
~~Actress, Gabrielle Anwar ("Burn Notice") is 43 (Scent of a Woman)
~~Comedian, Rob Corddry is 43 (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; What Happens in Vegas; Hot Tub Time Machine; many more)
~~Actor, John Schuck is 74 (Turnabout, McMillion & Wife; New Odd Couple; MASH's Painless (movie), Munsters Today's Herman Munster; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)
~~Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya is 41
~~NFL legend Lawrence Taylor is 55


~~Singer Alice Cooper is 66.
~~Singer Gavin DeGraw is 37.
~~Guitarist Noodles (of The Offspring) is 51.
~~Bassist Rick Burch (of Jimmy Eat World) is 39.
~~Singer Natalie Imbruglia is 39
~~Rapper Cam'ron is 38
~~Singer, David Garza is 43
~~Singer Tim Booth (of James) is 54
~~Drummer, Phil Ehart (Kansas) is 64
~~Drummer, Jerry Shirley (Humble Pie) is 62
~~Bassist, Henry Bogdan (Helmet) is 53
~~Drummer John Steel (of The Animals) is 73.
~~Singer Florence LaRue (of the Fifth Dimension) is 70.
~~Country singer Clint Black is 52.        
~~Country bassist Dave Buchanan (of Yankee Grey) is 48.




New on DVD


Dallas Buyers Club (-R-)
Stars Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner  

Escape Plan (-R-)
Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone     
Free Birds (PG)
Stars Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson
About Time (-R-)
Stars Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson     

Baggage Claim (PG-13)
Stars Paula Patton, Derek Luke     

A Case of You (-R-)
Stars Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood    

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (-R-)
Stars Jordin Sparks, Jeffrey Wright     

Justice League: War (PG-13)
Romeo and Juliet (PG-13)
Stars Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth     

Scorned (-R-)
Stars AnnaLynne McCord, Viva Bianca     


TV on DVD:

Family Matters: The Complete Fourth Season
Joanie Loves Chachi: The Complete Series
Person of Interest: The Complete Second Season
The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season




The Most Requested Celebrity Looks


According to a popular cosmetic expert… Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackman are the most requested celebrity plastic surgery looks.


The expert who runs a clinic in Santa Monica, California says that clients spend up to $100,000 to get the same facial features as the two actors.


She says when it comes to the body, more women request Gisele Bündchen's supermodel figure while more men go for Channing Tatum's buff body.










Overall look - Jennifer Aniston


Body - Gisele Bündchen


Jawline - Keira Knightley


Eyes - Megan Fox


Skin - Katy Perry


Lips - Angelina Jolie


Butt - Beyonce






Overall look - Hugh Jackman


Body - Channing Tatum


Jawline - Robert Pattinson


Eyes - Ian Somerhalder


Skin - Orlando Bloom


Cheeks - Leonardo DiCaprio



Can't Understand Your Guy.. He's Probably Speaking Menglish


A relationship coach is using the word "Menglish" to describe the way men communicate.


Ladies if you want to have a less frustrating conversation with the man in your life it's important that you brush up on your Menglish.




Here are 10 steps to understanding this foreign language.


1. Don't expect your man to multitask. Be patient and don't bring up a serious topic while he's working on something else.
2. Remember the 30 second rule. This means after asking a question wait 30 seconds for him to answer because men typically have to think a bit about their feelings before they can communicate.
3. Men are problem solvers. When you tell him about your bad day he'll probably try to solve all of your issues for you instead of just saying "that sucks" and letting you vent.
4. Men have limited capacity for detail. If you give every detail from your day men tend to lose patience with your story because they are fact oriented and are trying to figure out what your point is.
5. Don't expect your man to magically know what you need. If you know what it is you're looking for you need to communicate that directly instead of dropping what you think are obvious hints.
6. Men thrive on appreciation. Even if it doesn't totally meet your expectations be sure to show your man that you appreciate his efforts.
7. Men are providers. Tell him how he provides for you and how it makes you feel and he will react positively to that encouragement.
8. Men need you to be receptive. Let your man surprise you and dote on you and do things for you. When you don't let him do these things he thinks you're pushing him away.
9. Men want to make you happy. Trust him and allow him to provide the things that will make you feel good.
10. Confidence is the number one quality a man looks for in a woman. Be confident in who you are and know that a man is finding that attractive.



Dude Risks Life To Take Selfie While Running With The Bulls







A man taking part in the Houston Bull run put his life on the line when he took the time to take a selfie and a video with the animals chasing after him.


His photo made it on the front page of the website, Reddit as well as the Houston Press.


Over 3,000 people took part in the event with only one person being treated for scrapes, bruises and a concussion.


Organizers of the event got the idea from the Spanish bull-running event and wanted to bring the spectacle closer to home.



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