Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday..  I don’t know about you but yesterday was a crazy day.. I’m hoping for a calmer Tuesday.  Here’s what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   This happened 14,000 times in the US last week, and over 75,000 times since December 1st. What?

A.   Canceled Flights!


Bonehead Of The Day:

Two Seattle boys doing a science experiment with a rocket ended up blowing up their house.

They were working on an experiment with a rocket when they decided to light a fire in the fireplace.

It looks like they used some of the fuel for the rocket to start the fire and the house exploded.

The explosion broke out windows in the living room and kitchen and sent debris into the backyard.

Investigators found several homemade fireworks including bottle rockets, mortars, and a skyrocket in the wreckage.

The boys were hospitalized. There's no word on their condition.



The Food Preferences Of Former Presidents

A psychiatrist's research showed that people tend to eat the opposite of their personality. The meals the first family eats every day are less public but more revealing than taxpayer-funded state dinners.

George Washington loved cherries. Abraham Lincoln hosted state dinners but preferred simple foods like an apple chased down with a cup of coffee.

During the Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt shared hot dogs with the queen of England.

Richard Nixon like a bowl of cottage cheese and ketchup. Bill Clinton was known to devour fast-food hamburgers.

Today, President Obama likes nuts, seeds and raisins for snacks, as well as dining out at Washington restaurants with his wife, Michelle, who is all about healthy eating.


Here are some other findings on the foods that presidents eat:

--Those who munch on fried pork rinds are gregarious, loyal and generous. They were a favorite of the older President Bush.

--Cherry lovers like George Washington are aggressive, workaholics and prefer living modestly.

--Ketchup eaters like President Nixon are achievement-oriented, risk takers, conquerors and respond to provocation in kind.

--Nuts, seeds and raisin eaters, like President Obama, are pleasant, good at friendships, quiet, thoughtful and prefer working in a large office. 




Finally!!  Nike Creating Back To The Future Self Tying Power Laces

Nike will introduce self-tying power laces like those worn by Marty McFly in "Back to the Future Part II."

A sneaker designer for the company says they will release the self-tying sneaks next year. It's unclear if the power laces will be introduced with the Nike Air MAG.

Nike introduced the MAG in 2011 as an exact replica of the high-top sneakers worn by Marty McFly, but without power laces.



Forget Coffins.. Now You Can be Mummified

You can now be mummified after you die, just like the ancient Egyptians.

A company (Summum in Salt Lake City) which has mummified pets is applying the process to humans for $67,000.

The modern-day process takes 90 days. The organs are taken out and cleansed, then the body is hydrated for more than 70 days in a tank full of chemicals.

The body is covered with lanolin and wax, followed by layers of cotton gauze and a fibre glass finish.

The body is then encased in a steel or bronze casket.




~~ John Travolta is 60 (Urban Cowboy, Blowout, Look Who's Talking, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, Carrie, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, Phenomenom, Michael, Face/Off, Mad City, Primary Colors, A Civil Action, The General's Daughter, Battlefield Earth, Lucky Numbers, Sword Fish, Basic, The Punisher, Ladder 49, Be Cool, Wild Hogs, Hairspray; more… Kelly Preston's hubby)
Matt Dillon
is 50 (The Flamingo Kid, Drugstore Cowboy, My Bodyguard, Kiss Before Dying, Beautiful Girls, In & Out, There's Something About Mary, Crash, Herbie Fully Loaded, You Me and Dupree; more)
~~Fitness guru,
Jillian Michaels
("The Biggest Loser") is 40
~~Game Show Assistant,
Vanna White
("Wheel of Fortune") is 57
Molly Ringwald
is 46 (Sixteen Candles; The Breakfast Club; Pretty In Pink; The Secret Life of the American Teenager)
Cybill Shepherd
is 64 (The Last Picture Show; Taxi Driver; Moonlighting; Cybil)
, George Kennedy
is 89 (Cool Hand Luke; Naked Gun movies)
Joe Simpson
(Jessica and Ashlee's day) is 56
Jayne Atkinson
is 55 (Criminal Minds; Free Willy; House of Cards)
Ike Barinholtz
is 37 (MAD TV)
Toni Morrison is 83. (Beloved; many more)


~~Rapper/Producer, Dr. Dre (Andre Young) is 49
Yoko Ono
is 81
Dennis DeYoung
(Styx) is 67
Regina Spektor
is 34
Juelz Santana
is 31
Robbie Bachman
(of Bachman-Turner Overdrive) is 61.
Larry Rust
(of Iron Butterfly) is 61.
Derek Pellicci
(Little River Band) is 61
Sean Watkins
(Nickel Creek) is 37
Herman Santiago
(of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers) is 73
Randy Crawford
is 62.
Juice Newton
is 62.
Zac Cockrell (of Alabama Shakes) is 26.



Companies Are Experimenting With Unlimited Vacation Days

60% of us feel that we're vacation-deprived.

While many of us do take vacations, 67% are still connected to the office while we're taking a break - which doesn't make it feel like much of a vacation at all.

Some companies are trying to rejuvenate their employees with unlimited time off - saying that they'll be responsible about the number of days that they take and it makes them more productive when they are in the office. Workers appreciate flexibility and want to balance their life in and outside of work.

For companies that have experimented with unlimited paid time off they've seen a positive increase in workplace behavior and productivity - and that helps their bottom line.



Finally!  An App For Misbehaving Kids

An app was released that helps parents deal with children who are misbehaving.

The app is called "Fake Police Call" and has kids talk to, Sgt. Friendly who is a series of pre-recorded messages giving  advice to them.

A cop in Florida came up with the idea in August when his own children were misbehaving.

The app has 14 pre-determined scenarios that parents face including kids not cleaning their room, misbehaving at a restaurant or mail and not doing homework.

If the kids follow the advice, parents can have the app call back praising their kids.


The cop gets about 100 to 200 downloads a day for the free app, and 20 downloads a day for a version of the app which costs .99 cents.



Video Of The Day:

A 54-year-old Springfield, Missouri man made an extraordinary 3-point shot during a basketball game and won free McDonald's for a year.

And the amazing thing? The man is blind.

He sank the shot at the College of the Ozarks as part of an in-game promotion and won not only the free Mickey D's, but a lot of national attention too.