T-15 days and counting..  How bout you, are you ready for christmas to just get here?  I know I am..  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to a new study, drinking 2 cups of this a day helps to keep your brain sharp. What?

A.   Hot Chocolate!


The Bonehead Of The Day:

A woman getting off her flight in St. Louis had to give up the small toy gun on her sock monkey after TSA agents thought it was unsafe to take on another flight.

The toy gun is about the length of three quarters.

One of the agents told the woman the cops should be called in that situation, but they were never brought in.

She was not charged.



Friends Fake Out Drunk Driver By Making Him Think He's Been In A Coma For 10 Years

Friends of a Louisville, KY man who has already been  arrested for 5 DUI's pulled off an elaborate prank when he passed out from drinking: they convinced him he'd woken up from a ten year coma by turning the office into a hospital room.

YouTube prankster Tom Mabe ("MabeInAmerica") used an office mocked up as a hospital room and a team of actors who posed as medical teams to pull it off.

He even screened fake news reports into the room as his friend woke up confused as to how he'd been "out" for ten years.

Actors pretending to be nurses and doctors told him it was 2023 and he had been in an accident 10 years ago after a night of heavy drinking.

Finally a doctor came in to check feeling in his legs and ended up taking his mask off, showing he was Tom Mabe, and yelling at him about having 5 DUI's.

After filming the prank they put it on YouTube hoping to keep other people from driving drunk.



Man Falls 9,000 Feet And Lives!!!

A man fell 9,000 feet with a tangled parachute cord and survived in Polk County, Florida!

The 27-year-old and his buddy jumped from 14,000 feet when they tried to do a maneuver where they open the chutes close to each other.

But at 9,000 feet they got tangled up and the man spun out of control in a partially opened chute.

He tried to pull his reserve chute but it wouldn't open because of the tangled lines. He hit the ground and lived. He was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition with broken bones and a head injury.

His partner's chute finally untangled and opened up at about 3,000 feet. He landed safely.



Woman Owns The First Mustang Sold In The US

The original Mustang went on sale on April 17th, 1964 and a woman in Chicago was the very first person to buy one.

And she still owns the classic car!

The woman and her husband drove the car until 1979, when a small mechanical problem put it in their garage for the next 27 years. The husband took it up to a restoration shop with the intent that if he couldn't fix it, he would take it right to the junk yard. Today, they have a pristine, beautifully restored baby blue Mustang.

The woman paid about $3,400 for the car and experts say it could now be worth anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000.



Man Finds $50,000 In US Bonds Inside Xmas Tree Box

A Florida man found $50,000 in U.S. bonds inside a box that contained a Christmas tree.

The man has had the box for three years but just opened it recently. He wanted to wait to open it until his son was old enough to appreciate Christmas.

The man has tried to contact the owners of the bonds but has not been successful so far.

He said he will keep contacting them because the bonds are not his to keep.



7 Holiday Foods That Actually Help you Lose Weight

1. Cheese--Full-fat cheese is packed with protein, so a small amount will satisfy you quickly, which means eating some of the real deal may actually help you lose weight. Choose hard, full-flavor cheeses like Parmesan or aged Gouda, because their sharp taste helps you conquer cravings fast. These cheeses are slightly higher in calories than soft ones like Brie, but they have more protein. Stick with 1 oz-or four to five small cubes-per day.

2. Champagne--At 100 calories per 5-oz serving, champagne is one of the few naturally low-calorie beverages you can always reach for without counting calories in your head. But stick to just one glass per evening: Because of the carbonation, your body will absorb champagne faster, which means you'll feel the effect sooner than with other alcoholic beverages.

3. Roasted Nuts--The ideal pairing for a happy hour cocktail, nuts are full of fiber, which can help keep your blood sugar levels stable and lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. They are high in calories, so use this rule to avoid overdoing it: Take a small handful and put it on your plate at the beginning of a party. Munch on that amount instead of grabbing nuts throughout the evening.

4. Dark Chocolate Truffles--Dark chocolate is loaded with blood pressure- and cholesterol-lowering antioxidants. And new research shows that those antioxidants can also boost your mood and calm your body's stress response. Go for one truffle-or two squares of dark chocolate containing 70% (or higher) cocoa-per day.

5. Red Wine--A study found that moderate consumption of red wine (one 5-oz glass per day for women) may help keep off weight gain thanks to piceatannol, a compound that might slow fat cell growth. Stick with one glass per evening and sip slowly.

6. Shrimp Cocktail--This seafood appetizer is high in protein and omega-3 fats, which means it can help you stay fuller longer and help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. The best part is it's also low in calories. You can fill up on nine medium shrimp for just 50 calories.

7. Spinach-Artichoke Dip--A small portion of a rich dip that contains fat can help hunger hormones, which means you'll fill up quicker on less. Also, consider what you're pairing with an indulgent dip: Load an appetizer plate full of low-calorie and fiber-filled vegetables. Cap your intake at two medium-size spoonfuls of dip per party.

3 Rules to Stay Slim This Holiday Season

1. STOP SKIPPING MEALS--If you skip food during the day to save up for a big party in the evening, think again. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism and can encourage you to overeat by sundown.

2. BALANCE WITH LIGHTER CHOICES--If you know that dinner will be heavier than usual, keep your day's food fresh and healthy.

3. WATER, SLEEP AND EXERCISE--Sounds simple, but these habits are extremely important to keep you on track throughout a hectic season. Less of any of them can lead to unwanted weight gain.



Meet Mort Crim, The 1970's Michigan Broadcaster Who Was The Inspiration For Anchorman's Ron Burgundy

Will Ferrell's inspiration for Ron Burgundy is veteran Detroit broadcaster Mort Crim.

Ferrell say the "Anchorman" character came into being when he watched a documentary about broadcaster Jessica Savitch and her introduction to Crim while they worked in Philadelphia in the early 1970s.

Savitch was one of the first female anchors in TV news and she describes Crim as not being very nice to her:  he was a real male chauvinist pig.

That inspired Ferrell to develop a script with his writing partner Adam McKay for what became "Anchorman."

Crim will actually travel to New York City for next week's premiere. 





~~Actress, Raven-Symone is 28 (That's So Raven; "Cosby Show"; Cheetah Girls; "Doctor Dolittle" movies)
~~TV chef Bobby Flay is 49
~~Actress, Emmanuelle Chriqui ("Entourage", "You Don't Mess with the Zohan") is 36
~~Actor-director Kenneth Branagh is 53 (Frankenstein 1994; Henry V; Valkyrie; Hamlet 1996; many more)
~~Former Illinois Gov. (now in jail!), Rod Blagojevich is 57
~~Actress, Susan Dey is 61 (The Partridge Family; L.A. Law)
~~Actress, Fionnula Flanagan is 71 (Rich Man Poor Man, How the West Was Won; Lost)
~~Actress-singer, Nia Peeples is 52 (Fame; General Hospital; Walker, Texas Ranger)
~~Actress-singer Gloria Loring is 67. (Days of Our Lives; sang ""Friends and Lovers")


~~Drummer, Meg White (formerly of The White Stripes) is 39
~~Musician Paul Hardcastle is 56
~~Drummer Walter "Clyde" Orange (of The Commodores) is 67
~~Singer Ralph Tavares (of Tavares) is 72
~~Singer Jessica Cleaves (of Friends of Distinction) is 65
~~Bassist Scot Alexander (of Dishwalla) is 42
~~Bassist Noah Harmon (of Airborne Toxic Event) is 32
~~Singer Chad Stuart (of Chad and Jeremy) is 72
~~Country singer Kevin Sharp is 43
~~Country singer Johnny Rodriguez is 62



New On DVD This Week

Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13)
Stars Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker  

Despicable Me 2 (PG)
Stars Steve Carell, Kristen Wii

Adore (-R-)
Stars Naomi Watts, Robin Wright

Battle of the Year (PG-13)
Stars Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso

Jayne Mansfield's Car (-R-)
Stars Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall     

Man of Tai Chi (-R-)
Stars Tiger Hu Chen, Keanu Reeves     
Touchy Feely (-R-)
Stars Rosemarie DeWitt. Allison Janney     

TV on DVD:

Futurama: Volume 8
The Game: The Sixth Season
Teen Wolf: Season 3, Part 1



Officially!  Eddie Murphy Returning For Beverly Hills Cop 4

As previously reported...
Eddie Murphy will return to the role of Axel Foley for a fourth movie in the "Beverly Hills Cop" franchise.

In the planned 'reboot', the character will leave the California sun and return to his roots in Detroit.

News that "Bevery Hills Cop" will return to theatres comes several months after CBS decided no to go ahead with plans for a series on the franchise. In the pilot for the series, which never got off the ground, Eddie Murphy made a cameo.



Better Looking High Schoolers Get Better Grades, Make More Money, Score The Hot Babes

An analysis of almost 9,000 high school students that follows them into adulthood finds those rated by others as better-looking had higher GPAs.

For both girls and boys, being rated as attractive rather than average in looks gives them "a GPA advantage (over) the average".

Earlier research has shown that better-looking adults earn higher wages overall. The advantage often stems from adolescence, when the better-looking get better grades and are more likely to attain a college degree, setting them on a path for economic advantages as well.

But these advantages differ for men and women. According to one college professor,  "Attractive women will get a benefit overall in occupations, but when you're talking about leadership positions, being sexually attractive actually works against you".

The new study finds some disadvantages associated with being attractive, such as being more likely to date, have sexual partners and drink heavily, which could have a negative impact on grades and college performance.

Those rated below average in looks in high school didn't suffer an overall disadvantage in terms of grades, compared with their average-looking peers. But the analysis notes that those rated by others as "being on the ugly side of looks" are more depressed and have fewer friends than those average in looks, both in high school and young adulthood.



9 Beers Americans Don't Drink Anymore

Americans sure aren't drinking beer the way they used to. Though there's an increase in interest in craft beers, overall Americans are drinking less lager than they used to.

There are nine major beer brands that have seen over 25% decreases over the past five years. Beer makers still blame the recession for this drop but it's important to note that wine and liquor sales are up. Flavored and fruity liquors are contributing to the popularity of spirit sales.

The nine beers that have seen a large decline in the US:

9. Labatt Blue
8. Budweiser
7. Heinekin Premium Light
6. Milwaukee's Best Light
5. Old Milwaukee
4. Miller Genuine Draft
3. Milwaukee's Best Premium
2. Budweiser Select
1. Michelob Light



Video Of The Day:

I love sharks, and found this video awesome.  Enjoy!