Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday..  1 day closer to the weekend..  Here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: What accessory helps a man in a job interview, but hurts a woman?

A: A wedding ring


Bonehead Of The Day:

A Florida woman was upset about a seat belt citation that she received, so..... she called 911.

The 50-year-old woman was stopped by a police officer because she wasn't belted in, and the officer had just printed out the citation to give to her.

When the officer approached her car, he found her on her phone and over the police radio, a dispatch operator told him that the woman was calling to complain about him.

The officer said, "I looked at the defendant and asked her if she called 911. She told me she did and when I asked her why, she told me because I was writing her tickets."

So, instead of a seat belt citation, she was arrested and charged with misusing 911.


(Hero!) Husband Fights Back Against Kidnapping Bank Robbers, And Wins!

A Texas man fought back after two bank robbers kidnapped him and his wife: He shot them.

The crooks knew the woman worked at a bank and kidnapped the couple at gunpoint in their home.  They drove them to the bank and had her withdraw a large amount of money.

The husband whipped out a gun that was hidden in the truck and shot both robbers, killing one of them.

The other one is in the hospital in critical condition.

The "hero" is a reserve officer with the local sheriff's department.



~~Actress, Soliel Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) is 37 ( Sabrina, the Teenage Witch's Roxie King)
~~Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan is 43 (The Sixth Sense; Unbreakable; Signs; The Village)
~~Writer-director Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl") is 37 (The O.C.; Hart of Dixie; The O.C.)
~~Actress Melissa George ("Alias," ''Grey's Anatomy") is 37.
~~Supermodel, Marisa Miller is 35
~~Actress, Louise Sorel is 73 (One Life to Live's Judith, Santa Barbara's Augusta Lockridge, The Survivors, Don Rickles Show, Days of Our Lives' Vivian Alamain, Port Charles' Donatella Stewart, Passions)
~~Actor-director Peter Bonerz (The Bob Newhart Show) is 75. (Police Academy movies)
~~Actress Catherine Hicks ("Seventh Heaven") is 62. (Peggy Sue Got Married)
~~NBA legend, David Robinson is 48
~~Singer Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls) is 41.
~~Guitarist Vinnie Vincent (KISS) is 61
~~Singer Donna Lewis is 40


DVD Releases

Oblivion (PG-13)
Stars Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko     

On the Road (-R-)
Stars Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams     

The Place Beyond the Pines (-R-)
Stars Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper

The Sapphires (PG-13)
Stars Chris O'Dowd, Deborah Mailman     
To the Wonder (-R-)
Stars Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams  

West of Memphis (-R-)
Stars Jason Baldwin, Lorris Davis     

Mud (PG-13)
Stars Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon     
Adventures in Zambezia (-G-)
Stars Jeremy Suarez, Abigail Breslin     

Aftershock (-R-)
Stars Eli Roth, Andrea Osvart    
Magic Magic (-R-)
Stars Michael Cera, Emily Browning     

TV on DVD:

The Borgias: The Final Season    
Community: The Complete Fourth Season
Duck Dynasty: Season 3
Smash: Season Two
Strike Back: Cinemax Season Two


Men!!  What Are They Good For?

Women don't consider men good at much.... except killing spiders, BBQs, and drinking.

According to a survey of 1,000 adults, 60 per cent of women said men were good at getting rid of spiders.

Slightly less, 56 per cent, rated men's barbecue skills and 73 per cent said men can change a tire. Just over half rated men's ability to drink alcohol.

Only 10 per cent of women thought men could iron a shirt and just four per cent thought they could dance.

According to the research, men are also pretty useless at choosing home fixtures and furnishings and cooking anything complicated.



1.Buying clothes for partner 52 per cent
2. Remembering anniversary 41 per cent
3. Dancing 33 per cent
4. Ironing 31 per cent
5. Cooking 30 per cent
6. Domestic chores 30 per cent
7. Buying gifts 28 per cent
8. Multi-tasking 22 per cent
9. Keeping up with fashion 22 per cent
10. Picking furniture 21 per cent

Four in 10 (43 per cent) of all the survey respondents thought men were generally worse than women at many life skills, while a third (32 per cent) said today's men are no better than their fathers at certain skills.


Parents Can Lock Their Teens Phones & Devices Until They Answer Questions In Math, Science & History

StudyLock is a new software system that uses technology and the internet to help teens learn.  And the application locks out devices like computers, computer tablets, and smartphones until certain educational questions are answered.

In order for a child to unlock each device, they must answer Common Core State Standards questions in subjects such as Math, Science, History, Literature, and other scholastic subjects. Once the questions are answered the cellphone or device can be used as normal.

Features include a grading system to track correct answers to identify the students strong and weak subjects. The grade can be seen from the device and can be emailed automatically to the parent.

Children can win scholarships and other prizes based on their performance by subject and overall performance through the website.

All versions of the StudyLock will be ready by Christmas.


Video Of The Day:

Today's video is of a very talented lil dog.. Enjoy!