Good Morning!  Thank God it's not Monday right..  Who else is looking forward to a nice long weekend!  I know I am!  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q:1 in 4 drivers does THIS at least once a week.  


A: Runs a red light



Bonehead Of The Day:

 An Australian hospital apologized after mistakenly sending out death notices for 200 of its - very much alive - patients.


Austin Hospital, in Australia's second most populous city of Melbourne, erroneously killed off the patients when it faxed death notices to their family doctors.

The notices were the result of an inadvertent change to the templates the hospital sends to doctors once a patient has been discharged, operator Austin Health said in a statement.



Bonehead #2

A 20-year-old Nebraska man wanted for violating his parole is back behind bars after a video of him taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge exposed his whereabouts.

Twenty-year-old Jesean Morris was wanted for violating his parole when he was challenged to either dump a bucket of ice on his head or donate $100 to ALS charities. Released from Omaha Correctional Center in March, Morris was convicted in 2010 for attempted second-degree assault using a firearm.

Rather than discreetly donating, Morris chose to meme along with America, dousing himself in ice water and posting a video of it to Facebook.

Although Omaha police were not monitoring Morris' social media activity, one of his Facebook friends proved not so friendly, tipping off authorities to Morris' exact location upon figuring it out from his Ice Bucket Challenge.



Man Has Nail Clippings Older Than You

Richard Gibson is a collector...of sorts. The Louisiana man has been saving all his nail clippings once 1978. He told the HuffingtonPost he remembers the night in February almost four decades ago when he decided to save his clippings in a box instead of throwing them away. 

"I remember it well. I still have the manicure kit," the 58-year-old said. "I started doing it again and again and then decided to see how long it would take to fill the box." It took about two years, then Gibson moved the collection into the glass jar he's still using. "I have no idea how many nails are in the jar," Gibson said. "It's well into the thousands."

As you might imagine, he's had some naysayers in the past. His ex-wife used to make him hid the jar when guests came over the house. He's gotten the final laugh, however. Now his picture is in the newest "Ripley's Believe it or Not!" book. "I haven't told her," he said. "I'm waiting until I can show her the book. She's always been annoyed by them." As for the next home for his clippings, Gibson isn't sure where they'll end up. "I don't know what I'll do," he said. "I'll probably put them into something else. I've got enough room for several more months worth of nails." Considering he only cuts his nails when they break or get too long, he's got some time to figure it out. 

Source: HuffingtonPost



Six Year Old Run Over, Sustains Only Minor Injuries

One little boy in China is lucky to be alive. The six-year-old was playing Legos on his Hong Kong street when an SVU casually drove down the street and ran him completely over.

Surveillance footage shows the entire incident, including the boy standing up and walking away. "I cried when I saw the video," the boy's father told China's state-run television. "He was so lucky to have survived."

According to CNN, the driver of the SUV was tracked down and he claims he didn't notice the child playing. Check out the video to the right.



Line Striping Is Supposed To Be Straight

Interstate 66 in Fairfax County, Virginia is a tricky road for drivers. Why? Well whoever painting the lane markings must have been drunk. Or maybe five years old. The lines are crooked, curved, and even broken at parts. We apologize profusely to all the motorists who have been negotiating the very unsafe and messed up lanes right around Centreville on 66," Joan Morris, public affairs director says. They are working on getting the lines fixed. Take a look at the picture here. Source: WTOP





  • Macaulay Culkin (“Home Alone,” “The Pagemaster) (FAST FACTS: He was named number two on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Kids Stars.) – 34
  • Brett Cullen (“Friday Night Lights,” “Falcon Crest”) – 58
  • Melissa McCarthy (“Gilmore Girls,” “Bridesmaids”) – 44
  • Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf,” “The First Time”) – 23
  • Keke Palmer (“Joyful Noise,” “Akeelah and the Bee”) – 21
  • Chris Pine (“Star Trek,” “Smokin’ Aces”) – 34
  • Oleg Taktarov (“National Treasure,” “Predators”) – 47
  • The late Michael Jeter (“The Green Mile,” “Evening Shade”) (1952-2003)  … he would have been 62.



  • The Stranglers’ Jet Black – 76
  • Kim Burrell – 42
  • Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley – 29
  • Garbage’s Shirley Manson – 48
  • Jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis – 54
  • Chiodos’ Craig Owens – 30
  • Ashford & Simpson’s Valerie Simpson (“I’m Every Woman,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”) – 68
  • “Cassie” Ventura – 28
  • No Doubt’s Adrian Young – 45



  • All-Star MLB pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays David Price – 29
  • The late politician Geraldine Ferraro (FAST FACTS: She became the first woman to run for vice president representing a major American political party in 1984.) (1935-2011) …she would have been 79.
  • The late Antoine Lavoisier (“The Father of Modern Chemistry” – he discovered the role oxygen plays in combustion and helped construct the metric system) (1743-1794)
  • The late John Wilkes Booth (the man who shot President Abraham Lincoln) (1838 – 1865)



Video Of The Day:

In one of the most poignant moments of the night, Billy Crystal pays tribute to the late Robin Williams at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.