Good Morning!  Happy Thursday!  Also Happy Birthday to my dad.. Pastor Tom Mattson!  63 today..  Love ya dad!  Anywho besides that, here's what you missed on my show today!

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: Study found that women who regularly wear THIS feel so much more confident they actually have better balance & are less likely to stumble or fall.  What?

A: Lipstick


Bonehead Of The Day:

Three New York City men posed as cops so they could cut in line to snag a copy of ‘Grand Theft Auto V.'

One of them was an auxiliary police officer and one was the son of a retired cop…and they showed up in a car that had been purchased at a police auction.

Everyone thought they were cops, and they even showed a fake shield and an auxiliary badge ID so they could skip to the front of the line.

A mall guard even offered them coffee… and they went with it and ended up getting the game before the rest of the folks waiting in line.

The fake cops left the mall and pulled a U-turn in front of a cop and ended up getting busted. They each could get a year in jail for impersonating an officer.


Experts Say You'll Never Pay Less Than $3 A Gallon For Gas Again

The average cost of gas has been more than $3 per gallon for 1,000 days straight, with the national average being about $3.54 a gallon.

It's the longest streak ever for gas prices at this level, but AAA experts say that we can kiss the days of cheaper gas prices goodbye, because of supply and demand.

One of AAA's head honchos explains, "Paying less than $3 per gallon for gasoline may be automotive history for most Americans, like using 8-track tapes or going to a drive-in movie."

While the demand for gas is down in theU.S.from its peak in the summer of 2007, it has drastically increased in emerging economies like China and Brazil.


Birthday Cake M&M's... Just Because!

Birthday cake-flavored M&Ms will be available May 2014.

Delicious milk chocolate infused with birthday cake flavor creates an exciting new treat worth celebrating. Available in single serve bags and 8 ounce packages.

It's unclear if these are going to be a permanent addition to the M&Ms family like pretzel M&ms or a limited edition flavor.


Homeless Man Returns $40,000 & Gets Over $70,000 In Donations

A homeless Boston man who turned in a backpack he found with over $42,000 in it, is being rewarded with over $70,000 in donations.

He's been homeless since losing his job back in 2005 and suffers a disease (Meniere's disease) with vertigo type symptoms.

He found the bag at a mall and flagged down a police officer. Inside the backpack was $2,400 cash and almost $40,000 in traveler's checks.

The 27-year-old guy who owned the backpack was so happy he set up a page hoping to raise $50,000 for the man. But that was met in one day.

Now he's raised it to $250,000 in hopes to buy the man a house.

The homeless hero has been getting so many ‘thank you' donations since the story broke he's opened a bank account.

The man who lost the bag is going to meet with the man to help him best map out how to use the money.


McDonalds McEverything.. The Sandwich Made From All 43 Varieties

A blogger went on a mission to try all 43 sandwich varieties made available at McDonalds - at the same time. On one, humongous layered sandwich.

The creation is called the McEverything and it took him three years to plan it out. He came into McDonalds at 10 am - when the breakfast crowd was finished and with plenty of time before the lunch crowd in order to give the staff time to get all of his sandwiches together. The other bonus was that both breakfast and lunch sandwiches are available at that time.

The 43 sandwiches raked up a $141.33 tab and it took the staff of 2, twenty minutes to put all of the sandwiches together. Then the blogger assembled them into one huge 4-foot tall sandwich with the help of toothpicks.

Needless to say he had some leftovers to take home.


Drunk Without Drinking?  It's Possible

It is possible to get drunk without drinking a drop of alcohol.

A Texas man who would get drunk at random times while swearing up and down that he hadn't been drinking. Doctors isolated him in a booze-free hospital room for 24 hours and, sure enough, his BAC level magically rose.

It seems he had a lot of brewer's yeast in his gut:  He was, a home brewer, and when he ate carb-rich foods, the yeast started fermenting.  "The man's intestinal tract was acting like his own internal brewery."

NPR dug up a handful of similar cases, usually involving antibiotics that eliminated gut bacteria and allowed yeast to gain a foothold.


6 Habits Of The Leanest Americans

Colorado is the healthiest state in the US - but what's their secret?

Researchers studied the leanest Americans and found the six habits to staying thin:


1. Be active every day. No, not just on weekends. Get out and move your body around once a day.
2. Fuel up on real food. Think of yourself as a foodie and find ways to eat healthy, fresh, delicious meals.
3. Create your own healthy environment. Be conscious of the company you keep - surround yourself with fit friends and your fitness will follow.
4. Stay true to your purpose. If healthy living is a key goal in your life you will stay true to it.
5. Believe you can succeed. If weight loss seems like an unclimbable mountain to you you will never climb it. Have the right attitude.
6. Make healthy living fun. Savor the lifestyle and find ways for it to bring you happiness instead of dread and frustration.



~~Comedian and TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon is 39
~~TV host James Lipton ("Inside the Actors Studio") is 87
~~Actor Adam West (TV's original Batman) is 85
~~TV personality Joan Lunden is 63
~~TV handyman, Carter Oosterhouse is 37 (The Inside Job; Trading Spaces)
~~Actress, Katrina Bowden is 25 (30 Rock)
~~Actress, Rosemary Harris is 86 (Holocaust, The Chisholms, Spiderman movie's May Parker)
~~Actor, Jeremy Irons is 65 (The Lion King; Die Hard: With a Vengeance; The Man In The Iron Mask; The Borgias; many more)
~~Actress, Cheri Oteri is 51 (SNL; Liar Liar; Scary Movie)
~~Baseball legend, Joe Morgan is 70
~~Singer Bill Medley is 73 (Righteous Brothers)
~~Musician-producer Nile Rodgers is 61 (Chic, Sister Sledge, Madonna; Daft Punk)
~~Rock chick, Lita Ford is 55 (The Runaways; solo)
~~Singer-songwriter Paul Williams is 73
~~Country singer Trisha Yearwood is 49


Bump In The Night.. Send In The Wife?

Some men would let their wife investigate a strange noise in the middle of the night.  

A poll found one in five men is happy to send their wife downstairs to investigate the noise, and a quarter of men pretend to be asleep if they hear a strange noise while they're in bed.

40% of all adults said they had been awakened by a noise in the dark, convinced someone was breaking in.

The poll also found that women have 11 sleepless nights a month compared to eight for men.


Would You Dump Your Other Half For $1.5 Million?  1 in 10 Men Said Yes

A new survey finds men would more likely dump their partner for $1.5 million than women.

The survey found that one in 10 men breakup with their partners for the one and a half million ... while only one in 20 women would do the same. 

And 11% of men said they would ditch their best friend for the money… more than double the number of women who would do the same.


Video Of The Day:

I love it when newscasters do something different.. and this.. is definetly different.. Enjoy!