Good Morning!  Happy Halloween!  Hope you have a goulishly great day!  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: THIS activity burns about 320 calories.  What is it?  Good luck!

A:  Watching A Scary Movie


Bonehead Of The Day

A 30-year-old woman in North Dakota told the cops someone broke into her home and cooked some bacon in the microwave. She said three cans of Bud Light were also gone.

The break-in happened on Monday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. while she was gone. When the woman came home she smelled the scent of bacon.

The suspect has not been caught at this time.


Hero Bus Driver Saves Suicidal Woman

A Buffalo bus driver is being called a hero after stopping his bus to save a suicidal woman on a bridge overpass.

He had just picked up about two dozen high school kids when he spotted a woman on the wrong side of the ledge.

He stopped the bus, asked her if she needed help, and slowly walked towards her.  She was distraught, disconnected, and distant when he got to her and he grabbed her arm and put his arm around her.

He asked her if she wanted to come to the other side of the guardrail and she did… he stayed with her until authorities showed up.

When he got back on the bus the students gave him a big round of applause.


Woman Is Handing Out Fat Letters Instead Of Candy This Year... Cue The Rotten Eggs!

A North Dakota woman is handing out fat letters to some kids tonight, instead of Halloween candy.

The letter is actually meant for their parents and it says, "In my opinion, your child is moderately obese" and should lay off the candy.

The letter asks the parents to step up and ration the candy and not allow them to just eat non-stop whenever they want.

Some parents are calling what she's doing an act of bullying.


America In 1 Day..  Guy Drove Across The U.S. In Record 28 Hours

A man and two of his friends set a new record by driving across the US in 28 hours and 50 minutes. 

The man, a co-driver and a passenger traveled across the country in a 2004 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG.

They left from New York City and reached Los Angeles 28 hours and 50 minutes later… breaking the old record of 31 hours and 4 minutes that was set in 2006.


2.5 Million In Coins Found Inside Tossed Safe

A Houston man found $2.5 million in gold and silver coins in a safe that was being thrown away for scrap.

The man is the owner of a key and lock store and spent almost 20 hours trying to get the safe open. He had to drill ten holes into six inches of concrete to get the coins inside.

The cops were called and held onto the safe for a short time. It was eventually returned to the family who owned the safe. They will be able to keep all the coins inside.


Heartwarming Story..  Entire Town Throws Early Christmas For Dying Boy

The town of Port Clinton, Ohio is throwing an early Christmas for a dying 13-year-old boy.

Cancer may keep him from seeing Christmas this year so his entire town has come together to start the holidays right now.

Seriously, everyone is participating… Christmas lights are everywhere, Walmart is donating presents to the family, and he's got a view of a "winter wonderland" from his hospital bed.

The park across the street has a Christmas tree donated by the mayor and is decorated with a star personally wishing him a Merry Christmas.

Hundreds of his neighbors and friends dressed in Christmas colors and sang carols to him from across the street.

He was able to come home from the hospital to spend his final days with family.



~~TV News legend, Dan Rather is 82
~~Actor/comedian, Rob Schneider is 50 (SNL: The Hot Chick, The Benchwarmers; The Animal; Deuce Bigalow movies;)
~~Actor, Dermot Mulroney is 50 (My Best Friend's Wedding; Copycat; About Schmidt; Zodiac)
~~Director Peter Jackson ("Lord of the Rings") is 52
~~TV personality, Jane Pauley is 63
~~Actor, Mike O'Malley is 48 (Yes Dear; Glee; R.I.P.D.)
~~Actress, Piper Perabo is 37 (Coyote Ugly, Cheaper By The Dozen; The Prestige; TV's Covert Affairs)
~~Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas ("American Pie") is 33
~~Actor, Stephen Rea is 67 (The Crying Game; V for Vendetta)
~~Actor, Ken Wahl is 59 (The Wanderers; Wiseguy)
~~Actress, Lee Grant is 86 (In the Heat of the Night 1967; Peyton Place; Airport '77)
~~Actress Deidre Hall ("Days of Our Lives") is 65
~~Actress, Sally Kirkland is 72 (Valley of the Dolls; JFK; many more)
~~Actor Ron Rifkin ("Alias") is 74 (L.A. Confidential; Brothers & Sisters)
~~ Actor David Ogden Stiers ("M.A.S.H.") is 71
~~Political activist/Musician, "Kinky" Friedman is 69
~~College football coach, Nick Saban is 62


~~Rapper/guitarist Adam Horowitz, aka Adrock (of the Beastie Boys) is 46.
~~Drummer Larry Mullen (of U2) is 52
~~Singer-actress Willow Smith is 13 (Will & Jada Pinket Smith's daughter)
~~Guitarist Johnny Marr (of Modest Mouse, and The Smiths) is 50
~~Singer, Randy Jackson (Michael, Janet, Jermaine's brother) is 52
~~Drummer Mikkey Dee (of Motorhead) is 50
~~Guitarist Frank Iero (of My Chemical Romance) is 32
~~Musician Adam Schelsinger (of Fountains of Wayne) is 46
~~Rapper, Vanilla Ice is 45 (real name Rob Van Winkle)
~~Singer Linn Berggren (of Ace of Base) is 43
~~Country singer Darryl Worley is 49
~~Folk singer Tom Paxton is 76


Brain Implants Will Connect Us To The Internet By 2020

Technology firms today are working on brain implants that would essential turn us into a living, breathing smart phone.

We can download a 500 page book into our memory, scan our body for diseases or send text messages without lifting a finger.

These firms believe that this technology will be possible as soon as 2020 and the government is investing in it.

But is this kind of technology safe? Does that mean anyone - including the government - could "hack" into our brains?


Video Of The Day:

Since it's Halloween.. I thought I'd give you some urban legends that are scary and true.. Enjoy!