Good Morning!  Happy Thursday.. Hope you all have a great day!  Here's what you missed on today's show!


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   American Airlines saved $40K a year by simply removing 1 of these. What?

A.   1 Olive from Every Salad!


Bonehead Of The Day:

A guy in Palm Bay, FL accidentally set himself on fire while setting up a cross-burning Halloween decoration.

The 50-year-old man was using gas to light a wooden cross as a joke when he set himself on fire.

The man's wife used a garden hose to help put the fire out.

He was taken to the hospital with burns over 40 percent of his body.

Cops say he had been drinking at the time.


(A Miracle) Bible Caught A Bullet, Woman Saved

During a gun battle in an Alabama neighborhood, a woman says her bible caught one of the bullets... and possibly saved her life.

She says that a bible in the car parked directly in front of hers caught a bullet that came through the windshield toward the back window. She said it's a miracle no one was hurt.

After it was all said and done, residents had heard between 15 and 20 gunshots.

Police are looking for three people.


Yumm.. A Bacon & Beer Milk Shake

A bacon and beer milkshake is going to be sold during the NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway next month. 

The Shake ‘N Bacon Brew will be sold at the AAA Texas 500 on November 3rd. 

The shake costs $10 and will be sold in a souvenir cup.



~~Actor George Wendt (NORM!!! from 'Cheers') is 65.
~~Animator Mike Judge is 51. (Beavis and Butt-Head; King of the Hill)
~~Comedian Norm Macdonald is 50
~~Actor, Michael McKean is 66 (This Is Spinal Tap; Laverne & Shirley's Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski; Smallville's Perry White; many more)
~~Aactor, Dee Jay Daniels is 25 (The Hughleys' Michael Hughley)
~~Actor Chris Lowell (The Help, Private Practice) is 29
~~Actress, Sharon Leal is 41 (Guiding Light, Boston Public; Hellcats)
~~Actress Margot Kidder is 65. (Lois Lane from original Superman movies)
~~Actor Grant Shaud (Murphy Brown) is 53.
~~Actor, Vincent Van Patten is 56 (Baywatch; Dick's son)


~~Rapper Eminem is 41.
~~Singer Wyclef Jean is 41.
~~Reggae singer Ziggy Marley is 45
~~Singer Chris Kirkpatrick (of 'N Sync) is 42
~~Singer Jim Seals (of Seals and Crofts) is 71
~~Country Singer, Alan Jackson is 55
~~Country singer, Earl Thomas Conley is 72
~~Singer Gary Puckett (of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap) is 71


Simple Minds Are Back!

Simple Minds hasn't toured in the states for a while, but they are back. To promote the March release of their hits compilation "Celebrate," the band just started their dates in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Lead singer Jim Kerr said: "I'm confident in saying that the band has really improved. Some might say, 'Well, he would say that,' but the proof is in the pudding."

Talking about what fans can expect on the show, he said: "We're doing two sets. There's no support and we're playing songs from everywhere. A song from Empires and Dance like 'This Fear of Gods' or 'Premonition, there's every chance they'll hear that, although they're hardly greatest hits. A good Simple Minds show to me is if the audience hears the songs they expect to hear. The hardcore will be happy they'll hear songs they never thought they'd hear. We want to give a whole sense of the journey the band's been on and, within that, show that there's a chapter to come."

The band is approaching their 40-year anniversary and it's definitely on their minds,.

Kerr said: "The very foundation of what we do as Simple Minds has not changed one bit. We look for a melody, we look for a lyric and an emotion. We record it, we try and get it out there to get as many people to see it, hear it, come and experience it. That's what we've been doing, and not one bit of that has fundamentally changed. And thank God for that, because at least there's still something in this world that makes sense to us."


Nenah Cherry Is Back As Well!

Neneh Cherry announced details of her first studio album in 16 years.

The singer-songwriter has teamed up with London production duo RocketNumberNine for the untitled project.

Robyn will make a guest appearance on the album.

Cherry said: "It was a liberating experience, not endlessly trying to fiddle with the music, re-recording hundreds of times. These days it's easy to create any effect or sound on a computer; it is much harder to get the rawness I think we've achieved."

Her last full album was 1996's "Man."


Prince is Hosting A Pajama Dance Party At His House!

Prince is inviting his fans into his home again for a late-night concert, but this time it's a "pajama dance party."

"The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party" comes after another party where Prince put on a last minute concert at Paisley Park and played for just a few hundred lucky fans.

Now, fans will get the chance to get up close and personal with Prince at the pajama party, which is taking place this weekend. Doors open at 2am and entry is just a $50 donation. Visitors are reminded to "dress to impress but keep it classy."


Parent Alert!  Does Daycare Turn Child Into Monster?

Kids who spend time in day care centers or with a nanny are more likely to have behavioral problems including hyperactivity.

Researchers studied kids and adults who cared for them during the day-- whether it be a parent, a nanny/baby sitter or a day care center.

They found kids who spent more time in day care centers were more likely to be hyperactive.... while kids receiving more care by nannies or baby sitters were more likely to have peer problems.


Life Altering Invention..  Gadget Takes Your Drink From Warm To Cold In 30 Seconds

A new invention can take your beer from luke-warm to chilly in 30 seconds with a simple spin.

The Spin Chill looks a little like a small power drill. Just attach the beer can to one end, stick it in a cooler of ice and let it spin that sucker around for 30 seconds. It chills your beer 20 times faster than putting it in a freezer.

The Spin Chill was designed by two dudes that hate warm beer using a drill, a baby bottle and some duct tape. Science truly is amazing.


Video Of The Day:

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