Good Morning!  Happy Thursday.. Ya know what that means?  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  YAY.. Here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 42% of office workers say THIS is their favorite reason to go to work. 

A: Office Gossip!... DO TELL!  


Bonehead Of The Day:

A Tennessee dad was arrested for picking his kids up from school because he wouldn't leave when the school wanted him too.

He came to get them at their 2pm dismissal, but a new rule had been implemented that said only parents in cars could pick them up at 2, walkers needed to wait until 2:35.

The dad argued the rule was for kids walking home by themselves, not ones walking with parents, but the school resource officer didn't agree with him.

When the father said the new policy was illegal, the off-duty cop called for back-up, and then handcuffed the man and put him in the back of a squad car.

The man's fiancé filmed the entire thing and the cop threatened to arrest her too.

The school hasn't commented, but the police department said the off-duty cop did the right thing and was within the law.


Town Installs Prayer Phone Booths.. So Residents Can Call God Whenever They Need

A Kansas town turned phone booths into prayer booths.

Just step inside, lower the prayer bar, take a knee and send up a prayer. When you're done return the bar to the upright position. If you get confused don't worry – there are instructions inside each booth.

An interesting thing has happened in this town, though. In areas where there are prayer booths – crime has gone down. And the more people that are using the prayer booths the more crime rates are dropping.

Now other cities around the country are buying their booths, too.


McDonalds To Workers.. You Need Cash.. Sell Your Stuff

McDonald's McResource Line, a dedicated website run by the world's largest fast-food chain to provide its 1.8 million employees with financial and health-related tips, offers a full page of advice for "Digging Out From Holiday Debt."

Among their helpful holiday tips: "Selling some of your unwanted possessions on eBay or Craigslist could bring in some quick cash."

McDonald's also encourages its employees to break apart food when they eat meals, as "breaking food into pieces often results in eating less and still feeling full."

And if they are struggling to stock their shelves with food in the first place, the company offers assistance for workers applying for food stamps.

FYI… McDonald's employees are some of the most underpaid workers in the country. The company's cashiers and "team members" earn, on average, $7.75 an hour, just 50 cents higher than the federal minimum wage.


Get It While You Can.. The 1 Million Dollar Bathing Suit

There is a white monokini that is selling for exactly $1 million.

The suit is loaded with 133 carats' worth of 220 brilliant-cut diamonds, plus 100 Australian South Sea pearls.

The designer is an Australian jeweler that claims she used "as many Australian gems as possible."

She collaborated with swim retailer Sunseeker to create the one-of-a-kind piece. The white-knotted string swimsuit is scheduled to be the centerpiece for the Australian Tourism's upcoming Gold Coast Swim Fashion Festival, which will help promote the Australian fashion industry.

The jeweler has also designed pieces for Elton John and Bill Clinton.


Would You Believe.. Honey Bees Can Smell Cancer?

Honey bees are now being used to help detect cancer. 

A researcher created a contraption which she says can detect cancer using trained bees. The bees are placed in a glass chamber which the patient exhales from.

If the bees fly into a secondary chamber that means the bees have detected the disease.  She says the bees can be trained to smell the cancer in 10-minutes. 

Honey bees have an excellent sense of smell which is better than a dog's, and can also be trained to detect bombs.



~~Actress, Goldie Hawn is 68 (Kate Hudson's mom; Private Benjamin; Death Becomes Her; Overboard; The First Wives Club; The Banger Sisters; many more)
~~Actress, Nicollette Sheridan is 50 (The Sure Thing, Paper Dolls, Knots Landing, Desparate Housewives' Edie Britt, Codename: The Cleaner; Harry Hamlin's ex-; Michael Bolton's ex)
~~Actress, Marlo Thomas is 76 (That Girl)

~~Actor Sam Palladio ("Nashville") is 26.
~~Actress, Cherie Johnson is 38 (Punky Brewster; Family Matters; The Parkers)
~~Actress, Cherry Jones is 57 (Signs; The Village; 24)
~~Actress, Jena Malone is 29 (Contact; Pride & Prejudice; Into The Wild; Sucker Punch)
~~Actress, Juliet Mills (Nanny and the Professor) is 72
~~Actor/writer, Harold Ramis is 69 (Ghosbusters movies; Groundhog Day)
~~Dancer/actress, Cynthia Rhodes is 57 (Dirty Dancing; Richard Marx's wife; dancer in Toto's video, "Rosanna")
~~Actor/Boxer, Antonio Tarver is 45 (Rocky Balboa)
~~NFL player-turned-analyst & talk-show host, Michael Strahan is 42 (Live With Kelly and Michael.)
~~NFL player-turned-analyst, Troy Aikman is 47
~~Retired baseball slugger, Ken Griffey Jr. is 44


~~Singer Carly Rae Jepsen is 28
~~Singer,  Bjork is 48
~~Singer, Lonnie Jordan (of WAR) is 65

~~Singer Chauncey Hannibal (of BLACKstreet) is 45

~~Singer,  Kelsi Osborn (SHeDaisy) is 39
~~Country Singer, Jean Shepard is 80
~~Singer, Dr. John is 72
~~Rapper, Wale is 29
~~Singer,  Steven Curtis Chapman is 51


2 Ways To Divorce Proof Your Marriage

According to a survey by, the No. 1 way to divorce-proof your marriage is to improve communication followed by making your spouse a priority — even over kids.

"Communication problems" was the most common factor (65 percent) that leads to divorce, followed by couples' inability to resolve conflict (43 percent).

The top communication complaints when considering divorce were: 70 percent of men blame nagging/complaining, followed by their spouse not expressing sufficient appreciation (60 percent). 83 percent of women said a lack of validation for their feelings and opinions, followed by their spouse not listening or talking about himself too much (56 percent).

The biggest factor that prevents unhappy couples from splitting up is kids. But a majority of experts say it's worse for your kids if you stay in an unhappy marriage.

73 percent of experts say that mediation, instead of divorce litigation, leads to a smoother end to the marriage. And having a prenup ranks last as the most common trait in an amicable divorce.

The top surprising traits of successful couples are: Pursuing one's own individual interests and hobbies (78 percent ) followed by learning to argue in a healthy way (36 percent).


Video Of The Day:

So Anchorman's Ron Burgundy AKA Will Farrell was on Conan last night.. Here was some of the hilarity!