Good Morning!  Happy Thursday!  Here is what you missed on today's show!

Morning Brain Buster:

Q: Waiters & waitresses get 30% more in tips if they do THIS.  What is it?

A: Introduce themselves

Crazy is as crazy does..  Diapers For Chickens?

A farmer in New Hampshire considers her chickens part of the family, so she has come up with a way to "pamper her poultry".

She has created diapers, saddles and dresses for chickens.

The woman owns the e-commerce site "Pampered Poultry," which sells chicken diapers and saddles to protect against the "not so gentle gentleman roosters."

The diapers come in a variety of sizes and they let chicken-owners bring their pets inside the home without the mess. The diapers slip over the back of the chicken and are secured with a snap.

She also sells clothing for poultry, like brightly colored dresses with bows, tailcoats and even a diaper with a bow tie attached.

The fashions ranges in price from around $10 to $21, depending on size.


Creature From Mars?

A blogger claims he sees a creature in a NASA photo from Mars. 

A blogger for UFO Sightings Daily says someone in Japan who was scrutinizing photos released by NASA found an image of the creature.

The image looks like a rat or lizard but is likely a rock. 

The blogger also believes that NASA could have put the creature on the planet for a test.



~~Singer-actress Idina Menzel is 42. (Rent; Enchanted; Glee; married to Taye Diggs)
~~Actor Clint Walker ("Cheyenne") is 86. (The Dirty Dozen)
~~Actor Keir Dullea ("2001: A Space Odyssey") is 77.
~~Actor Colm Meaney ("Star Trek: The Next Generation") is 60. (Hell On Wheels)
~~Actor Ted McGinley ("Hope and Faith," ''Married ... With Children") is 55. (Dynasty's Clay Fallmont)
~~Actor Ralph Carter ("Good Times") is 52.
~~Movie Director, Antoine Fuqua is 48
~~Actor,  Stephen Tobolowsky ("Californication") is 62 (Glee)
~~NFL legend, Gale Sayers is 70
~~Baseball star Manny Ramirez is 41


~~Singer Cee Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley, Goodie Mob) is 39. (The Voice)
~~Guitarist Tom Morello (of Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine) is 49.
~~Guitarist Patrick Dahlheimer (of Live) is 42.
~~Rapper, K'Naan is 35 
~~Rapper Remy Ma is 33.
~~Guitarist James Smith (of Underoath) is 31.
~~Guitarist Lenny Davidson (of The Dave Clark Five) is 69.  
~~Singer, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) is 55
~~Singer, Tim Burgess (The Charlatans UK) is 45
~~Drummer, Nicky "Topper" Headon (The Clash) is 58
~~Country singer Wynonna Judd is 49


Carol Hysted is celebrating a birthday

Blake Matney is also celebrating a birthday


We've Probably All Been Playing Monopoly Wrong!

Although everyone has probably played Monopoly at some time in their lives, there's a high chance that they didn't play it according to the rules.

Whenever you land on an un-owned property, you may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price.

You then receive the Title Deed card showing ownership, and place it face up in front of you.

However, if you do not wish to buy the property, the Banker sells it at auction to the highest bidder.

The buyer pays the Bank the amount of the bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property.

Any player, including the one who declined the option to buy it at the printed price, may bid- and bidding may start at any price.

Playing the game the way it was intended has several benefits, including that it speeds up the game, increases the interaction between players and it makes the game much more skilful and less dependent on luck.

The reason no one plays it the right way is that most people learn how to play by word of mouth instead of actually reading the rules.


Bonehead Of The Day

A Rhode Island man walked into a liquor store with a pony.

The authorities got involved when the store owner saw that the horse defecated inside and the man who brought it in with him left without cleaning up after the animal.

Police were able to find the ma. He said that he went to the liquor store to pick up some wine on the way home from a children's pony show.

Police made him return to the store and clean up the mess that the horse made.


Today's Video..

Two men from Pennsylvania installed a remote controlled shower outside their locksmith store, designed to prevent people from urinating in a nearby alley.

Along with the sprinkler system, the store owners also installed security cameras to record those caught in the act and have been uploading videos of the soakings to YouTube.