Good Morning!  It’s Thursday..  And if the gremlins keep up their work here in the studio, I’m gonna have to throw a computer off the roof.. ha ha..  It’s one of those days I guess.  Here’s what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brain Buster:


Q. This is the most popular destination for spring break 2014.  Where?


A.  Las Vegas, NV



Bonehead Of The Day:

Police in Florida arrested a 72-year-old man for blocking traffic and refusing to move his van as he waited for a parking space.

The man was blocking the entrance to a park while waiting for the parking space.

An officer approached the van and told the man he would have to move because he was causing traffic backups.

But the man told the officer he had been driving for 45 minutes looking for parking and he wouldn't move until the spot was empty.

The officer then told the man he was being ordered to move his vehicle, but he refused and rolled up his window. He eventually pulled into the space and when he was told he was being arrested, he refused to put his arms behind his back and tried to pull away.

He was eventually handcuffed and taken away.




Judge Denied A Teen’s Request To Sue Her Parents For Tuition

The New Jersey school student who is suing her parents for living and school tuition costs lost her first round in court.

A judge denied 18-year-old Rachel Canning's request for emergency financial assistance. The ruling came during a court proceeding that brought her together with her parents for the first time since October. The two sides didn't exchange any words, but Rachel's parents cried at times.

Rachel sued her parents after claiming they kicked her out of their home last year. Her mom and dad claim their daughter left because she didn't want to follow house rules.

She claims she was verbally and physically abused by her parents before they kicked her out. She is now living with the family of a close friend. Her lawsuit asks for payment for current living expenses and tuition for the private high school she attends now and for school costs once she attends college this fall.

Her parents have denied all claims of abuse. Instead, they say their daughter became upset after they laid down the law following a suspension from school, drinking and after dating someone they didn't like.

The judge recommended the family seek counseling before they return for their next court appearance in April.




Bonehead Of The Day #2

A group of men accused of being among New York City's most feared gang members were arrested after they posted pictures and comments bragging about their hauls on Facebook.

Ten members of the 280 gang were arrested on conspiracy murder charges.

Cops tracked their activities through Facebook and saw the photos of the men holding stacks of money and pictures of new cars.




That Story About Americans Thinking HTML Is An STD.. Yeah It’s Fake

The Los Angeles Times story that made the rounds yesterday claiming 11 percent of American's think HTML is an STD may be a total fake.

The Times hadn't actually seen the study, but they got a press release "reporting" the survey saying it came from a British coupon company called Vouchercloud.

Other findings in the story said 20 percent think "motherboard" is a cruise ship deck, and 15 percent think "software" is a kind of clothing.

Other sites picked the LA Times story up, including Time and Buzzfeed.

Some say it's another example of how clicks and likes outweighs the want and need for accuracy and newsworthiness.




Photo Of Baby Waiting To Meet Her Father Goes Viral

An Army specialist just met his 7-month-old daughter for the first time. She was born while he was deployed in Afghanistan.

To make the moment really special, the man's wife decided to make a sign.

She strapped it to her daughter's stroller and it read "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but my name's Harper, and I'm your baby" - a nod to the Carly Rae Jepson song "Call Me Maybe."

A news station in the couples' hometown posted the photo to their Facebook page and it went viral.




Beer As A Sports Drink.. YES Please!

A company is Canada has come up with a post-workout beer.

The so-called Lean Machine "recovery ale" touts itself as a healthy alternative to traditional ales, with only 77 calories and 0.5 percent alcohol by volume.

And it's supposedly enriched with nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes to help replenish the body after a good workout.

Experts say beer can be used as a workout recovery drink as long as it contains the properties of a sports drink without the dehydrating effects of alcohol.




Most Break-Ups Happen Via Text

How rude.

Most breakups these days are happening via text messaging.

A survery shows that 56% of breakups happen over text, social media or e-mail.

Many say that using technology makes the break up much less awkward for everybody

Some people defend their use of email because they say it's a way for them to more fully explain their feelings and thoughts during the process. Most people say they would be annoyed if broken up with digitally like this.

Only 3% of people break up with someone through an old fashioned letter.





Celebrity birthdays for March 6, 2014:

Actor Ben Murphy is 72.

Singer Mary Wilson of the Supremes is 70.

Drummer Hugh Grundy of the Zombies is 69.

Singer-guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is 68.

Actor-director Rob Reiner is 67.

Singer Kiki Dee is 67.

Actress Anna Maria Horsford ("The Shield," ''Amen") is 67.

Actor Tom Arnold is 55.

Actor D.L. Hughley ("The Hughleys") is 50.

Actress Connie Britton ("Nashville") is 47.

Actress Moira Kelly ("One Tree Hill") is 46.

Pedal steel player Shan Farmer of Ricochet is 40.

Rapper Beanie Sigel is 40.

Rapper Bubba Sparxxx is 37.



Video Of The Day:


This prank actually turned out nice and warm and fuzzy.  Enjoy!