Good Morning!  Hope you have a great day today.. I'm beat, after walking in the Rivercade parade last night.. I'm outta shape lol..  Tonight looking forward to seeing Brandy and Smokey Robinson at Winnavegas Casino.. Make sure to get your tickets and join me for the fun!  Here's what you missed on the show today!


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 80% of people who have this hobby feel satisfied with their lives what is it?

A: Gardening


Bonehead Of The Day:

A El Paso man was caught trying to crack into a stolen safe in the backyard of a police officer's house.

The 17-year-old broke into a church and stole a safe. He walked about a block to a random yard and tried to break into the safe using a screwdriver.

He couldn't get in so he left the safe and came back the next morning to give it another go.

It happened to be the home of an off-duty cop who was home this time and came outside and confronted the teen.

He was arrested and tossed in jail on $50,000 bail.


License Plate Scanners Lets Cops Track You.. Have A Nice Trip!

Police across the US are using automatic cameras to read and snap digital photos of millions of car license plates to help solve crimes-- but the ACLU isn't happy about it. 

The ACLU looked at the license plate scanner use by cops in 38 states and the District of Columbia.

They say cops are scanning the license plates and keeping information on millions of innocent people.


Pintrest & Facebook May Be Making You Fat

Researchers (at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) found that people who spent two hours using a device backlit with LED display - such as an iPhone or iPad - had a corresponding dip in melatonin levels. Melatonin is the chemical that prepares your body for sleep, so if your melatonin levels are decreasing, you're going to have a harder time falling asleep at night.

AND..... There's a link between sleep loss and weight gain. When you're awake for longer periods of time, you've got more time to eat and late night snacking can be dangerous.

This research is also true for texting, playing games, or using your web browser late at night.

Whether you're pinning and updating from bed, near bed, or on the couch for two hours before you go to sleep, you're at risk of losing sleep and gaining weight. Limit the amount of time you spend on your cell phone before bed, and put it down a few hours before you doze off.



~~Actor, Vin Diesel is 46 (Saving Private Ryan, XXX, Knockaround Guys, A Man Apart, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Pacifier, Find Me Guilty, Fast and Furious movies)
~~Actress Kristen Bell ("Gossip Girl," "Veronica Mars") is 33. (Forgetting Sarah Marshall; When In Rome; Scream 4)
~~Billionaire Richard Branson is 63
~~Billionaire Steve Forbes is 66
~~Nelson Mandela (of South Africa) is 85
~~Astronaut John Glenn is 92 (First American to orbit the Earth; Oldest person to fly in space at age 77)
~~Actor, James Brolin is 73 (Marcus Welby, M.D.; Hotel; married to Barbara Streisand; father of Josh Brolin)
~~Actor, Chace Crawford ("Gossip Girl") is 28
~~Actress, Elsa Pataky ("Fast Five") is 37 (Snakes on a Plane)
~~Actress, Anne-Marie Johnson is 53 (In the Heat of the Night; That's So Raven; House of Payne)
~~Actress, Margo Martindale is 62 (Dexter; Mercy; Justified; Orphan; The Hours; Million Dollar Baby)
~~Actress Audrey Landers ("Dallas") is 57.  
~~Actress Elizabeth McGovern is 52.  (Once Upon a Time in America; Kick Ass; Clash of the Titans 2010; Downton Abbey)
~~Actor Eddie Matos ("All My Children") is 41.
~~Talk show host, Wendy Williams is 49
~~Baseball legend, Joe Torre is 73
~~NFL star Deion Branch is 34
~~Golfer Nick Faldo is 56


~~Singer, Ryan Cabrera is 31
~~Singer, "Dion" Di Muci is 74
~~Rapper M.I.A. is 38.
~~Guitarist Daron Malakian (of System of a Down and of Scars on Broadway) is 38.
~~Drummer Tony Fagenson (of Eve 6) is 35.
~~Drummer Aaron Gillespie (of Underoath) is 30.
~~Drummer Nigel Twist (of The Alarm) is 55.
~~Keyboardist John Hermann (of Widespread Panic) is 51.
~~Drummer, Terry Chambers (XTC) is 58
~~Singer,  Craig Fuller (Pure Prairie League) is 64
~~Musician,  Jack Irons (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam) is 51
~~Musician,  Danny McCulloch (Eric Burdon & The Animals) is 68
~~Blues guitarist Lonnie Mack is 72
~~Singer Martha Reeves (of Martha and the Vandellas) is 72.
~~Guitarist Wally Bryson (of The Raspberries) is 64.
~~Country singer Ricky Skaggs is 59.


Sharknado To Invade New York

It's official…"Sharknado" is getting a sequel. 

The Ian Ziering/Tara Reid movie about sharks attacking Los Angeles via tornadoes was a success after it appeared on Syfy.

Syfy says there will be a sequel and this time the sharks will attack New York City. 

There is no word if Ziering or Reid will be in the next movie.


Tip:  Don't Wear Flip Flops Every Day

Experts are warning people to avoid wearing flip-flops every day, even though they may be the coolest options during the hot summer days.

One doctor explained, "Just due to that small piece of rubber trying to support your foot. Not getting much arch support. So you get that wear and tear on your main tendons, your main ligaments."

He added, "And that's where the pain begins to happen, things like Achilles tendonitis, some flat-foot problems, some plantar fasciitis."

The doctors say that flip-flops are fine for quick errands, but not long walks, and definitely not for playing sports.


New Tracking System Knows Exactly Where You Will Be On A Precise Time & Date Years Into The Future

There is a new tracking software that can predict what you'll be doing.... in the future. 

The program is called Far Out and it tracks people using GPS to learn their daily routine.  It then uses this information to accurately guess their future locations, and will adapt its predictions even if someone changes their job, relationship or moves house.

It can even predict what a person will be doing at a specific date and time in the future.


Video Of The Day:

Today's video is an awesome story about a son who found his dad's long lost Mustang, and suprised him with it.. How cool.. Great feel good video!