Today's the day my son comes home from Puerto Rico.. So excited to see him.  Bet he's going to be tired, they left at 2am this morning.  He might be grumpy, but I don't care!  One last Christmas to do and then I think he's gonna nap after he gets home.  Lookin' forward to this afternoon.  Hope you all have a great day.  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   If this was sold by the gallon, it would cost you close to $21,000 to get 1 gallon of it. What?

A.   Printer Ink!


Bonehead Of The Day:

Police in Oregon arrested a woman who went on a theft spree and led officers on a low-speed chase when she tried to get away on a motorized shopping cart.

A worker at a Subway restaurant called police and said a woman had stolen $13 from the tip jar and tried to use it to buy her meal.

The woman was gone by the time police showed up, but they got reports of a woman matching the suspect's description stealing from another store and causing a disturbance at a Rite Aid.

She left a Home Depot store in a motorized shopping cart loaded with merchandise, but officers caught up to the 59-year-old.



Imagine His Suprise.. Man Thought He Won $1,000 Turns out He Won $100,000

An Oregon man who thought he only won a $1,000 from a lottery ticket ended up winning a $100,000.

The ticket had 25 snowflakes that have to be scratched off but the man only scratched 24 of them.

An employee of the lottery called the man to let him know he filled out the wrong dollar amount on his claim form and informed him he won $100,000.

He advised lottery players to make sure they scratch everything on the ticket in the future.


An App That Brainwashes You To lose Weight

A new app called The Train Trip plays a series of hypno-therapeutic tracks that encourage listeners to lose weight.

It has become one of the best selling apps and was developed by a trained hypnotherapist and personal trainer.

The positive recordings that play while you sleep give you the encouragement you need to reach your work out goals during the week.

The app also uses recordings to encourage you to stop using food as an emotional crutch and to take time to chew your food.

It's almost like having your own personal trainer to give you encouragement and tricks to meet your goals.




~~Kate Middleton (wife of Britain's Prince William) is 32
~~Actress, Nina Dobrev  (The Vampire Diaries) is 25
~~Actress, Melissa Morgan (The Young and the Restless) is 50
~~Actress, Joely Richardson is 49 (Nip/Tuck; The Patriot)
~~Actress, Joey Lauren Adams (Big Daddy) is 46 (Chasing Amy; Dazed and Confused)
~~Actor, J. K. Simmons is 59 (Law and Order; Spider-Man movie's Jonah Jameson; The Closer)
~~Former NFL star, Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, is 36
~~NFL legend, Bart Starr is 80

~~Sports play-by-play guy, Dick Enberg is 79
~~race car driver, Mark Martin is 55


~~Guitarist Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin; The Firm) is 70.
~~Singer Dave Matthews (of the Dave Matthews Band) is 47
~~Singer A.J. McLean (of the Backstreet Boys) is 36
~~Guitarist Drew Brown (of OneRepublic) is 30
~~Singer Buster Poindexter (David Johansen) is 64.
~~Singer Steve Harwell (of Smash Mouth) is 47
~~Guitarist Carl Bell (of Fuel) is 47
~~singer/one-hit wonder, Haddaway is 49 (What Is Love)
~~Singer Paolo Nutini is 27
~~Guitarist Eric Erlandson (Hole) is 51
~~Singer, Joan Baez is 73
~~Country Singer, Crystal Gayle is 63
~~Phil Lewis (LA Guns) is 57


Smart Pajamas Tell your Kids Stories



Smart PJ's look like normal pajamas - just a top and pants with lots of polka dots on them.

But with a smart phone in your hand, those polka dots double as QR codes that can be scanned with your phone.

Scan the PJ's and a bedtime story starts playing on your phone. The stories come from a library of available stories that are in the public domain. The stories are read to you and your child by voice actors and slides on your phone follow along.

The clothes can be washed like normal - your QR codes will stay intact.


You May Be A Redneck If..  Your Truck Backfires, Lights Your Couch & Garage On Fire

A Kentucky man was trying to start his red 1993 Ford Ranger in his garage. Unfortunately, he had a couch stored in the garage directly behind the Ranger, nearly touching it. The truck backfired, setting the couch on fire.

After calling 911, the fire department arrived to find the garage well-involved in flames. The fire spread to the breezeway between the garage and the house.

Firefighters and the resident were lucky that there was a fire hydrant almost directly in front of the house. They were able to contain the fire and it did not reach the house itself.

The Fire Chief put the damage estimates at between $50,000 and $100,000, including the pickup truck.

Neither the residents nor any of the firefighters were injured.




Video Of The Day:

This looks like a great movie!