Happy Thursday..  Wow, this week is going pretty fast if you ask me, i'm all right with that!  Here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   1 out of 4 bones in your body are located here. Where?

A.   Your Feet!


Bonehead Of The Day:

On TLC's show, "My Strange Addiction" a New York woman admitted she is addicted to smelling and chewing on dirty diapers.

She keeps pee-soaked diapers in her drawers, purse and in the trunk of her car.

She has one while cooking in the kitchen and keeps one with her when she sleeps.

The woman admitted her obsession began two years ago when she started collecting dirty diapers.

She now gets them from friends and complete strangers. She said the taste is similar to sour candy and the heavier ones that contain more pee smell better.  

The woman's fiance is starting to get fed up with her habit now that the two are expecting their first child.



Where To Go If A Nuclear Bomb Hits, According To Scientists

A mathematical model has been created that could help save your life in the event that your city is hit by a nuclear bomb.

A scientist calculated the "optimal shelter exit time." The advice we've been hearing for years has been to seek shelter, ideally underground, if a bomb hits.

But there is better and worse shelter—the latter being "lightweight" buildings, or ones without basements. More than 20% of US homes fall into the worse category.

For people living within 20 miles of a low-yield nuclear blast, here are the recommendations:

• If it would take five minutes or less to reach better shelter (that concrete basement, or the center of a large building, like a big office), bypass the more immediate shelter and go there straight away.
• If better shelter is 15 minutes away, stay in the worse shelter for up to 30 minutes, then head out.
• As for the transit period, don't waste time worrying about protecting your body from the radiation, he says, which can mostly be rinsed off once you get to your shelter.



Stolen: Two Tons Of Shrimp

Police in Wisconsin say two thieves stole two tons of shrimp from a grocery supplier.

Police got the call when management realized that $12,000 in shrimp had gone missing. Officers caught a 23-year-old man and a 31-year-old man in the act. Police searched their car and found 240 pounds of shrimp, 200 pounds of chicken and 15 pounds of frog legs.

They told police they were selling the shrimp to friends. The men will be in court soon.



Specially Designed Glass Apparently Enhances The Taste Of Coca Cola

Glassware company Riedel has developed the ideal glass for Coca-Cola.

The glass aims to balance "sweetness, acidity, minerality, and effervescence." It also lets the bubbles linger and makes the aroma of the soda more intense.

The glass is designed specifically for regular Coke, not diet, and not any other soda brand.

The glass, is "inspired by the iconic curves of the original Coca-Cola contour bottle," wide at the top, cinched at the waist, then wider again at the bottom. It resembles the old soda fountain glasses in malt shops and luncheonette counters around the country.

It costs $29.90 for two and they will be produced in limited quantity.





Lizard Found In Bag Of Tortillas

A man in Oklahoma City found a dead lizard in a bag of tortillas.

He was making lunch when he found the creepy carcass-- but thought it was mold at first.

The company said it will send the man a prepaid envelope to mail the tortilla package to its headquarters to be investigated.

The man said he will use a different brand of tortillas after the incident.





~~Supermodel Kate Moss is 40.
~~Actress/dancer, Debbie Allen is 64 (A Different World, In The House; Grey's Anatomy)
~~Radio Host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger is 67
~~Celine Dion's hubby, René Angelil is 72
~~Director, John Carpenter is 66 (Halloween; many more)
~~Actor David Chokachi ("Baywatch") is 46.
~~Actress, Josie Davis is 41 (Charles in Charge; The Young and the Restless)
~~Actor Richard T. Jones ("Judging Amy") is 42. (Collateral)

~~Actress Renee Felice Smith is 29. (NCIS: Los Angeles)
~~Boxer, Roy Jones Jr. is 45
~~Baseball slugger, Albert Pujols is 34
~~NFL QB, Joe Flacco is 29
~~Car racing legend, A.J. Foyt is 79
~~Ex-MLB Pitcher/Musician, Jack McDowell is 48


~~Singer, Sade is 55
~~Guitarist Nick Valensi (of The Strokes) is 33
~~Singer, Barbara Lynn is 72
~~Singer Maxine Jones (of En Vogue) is 48.
~~Singer, Jill Sobule is 55
~~Singer, Billy Francis (aka Dr. Hook) is 72
~~Country singer Ronnie Milsap is 71
~~Singer, Jim Stafford is 70
~~Country Singer, Sandy Pinkard (Pinkard & Bowden) is 67
~~Bassist Paul Webb (of Talk Talk) is 52



Razzie Nominations!

The Razzie nominations are in and "Grown Ups 2" leads the way.

The comedy sequel was nominated in all major categories including worst picture, sequel, ensemble, screenplay, lead actor for Adam Sandler, supporting actor for Taylor Lautner and supporting actress for Salma Hayek.

Other Worst Picture contenders include "The Lone Ranger," "Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas," Will and Jaden Smith's "After Earth" and star-studded comedy "Movie 43."

Ashton Kutcher and Naomi Watts were also nominated for lead actor and lead actress.

The Razzies will be handed out March 1st… one day before the Academy Awards.





Brainwashed By Tony The Tiger!

Adults believe foods to be healthier if they were advertised by loveable cartoon characters when they were young.

Researchers asked almost 200 adults how much they liked Tony the Tiger and fellow Kellogg's mascot Coco the Monkey. The adults were also asked how healthy they believed the products to be.

The older adults who saw Tony the Tiger but not Coco the Monkey as children believed the Frosted Flakes to be better for them than the Coco Pops.

But the younger adults who saw both cartoon characters as children rated the two cereals as being equally good for them.





The 9 Kinds Of Jerks You Will Meet In Life

An expert wrote a book about jerks and she says there's nine types that you will meet in your life.

The types include bullies who make fun of other people for what they see as "flaws" and exploit these flaws in order to make themselves feel better.

The Passive-Aggressive who consistently operates via implication rather than direct address, and The Drama Queen who treats every bump in the road like it's a mountain to climb.

Others jerks include The Elitist, The Martyr, The Narcissist, The Bigot, The Manipulator and The Sexist.





Video Of The Day:

A high school student in Owensboro, Kentucky asked Jennifer Lawrence to be his pro date.

The teenager says he's always been a fan of the Oscar-winning actress who is from nearby Louisville.

He decided to upload a video of him on Youtube asking Lawrence to the big dance. The video so far has over 4,000 hits in less than two days.

She hasn't responded to the request yet.