Good Morning!  Happy Thursday.. Home Show starts today, imagine that it’s snowing too..  I really should have put money on it last year..  Maybe this year.  Anyway, hope you have a great day, hopefully the snow isn’t too big of an issue today.  Here’s what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 60% of people have done THIS to an ex. What is it? 


A: Unfriend them on Facebook  



Bonehead Of The Day:

A West Hollywood, CA waiter threw away a massive tip because he hadn't heard about the "Tip for Jesus" diner.

The 67-year-old got a $7,000 tip back in December on a bill of less than $50, but thought it was bogus and threw it away.

By the time he and his coworkers realized what was going on, the receipt was long gone.

He's reached out to newspapers hoping the person who left the tip will see what happened and make a ‘second coming.'



Would You Pay $8 A Day To Go To The Bathroom?  This Company Is Betting On It.

A New York City company (Posh Stow and Go) is offering upscale, private bathrooms for $8 a day.

The need for public restrooms is so great in NY that the company is charging a $15 annual membership fee, and then you can get three day passes for $24.

The bathrooms are "clean, safe and soundproof" and you can also get other amenities like "luxury showers" and private storage rooms.

The founder of the company (Wayne Parks) said he came up with the idea because of his own experiences being in NY for the day. It's nearly impossible to find a clean, usable public bathroom.

A Midtown location is set to open in June and if it goes well, more could open throughout the city.

A limited number of memberships will be sold to keep the experience clean and comfortable.



Places You’re Most Likely To Get Sick

1. Your Desk--Office desks have hundreds of times more bacteria per square inch than the toilet seats in those same buildings. Wipe down your phone, keyboard, monitor, and desk with disinfectant wipes at least once a day and avoiding eating in front of your computer. Food particles contribute to germs.

2. The Break Room's Refrigerator Door---In a study by the American Dietetic Association, 44 percent of office refrigerators are cleaned on a monthly basis--22 percent are cleaned just once a year. Anything that leaks or spills can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Half of the most commonly touched surfaces in an office--like the fridge--can become infected with a sick person's germs by lunchtime. So make sure you wash your hands!

3. Sinks--A study identified 19 groups of bacteria in public restrooms. The sink may be the most germ-ridden surface of them all since the dampness lets microorganisms survive.

4. Hand Dryers--Rubbing your hands under a traditional dryer can boost the number of bacteria on your skin by up to 45 percent. Use paper towels to dry and to open the door as you leave.

5. ATM's--95 percent of people wash their hands improperly, so ATMs are a hotspot for germs. A study found that each key on an ATM has an average of 1,200 germs, including E.coli and cold and flu viruses.

6. Cold, Hard Cash--Each bill contains an average of 26,000 bacteria. Stash hand sanitizer in your car and scrub off as soon as you leave the bank.

7. Grocery Carts--Wipe the handle down with sanitizing wipes. In addition to germs from other shoppers and kids, raw meat can leak on the cart. Wrap meat packages in a plastic bag before putting them in your cart.

8. Reusable Shopping Bags--They're better for the environment, but you could be taking bacteria back and forth to the store, too. Ninety percent of shoppers don't wash these bags regularly. Researchers found coliform bacteria from raw meat and E.coli in almost every reusable bag they sampled. Machine- or hand-wash your bags between uses and use separate bags for meat and vegetables to avoid cross-contamination.

9. Hotel Room TV Clickers and Light Switches--A study found these two things are the most contaminated items in hotel rooms. Pack your own wipes to clean off the surfaces you touch every day.

10. Maid's Cleaning Cart--They're packed with bacteria, meaning there's a high risk of transferring those germs from one room to another. If you're there for less than a few days, hang the Do Not Disturb sign to keep bugs from other rooms during your stay.

11. Gym Weight Equipment—A study found cold-causing viruses on 63 percent of the gym equipment. Researchers also found that weight equipment was contaminated more often than aerobic equipment--73 percent versus 51 percent. Even worse: Disinfecting twice a day didn't do anything to lower the virus count since plenty of people still use them between wipe-downs. Pack your own hand sanitizer to use between sets.

12. Weight-lifting Gloves--Researchers found that staph bacteria found on weights and machines bind to polyester, which is the material used in many gloves. Ditch the gloves--not only will you avoid some of the germs, you'll strengthen your grip and forearms when you lift without them. Remember to be extra careful about keeping your fingers off of your face during your workout and wipe sweat with your forearm or clean towel.




~~Model, Cindy Crawford is 48 (and still hot!)
~~Veteran actor Sidney Poitier is 87. (In the Heat of the Night; Guess WHo's Coming To Dinner; The Jackal)
~~Actor Andrew Shue ("
Melrose Place") is 47. (Elisabeth's brother)

~~Actor, French Stewart ("3rd Rock From The Sun") is 50
~~Actor Anthony Stewart Head ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") is 60
~~Actor, Peter Strauss is 67 (Rich Man, Poor Man; many more)
~~Actress, Sandy Duncan is 68 (Pinocchio 1976; The Fox and the Hound; Valerie's Family)
~~Actor, Willie Garson is 50 (Groundhog Day; Sex & The City; White Collar)
~~Actor, David Herman is 47 (MAD TV, King of the Hill's Buckley/Eustis, King of the Hill's Roy)
~~Actress, Jennifer O'Neill is 66 (Scanners; Summer of '42)
~~Actor Jay Hernandez ("Crazy/Beautiful") is 36 (Hostel; Quarantine)
~~Ivana Trump (Donald's first ex-wife) is 65
~~Actress Lauren Ambrose ("Six Feet Under") is 36.
~~Actor Joel Hodgson ("Mystery Science Theater 3000") is 54.
~~NBA legend, Charles Barkley is 51
~~NHL Hall of Famer, Phil Esposito is 72
~~NASCAR legend, Bobby Unser is 80


~~Singer, Rihanna is 26
~~Singer Brian Littrell (of the Backstreet Boys) is 39
~~Singer-bassist Walter Becker (of Steely Dan) is 64
~~Guitarist J. Geils (of The J. Geils Band) is 68
~~Singer Ian Brown (of Stone Roses) is 51
~~Bassist Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing) is 55
~~Jazz and soul singer Nancy Wilson is 77
~~Musician, Billy Zoom (of X) is 66
~~Musician, Jon Brant (former bassist of Cheap Trick) is 59
~~Guitarist Coy Bowles (of Zac Brown Band) is 35
~~Country Singer, Leland Martin is 57
~~Musician, Chris Thile (mandolinist and a singer for Nickel Creek) is 33
~~Country singer Kathie Baillie (of Baillie and the Boys) is 63



A Bra For Your Butt

Spanx has launched a new line of shapewear for your butt to keep you perky and separated.

The ‘Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra' looks like a pair of high waisted undies and comes in nude and black.

The Spanx technology is used to give your cheeks a little natural separation and give it a lift. The high waisted butt bra also does what Spanx do best - tucks in that tummy and love handles.

These new undergarments are meant to be an option for women looking to be the next Beyonce or Nicki Minaj but don't want to spend money on a butt augmentation surgery.



We Really Are Happiest When We Wake Up..

A Twitter analysis proves:  People wake up in a good mood but become grumpier by the hour.

Researchers looked at more than half a billion Twitter messages from people all over the world to see people's moods throughout the day.

They found people are happiest in the mornings just after they wake up-- then they get grumpier as the day goes on.

There is a spike in happiness in the evening likely because they left work.

They also found people are happiest on the weekends.



10 Nervous Habbits That Hurt Your Health

1. You bite your nails--It's one thing if you nervously bite your nails only during scary movies, but when it becomes a regular habit, it can damage both your nails and the skin around them. Germs from the mouth get transferred to the skin, and vice versa. Try tape to break the habit.

2. You twirl and pull your hair--Twisting and twirling a piece of hair around your finger can lead to damage to the root over time. That can lead to temporary or permanent areas of hair loss as well as infection. Obsessive hair pulling may be a sign of a psychiatric impulse control condition called trichotillomania, which requires psychotherapy and medication.

3. You crack your neck--Twisting your head forcibly to one side releases gases built up in the joints between vertebrae and creates a popping sound. That may feel good, but repeatedly cracking your neck can make the ligaments more susceptible to injury. This motion can also cause wear within the joints and can result in arthritis over time.

4. You touch your face--Repeatedly touching your face or picking at acne can damage the top very thin microscopic layers of the skin. If you bleed, you may create a permanent scar. Don't pick at pimples or itchy areas. Treat them gently with topical creams and plenty of moisturizer.

5. You grind your teeth--Clenching and grinding your teeth when you're under stress can wreak havoc on your oral health. Grinding can cause teeth to crack or break, which may require repair with crowns or root canals. It can also result in damage to the jaw joint. Treatments include orthodontics to improve the bite and even Botox injections in the muscles, which can reduce the amount of force and the potential damage.

6. You suck on hard candies--Sucking on hard candies bathes your teeth in sugar, which can lead to cavities. Bacteria feed off the sugar, which creates a perfect environment for tooth decay. Chomping down on hard candy can also risk damaging teeth. Sucking on candies in moderation is fine as long as the candies are sugarless and low in acidity.

7. You lick or bite your lip--Nervously licking your lips exposes them to your mouth's digestive enzymes. These enzymes chew away at the skin and can lead to inflammation, which make lips appear dry and cracked. Biting your lips when under stress can cause the development of fibromas that may require surgical removal.

8. You gnaw on the inside of your cheek--Like biting your nails, cheek-chewing can also become a nervous habit. The inside of the cheek gets swollen and it becomes easier to continue biting the same spot. Even after it heals the habit continues. Over time this can cause chronic inflammation, possible bleeding, and scarring of the area.

9. You chew gum--All that snapping and popping can put you at risk for TMJ from overuse of jaw muscles. Sugarless gum has a different set of problems, mostly digestive. Sorbitol is an artificial sweetener that produces an unpleasant laxative effect when eaten in excess (18 to 20 sticks a day). Swallowing excess air while chewing also increases risk of a gassy stomach.

10. You nibble the ends of pencils and pens--Germs can hang out on the ends of pens so this habit can expose you to nasty ones including cold viruses. Chewing on writing instruments can also damage teeth and dental work as well as injure the soft tissue and gums inside the mouth.



The App That Lets Everyone Listen To Your Calls, Even Strangers.

There's a new app that lets someone listen to your phone call so they can give you advice on what to say.

The app is called Crowdpilot and it's for the iPhone. It lets the user choose from a menu of people to offer advice.  These include Facebook friends and total strangers who get paid to listen or any combination of those options.

The app also allows the user to specify what kind of conversation, such as a date, argument or meeting. Listeners then text words of encouragement while the user is on the phone.



Video Of The Day

Don’t know if you saw this on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but this was pretty funny.  Enjoy!