Happy Thursday!  Weekend is almost here, starting to get to be crunch time with the xmas shopping, hope your shopping is either done, or close to it!  Here's what you missed on todays show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 54% of workers will spend time doing THIS at work right now.  

A: Online shopping


Bonehead Of The Day:

A Wendy's employee was arrested in Georgia after serving a cheeseburger complete with a marijuana joint.

The 32-year-old worker was busted during her shift after a customer called 911, complaining she had found a half-smoked blunt in her cheeseburger.

The customer met with police at the Wendy's location where she ordered the burger, and cops claim the server admitted the blunt was hers.

She said she had been smoking pot on the job and "misplaced" the blunt inside the customer's burger ... right on top of the pickle.

The employee was arrested for possession of marijuana, and fired from Wendy's.



Bonehead Of The Day #2

A worker at a McDonald's in Hermitage, Tennessee accidentally gave customers a bag of money instead of their food.

The couple placed an order in the drive thru for breakfast and was given the money instead of their food.

The cash, which was about to be deposited at the bank, had been placed in a McDonald's bag, and was placed by the drive thru orders.

The employee found the mistake quickly and was able to catch up with the couple at their home just minutes away. They immediately returned all the money.



Woman Gives Birth At Denny's

A woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy inside a Denny's restaurant while visiting family in Arkansas.

One of the restaurant's employees said, "She was screaming and saying, 'I think the baby's coming! I think the baby's coming!'"

Employees say that the baby's delivery happened in an instant and her mother agrees saying, "Pretty much as soon as she walked in, she had a baby."

The woman was 2 weeks overdue when she decided to go and visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday.



The Worlds Hardest Tongue Twister Is..

Try to say this one five times fast.

Researchers at MIT have found that the phrase "pad kid poured curd pulled cold" is one if the most impossible phrases to say without getting your tongue tied.

When a test group was asked to say "pad kid poured curd pulled cold" ten times fast, they couldn't make it very far without clamming up.

The phrase may not make a lot of sense but it took a meeting of the minds in San Francisco to come up with it.






~~Comedian/actress, Margaret Cho is 45 (All American Girl's Margaret Kim)
~~Actor Frankie Muniz ("Malcolm in the Middle") is 28. (My Dog Skip)
~~Actor, Nick Stahl (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) is 34 (The Thin Red Line; Sin City)
~~Actress Lauren London (I Love You, Beth Cooper) is 29 (Madea's Big Happy Family)
~~Actress Morgan Brittany ("Dallas") is 62.
~~Actress Amy Acker ("Angel") is 37. (Alias; Dollhouse)
~~Actress Alex Kapp Horner ("The New Adventures of Old Christine") is 44
~~Actress, Paula Patton ("Dejua Vu"; "Precious") is 38 (married to singer Robin Thicke)
~~Actress, Connie Newton-Needham is 54 (Eight is Enough's Elizabeth Bradford)
~~Actor Ross Bagley ("Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") is 25. (Will Smith's son in Independence Day)
~~NFL great, Jim Plunkett is 66
~~NBA star, Eddy Curry is 31


~~Singer-guitarist John Rzeznik (of The Goo Goo Dolls) is 48
~~Singer, Keri Hilson is 31
~~Singer Jim Messina (Loggins and Messina, Poco) is 66.
~~Singer, Jack Russell (Great White) is 53
~~Country singer Gary Allan is 46
~~Country Singer, Tyler England is 50
~~Singer, Little Richard is 81
~~Bassist Regina Zernay (of Cowboy Mouth) is 41
~~Bassist, Les Nemes (Haircut One Hundred) is 53



Smart Watch Lets Parents Track Their Kids

The FiLIP is a watch made for kids ages 4 to 11 that has GPS built in and the ability to call up to 5 numbers that are stored on the watch.

Kids can call or text those 5 numbers and parents can track their kid through the GPS.

The watch also has the ability to set "safe zones" so parents can be alerted if their child travels outside of them.

The watch doesn't have Internet access - which keeps the wearer from getting on sites or services parents might be consider inappropriate.



Video Of The Day:

So this is new video of that plane collision a month or so ago..  crazy video!