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The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   The Age that woman are most satisfied with this is 36. Satisfied with what?

A.   Their Hair!


Bonehead Of The Day:

An Ohio man called the cops when he found a robber sleeping in his bed wearing the man's clothes. He also had a shotgun next to him.

The front door to the house was locked and nothing had been moved out of place.

The home owner grabbed the robber's shotgun and told him to stay down.

The intruder is being charged with aggravated burglary.



The Least Respected Brand In America Is.. Rhymes With Shmelta

A new survey of businesspeople finds Delta Airlines is the least respected brand.

The most respected? PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, in a tie.

CoreBrand, a branding research firm, asked respondents about 100 well-known corporate brands that have been publicly traded for at least five years; favorability ratings were based on a company's reputation, how people view its management, and how promising it is as an investment. (The survey captures the attitudes of the business world, not consumers.)


The bottom five:

    Delta Air Lines
    Philip Morris
    H&R Block
    Big Lots

The top five:

    PepsiCo and Coca-Cola
    Johnson & Johnson




~~Comic actress, Kristen Wiig is 40 (Saturday Night Live; Whip It; Bridesmaids)
~~Actress, Cindy Williams is 66 (Laverne & Shirley's Shirley; American Graffiti)
~~Actor, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is 46 (Lost; G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
~~Actress Valerie Harper is 74 (Mary Tyler Moore; Rhoda)
~~Actor, Ty Burrell is 46 (The Incredible Hulk 2008; Modern Family)
~~Actor Rodrigo Santoro (300) is 38 (I Love You Phillip Morris)
~~TV chef, Giada De Laurentiis is 43
~~Producer/Sopranos creator, David Chase is 68
~~Actress, Jenna Leigh Green is 39 (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch's Libby Chessler; You Again)
~~Actress, Regina Taylor is 53 (The Negotiator; The Unit)
~~CBS newsman Steve Kroft is 68.
~~Former NFL Coach now analyst, Bill Parcells is 72
~~Baseball legend Carl Yastrzemski is 74
~~Baseball legend Paul Molitor is 57


~~Singer Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys) is 40
~~Singer/songwriter Tori Amos is 50
~~Paul Doucette (Matchbox Twenty) is 41
~~Rapper, GZA/The Genius is 47
~~Rapper, Beenie Man is 40
~~singer Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears) is 52
~~musician Debbi Peterson (The Bangles) is 52.
~~Rock musician Dean Back (Theory of a Deadman) is 38
~~Rock musician Jeff Stinco (Simple Plan) is 35
~~Rock musician Vernon Reid (Living Colour) is 55
~~musician Gary Lee Conner (Screaming Trees) is 51
~~Singer/musician, James DeBarge (of DeBarge) is 50
~~Singer/actor, Christopher Williams is 46
~~Guitarist, Juan Groucier (Quiet Riot) is 54
~~Country Singer, Collin Raye is 53
~~Country singer Holly Dunn is 56
~~Country Singer, Ricky Lynn Gregg is 54
~~Country singer Mila Mason is 50


Got A Bad Boss?  Odds Are You've Heard These Sayings Before


Here are 10 of the most common phrases you'll hear from bad managers -- and why they're wrong.

1. "You're lucky to even have a job"--This is a favorite of bad managers who really mean: "You should be grateful that you're employed during this bad job market and therefore shouldn't complain about any conditions of your employment, no matter how bad." These are generally managers who don't know how to deal with problems or staff feedback constructively. If your manager says this, take it as a sign that you're dealing with someone inept.

2. "Just figure it out"-There are times when employees really should be able to find solutions themselves, but in general, managers who say this are giving up their responsibility to guide and coach. Even if the question is one that a reasonable employee should be able to solve on her own, a good manager would say, "This is something that I'd like you to handle yourself, using resources X, Y and Z." "Just figure it out" is lazy and unkind.

3. "I received an anonymous report?"--Good managers will do everything they can to avoid citing anonymous reports when talking to employees. Sometimes managers need to address problems that they were told about in confidence, but when that happens, a skillful manager won't put the focus on the anonymous reporter, but more on the behavior that needs to be addressed.

4. "I don't have time to do your performance evaluation, but you're doing fine"--Part of managing well is supplying feedback. It doesn't have to be through a formal performance evaluation, but "you're doing fine" doesn't come close to cutting it. Employees deserve to know what they're doing well, how they could be doing better and where they should focus on developing.

5. "That's a dumb idea"--Let's face it, not every idea is a brilliant one. But good managers know that you won't hear great ideas if their staff is afraid of being insulted and shot down when brainstorming. Great ideas usually come from environments where it's safe to think out loud and toss ideas around, good or bad.

6. "That dress really flatters your figure"--Commenting on employees' physical appearance is a good way to make people uncomfortable, as well as invite harassment complaints down the road.

7. "You don't need to know what this is for - just do what I tell you to do"—It could be faster to bark out orders without providing any rationale. But that's how you end up with a staff of employees who don't think beyond what's required and don't feel any ownership for their work -- and the good ones will move on to a company where they're allowed to feel a personal stake in their work.

8. "What's wrong with you?"--Feedback should never be personal. Good managers keep the focus on behavior that needs to change -- writing skills, attention to detail, judgment or so forth. They don't make it personal and attack someone's intelligence or worth.

9. "Your job is what I say it is"--This is true; your job is what your manager says it is. But bad managers say this when an employee is resisting doing work outside her core role. A good manager will explain the circumstances when a role needs to broaden or change, instead of falling back on "I control what you do."

10. "You're so much better at this than Bob is"--Putting down another staff member, even when it's supposed to be a compliment to another, signals to the employee being "complimented" that it might be her you're putting down someday. Employees want to trust their managers to give them feedback in private, not make unflattering comments about them to their co-workers.



5 People You Need To Make Friends With At Work

1. Administrative Assistants--Since admins are a go-between for a lot of people, they know what's going on. People are disarmed by lower level employees. They will reveal things to admins they would not as likely reveal to a VP. It's important to get to know all administrative staff members because they're the ones that get things done. They are the heart and soul of an organization. They're the ones that are the informal power, so to speak.

2. Human Resources--If you have a problem with a coworker, HR has a lot of power over what gets done. They don't mainly represent you, the worker, they represent upper management, so making friends in HR might help you get a fair deal. Also, HR people know who is hiring, what is happening in the organization and what the company's priorities are.

3. Interns--Employees need to remember that interns aren't just there to do the worst tasks, but if your plate is too full and the interns like you, they may give more time to you than to someone else. Working with an intern can teach you so much from an educational standpoint. It's a wonderful way to learn what's new in your field with technology or concepts.

4. Security Guards and Custodial Staff--These are the people that are always watching and can tell you the things you would never expect. Security guards know who's coming and going in the building, when the last crime happened nearby and any maintenance issues. If you share office space with other businesses, security guards know who's moving in and out, while janitors can give you useful tidbits on bathroom conditions and the cafeteria's food safety practices. Befriending these people is also a way to show that you don't think anyone is less than anyone else.

5. "Networking Node"--This is the "most important person you would not think of." It could be a custodian, an admin or a retiree back in the office, but whoever this person is, he or she "knows everything – who's pregnant, where the money's going, and you should know this person," he says.



Freakshow Fettish:  Man Likes Being Walked On By Women

A 52-year-old New York man has been rolling himself up in various rugs for the past 15 years:  He loves the feeling of being trampled over - especially when it's women in high heels.

He said, 'I was born with this obsession of having weights and people on me since I was a little kid. My favorite play with my cats was to have them walk all over me.' 

To satisfy his bizarre fetish, he visits nightspots around Manhattan, wraps himself up in carpet, lies on the floor and straps a sign reading 'step on carpet' to his body.

He says 'the more people, the better'.   (In July 2009 he set his personal record, inviting twelve women to stand on him.)

Now he's considered as somewhat of a local celebrity on the underground bar and club scene, and he charges up to $200, excluding tips, for offbeat performances at parties.

People are welcome to do as they please with him, from dancing on his chest to jumping on his legs.

Despite being squashed and prodded, he says that he has never been injured.



Video Of The Day:

Ahh ya gotta love our pets right..  This would be something my dog would do, if he could play dead.. Ha ha..  He doesn't like bath time either..  Enjoy!