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The Morning Brain Buster

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Q: 1 in 3 women who do this never tell anyone.  
A: Color their hair  
Bonehead Of The Day:

A 35-year-old Florida man was busted by the cops after they found pot in his beard.

The man was driving reckless and cops had to use a pit maneuver to stop him (That's where one cop car pulls ahead of the man's car and cuts him off.)

After cops dragged the man out of his car, they asked him if he smoked pot. The man said no.  Cops then asked why there was pot in his beard.

The man also smelled like alcohol.

He was arrested after the cops found felony amounts of pot.


Stolen:  600 Pumpkins Vanish From A Farm

Police in New York are trying to find the person who stole more than 600 pumpkins from a farm.

The owner of the farm wasn't able to get a look at the thief or thieves. He took a big hit because the pumpkins were worth about $4,200.

Police don't have any suspects but they think they are hot on the trail of a potential pumpkin thief.


Confirmed!  It Is Safe To Use Cell Phones On Planes

You could soon be able to use hand-held electronic devices like smartphones and tablets on planes during takeoffs and landings. 

The Federal Aviation Administration advisory committee ruled that the devices don't interfere with the electronics on most airplanes. 

They will recommend that the devices can be used during takeoffs and landings as long as they are connected to WiFi. 

But normal, ground-based cellular connections such as those used for calls and data will remain restricted.


McDonalds Tells Patrons To Pull Up Their Pants!

At least two McDonald's in the Houston area have banned "sagging" from their restaurants.

"The signs say, 'Pull your pants up or don't come in. Try to have some decency and respect for others. No one wants to see your underwear."

A spokesperson for McDonald's said that she had heard of the ban and that individual franchises are free to impose their own dress-code policies. "

Recently, over a dozen Houston-area apartment complexes have also banned sagging from their properties, imposing $100 fines or even eviction for renters who wear saggy pants.


Bartender Gets Winning Lottery Ticket As Tip.. Wins $17,500

A 25-year-old bartender in Oregon won $17,500 from a lottery ticket that was given to her by a customer.

The man usually tips with lottery tickets. He told the woman to pick two of them. She won $5 on the first ticket and $17,500 on the second.

The bartender tried to hand the ticket back to the man but he refused. He had her sign the winning ticket so she could be the only person who could cash it.

She spent some of the money by buying a round of drinks for the customers and getting some new furniture. She said she will save the rest.

The man who tipped her with the tickets did not want to be identified.


Chance Of A Lifetime.. Live As A Homeless Person For Three Days

A 62-year-old Seattle man is giving people the chance to experience living as a homeless person.

For (just?) $2,000, the tour will allow folks to live as a homeless person undercover in Seattle for three days. There will be a tour guide with them.

The man claims people will develop a new respect for the homeless.

He said no one has signed up yet but has had people who seem interested.

He was a freelance computer programmer and is now homeless. He lives in a hostel and uses a library in Seattle to run his website.


So This Is For Real.. Chess Boxing

Chess boxing is exactly what is sounds like.

The sport combines four-minute rounds of blitz chess alternating with three-minute rounds of boxing. It lasts until there is a checkmate or a knockout.

The hybrid sport, which is gaining attention in the United Kingdom, combines "the mental workout of chess with the physical challenge of boxing".

Basically, you play a few minutes of chess to get your brain stimulated, and then you get into the ring for a few minutes to get your brained smashed.

The hybrid sport is governed by the World Chess Boxing Organisation, and held its first world championship in 2003.


~~Recording executive and TV personality Simon Cowell is 54. (American Idol; The X-Factor)
~~Former cohost on 'The View', Joy Behar is 71
~~Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin is 61
~~Actors/twin-brothers, Shawn & Aaron Ashmore are 34 (SHAWN:  X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand… AARON: Smallville)
~~Actress Allison Munn ("One Tree Hill") is 39
~~Actor, Dylan Baker is 54 (Murder One's Det. Arthur Polson; Spider-Man 2 & 3; Damages)
~~Bishop Desmond Tutu is 82
~~Actress, Judy Landers is 55 (The Love Boat; Fantasy Island; Club Fed)
~~Actor, Omar Benson Miller is 35 (8 Mile; Get Rich Or Die Tryin'; CSI: Miami)
~~Actress, Nicole Ari Parker is 43 (Boogie Nights, Disaster Movie; Soul Food; Remember the Titans; Blue Streak)
~~Actress, Amber Stevens is 27 (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift; Greek)
~~Actor, James Van Patten is 57 (Robin Hood: Men in Tights; SAW movies)
~~ John "Cougar" Mellencamp is 62
~~ Singer Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) is 45
~~Drummer Tico Torres (of Bon Jovi) is 60
~~Singer, Toni Braxton is 46
~~ Singer Damian Kulash (of OK Go) is 38
~~Guitarist Ricky Phillips (of Styx) is 62
~~Singer Taylor Hicks ("American Idol") is 37
~~Cellist; Yo-Yo Ma is 58
~~Singer, Ann Curless (of Expose) is 49
~~Guitarist Charlie Marinkovich (of Iron Butterfly) is 54
~~ Drummer Kevin Godley (of 10cc) is 68
~~Gospel singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith is 56
~~Country singer Kieran Kane (of The O'Kanes) is 64


Gravity Sets Record At The Box Office This Weekend

"Gravity" was the biggest movie in America over the weekend and set a record in the process. 

The George Clooney and Sandra Bullock sci-fi drama took in $55.6 million over the weekend to break the record for biggest October opening ever. 

Last weekend's number one "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2" fell to second with $14.5 million while Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck's "Runner Runner" opened in third with kist $7.6 million. 

Top 10 Movies

1. Gravity: $55.6 million

2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2: $14.5 million

3. Runner Runner: $7.6 million

4. Prisoners: $5.7 million

5. Rush: $4.4 million

6. Don Jon: $4.2 million

7. Baggage Claim: $4.1 million

8. Insidious Chapter 2: $3.9 million

9. Pulling Strings: $2.5 million

10. Enough Said: $2.2 million


Some Surprising Uses For Your Old Smart Phone

You don't need to get ride of your old smartphone.

It can be used as a media streaming gadget and player, a portable gaming unit, a GPS, kitchen recipe holder or an alarm clock. 

But before you use it for other reasons you need to turn off cellular data… otherwise your phone will drain your battery trying to find a signal.


The Top Foods To Eat While Driving

You can't text while you drive, but you can still eat. ranked foods you can eat in the car in order of ease of edibility.

1. Candy bar--KitKats are petite and the disaster potential is low. It's about as safe as road food gets.

2. French fries--Fries can be greasy so make sure you eat them in the car with a roll of paper towels next to you. The disaster potential is low but the residual greasy fingerprint potential is high.

3. Potato chips--With an open bag of chips between the thighs, you can grip the wheel with your left hand and make regular trips from bag to mouth with your right. Have a paper napkin beside you. Disaster potential is low.

4, Chicken nuggets--Driving safely while eating chicken nuggets is all about how well the open nuggets container is balanced on your knee. Disaster potential is low, as long as you eat from both sides of the box and pass on dipping sauces.

5. Doughnut—Try a French doughnut drenched in white frosting. Only the sudden fall of a frosting chunk might throw you off. Disaster potential is low but look out for jelly-filled  and cream doughnuts.

6. Fresh fruit--A pear is a challenge. The pear juice will drench your shirt, your hand, wrist, arm and finally, your elbow. Disaster potential is high so don't try it unless you need it.


Video Of The Day:

In a ‘man on the street' video, Obama supporters in San Diego struggled to name which political party President Obama is actually affiliated with.

The majority of the people didn't know which party Obama was associated with and some even thought he was a Republican.

One man thought Obama was associated with the "best ideas" party.