Good Morning!  Welcome to Monday... Let's hope it takes it easy on us right?  So here's what you missed on today's show!

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q:  Most of us use this every day, and studies show Americans use 3 times more of it than any other country. 

A:  Toilet paper


Bonehead Of The Day

A 33-year-old man has shelled out $100,000 (so far!) to look like Justin Bieber.

It all started when he went to the surgeon to get plugs for his thinning hair but it quickly spiraled in shelling out money on face fillings, chin reduction and eyelid surgery to try to look like the pop hero.

The man says he isn't necessarily a fan of Bieber's work, just his perfectly youthful face. He plans to undergo more surgeries in order to continue to try and look more like Justin.


Movie Theater Proposes A Phone Texting Aisle For Extreme Phone Users

AMC Theatres, which owns 400 cinemas across the country, is considering a 'texting aisle' for those who can't bear to shut off their phones for more than a couple of minutes.

The company say the most logical place to put an aisle for people who want to send texts is the back row.

Two other chains, Regal Entertainment and IMAX, are also looking at ways to let audiences text while watching a movie, without annoying other viewers.'

The issue recently flared up when Madonna was banned from entering any cinema in a Texas chain because she was texting during the NYC premiere of "12 Years a Slave."


Titanic Violin Sold At Auction For World Record $1.4 Million

The violin played by the Titanic's bandmaster as the ship sank sold at an auction for $1.45 million, a world record for memorabilia from the ship.

Wallace Hartley's violin was found strapped to his body after he drowned with some 1,500 others on board the ship in 1912.

It was sold to a British collector after a 10-minute battle between telephone bidders.

The instrument carries an inscription from the 33-year-old's fiancée to mark their engagement. It was sold with the leather luggage case, initialed W.H.H.

For decades the violin was believed lost but it was found in the attic of a house in England in 2006.

** Hartley's band decided to continue performing as the Titanic sank, playing the hymn "Nearer, My God, to Thee" to comfort the passengers. Hartley and his seven bandmates all died when the ship sank.


Eleven Reasons You Should Drink Coffee Every Day!

Coffee - is it good, or bad for us?

It seems like there are always different studies coming out with conflicting reports, but here are 11 reasons why a daily cup o' joe is good for you.

1. Americans get tons of antioxidants from coffee.
2. Even the scent of coffee lowers your stress levels.
3. Coffee can lessen the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
4. Coffee is very good for your liver (keep that in mind if you drink lots of alcohol.)
5. Coffee can actually make you feel happier.
6. Drinking coffee lowers levels of suicide.
7. If you're a woman coffee can reduce your chance of getting skin cancer.
8. Coffee can help make you a better athlete.
9. Coffee can lower your risk of developing type II diabetess.
10. Coffee keeps your brain healthier for longer.
11. Coffee may make you more intelligent.


Sad News.. Casey Casem Has Months To Live

Iconic radio DJ Casey Kasem has just months to live.

Kasem and his wife were sued by a former caregiver who says they mistreated her, and the case was thrown out last week.

A rep who appeared on the couple's behalf told the court that Casey Kasem is dying. Legal documents were submitted that say Kasem "is terminally ill and unable to leave home."

TMZ got their hands on some other legal documents this month. Some of the info says Casey's wife is blocking his kids from seeing him. It also says Kasem has advanced Parkinson's disease; may have early dementia and can only "shuffle short distances"; and suffers hallucinations and major impairment to his memory and ability to communicate.


~~TV judge Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy) is 71
~~Actress, Carrie Fisher is 57 (Star Wars' Princess Leia; When Harry Met Sally…; Family Guy)
~~Reality 'star', Kim Kardashian is 33
~~Actor Michael McMillian (True Blood) is 35 (The Hills Have Eyes II)
~~Writer/actress, Patti Davis (real name Patricia Ann Reagan) is 61 (Ronald and Nancy's daughter)
~~Actor, Matt Dallas is 31 (Kyle XY; Eastwick)
~~Actor Will Estes (American Dreams) is 35 (Blue Bloods)
~~Actor Jeremy Miller (Growing Pains) is 37.
~~Actress Joyce Randolph (The Honeymooners) is 89
~~Actor, Ken Watanabe is 54 (Batman Begins, Memoirs of Geisha; Inception)
~~Movie Director, Catherine Hardwicke is 58 (Twilight; Thirteen; Red Riding Hood)


~~Hip-hop 'socialite', Amber Rose is 30 (married to Wiz Khalifa)
~~Guitarist Steve Lukather (of Toto) is 56
~~Guitarist Charlotte Caffey (of The Go-Go's) is 60
~~Singer-bassist Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age) is 42
~~Keyboardist Charlie Lowell (of Jars of Clay) is 40
~~Singer Elvin Bishop is 71
~~Keyboardist Manfred Mann is 73
~~Rock Musician, Michael Kelly Smith (Cinderella, and Britny Fox) is 52
~~Singer, Julian Cope is 56
~~Trumpeter Lee Loughnane (of Chicago) is 67
~~Guitarist Steve Cropper (of Booker T. and the MG's) is 72


Gravity Tops Box Office Again!

"Gravity" was the biggest movie in the country for the third straight weekend. 

The George Clooney and Sandra Bullock movie took in $31 million to remain in first place.  "Captain Phillips" came in second for the second straight weekend with $17.3 million. 

The remake of "Carrie" opened up in third with $17 million. 

Top 10 Movies

1. Gravity: $31 million

2. Captain Phillips: $17.3 million

3. Carrie: $17 million

4. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2: $10.1 million

5. Escape Plan: $9.8 million

6. Prisoners: $2 million

7. Enough Said: $1.8 million

8. The Fifth Estate: $1.7 million

9. Runner Runner: $1.6 million

10. Insidious Chapter 2: $1.5 million


Want To Know If Someone Died in Your House.. There's A Website For That!

There's no better way to completely freak yourself out than to go to a website and find out who has died in your home before you bought the place.

Visiting will give you details on whether anyone at all has died in your house... and who.

You have to pay $12 to make a search on the site which digs deep into sources that are not necessarily easy to track down.

Realtors say that finding out a home has a history could lower the value 15% to 25% - but the owner of the site is saying some Realtors are using the site as a valuable resource.


Things That Give You Road Rage

  • When you let someone into traffic and they don't wave.
  • When the person in front of you is driving really slow because they are READING A BOOK.
  • Or checking their phone.
  • Or doing their make-up.
  • Or shaving.
  • When the car in front of you keeps tapping their brakes.
  • And then the light goes yellow and they slam on their brakes instead of coasting through like a normal person.
  • When you're driving down a one-way street and someone starts ILLEGALLY heading towards you.
  • When someone does a 3-point turn in the middle of a busy intersection.
  • The pain you feel when you see a car with those "my family" stickers.
  • When someone steals your parking space.
  • When you spend AGES looking for a car spot and you think you've finally found one only to see someone has parked their 1935 Mini Cooper in it.
  • Old people driving.
  • Young people driving.
  • When you pull up next to someone who was driving like a moron to give them the evil eye and they PRETEND to not see you.
  • When someone is driving like a snail in front of you but MIRACULOUSLY speeds up when you try to overtake them.
  • When someone forgets they have their indicator on and it STAYS ON forever.
  • When people SLOW DOWN to see the results of an accident.
  • When people who aren't OVERTAKING drive in the OVERTAKING LANE.
  • When you're running late for work and it seems like everyone with an IQ of 2 has decided to drive that day.
  • Trucks.
  • Trailers.
  • RV's/Caravans.
  • People who don't indicate when turning.
  • Cyclists
  • Anyone with the bumper stickers "Queen Bitch," "Magic Happens," "My son/daughter is on the honour role at…" and FLOWER DECALS.
  • When you get stuck behind a truck going up a hill.
  • Somebody tailgating you.
  • When some punk-a$$ kid goes out of his way to make sure you can't merge into his lane.
  • Jaywalkers.
  • Kids who play racquet-ball or hopscotch or whatever the youths do nowadays RIGHT ON THE ROAD.
  • People who drive convertibles with the top down when it's not even hot.
  • And finally - when someone else drives your car.


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