Hello!  Hope you had a great weekend.. Let's try to forget it's Monday, pretend it's tuesday, and then all day tuesday we'll think it's Wednesday.. It will be great.. Ha ha.. Here's what ya missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster

Q.   According to a study more than 1 out of 3 Americans believe that this is possible. What?

A.   That a House can be Haunted!


Bonehead Of The Day:

An Ohio man who fled the scene of a car crash was found at a local bar.

He crashed his car, but fled when deputies arrived on the scene.

He was caught when someone spotted him at the bar and called police.  The man said he was just in an accident and needed a beer.

Turns out that the suspect had an active warrant for aggravated burglary, so instead of a beer, he got arrested.



March 16, 2880 The Day The World Will End

The end date for our world will be March 16, 2880.

Scientist predict a giant asteroid is set to collide with the Earth at 38,000 miles per hour. It's supposedly going to land in the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists are already putting together a plan to save the Earth. Since we can see the asteroids trajectory apparently brushing the surface of it with chalk, charcoal or glass beads would cause the Sun to reflect off of it in ways that would change the way it is spinning towards us. We have hundreds of years to throw it off track.

There are 1,400 asteroids that NASA tracks to make sure that the Earth is clear and free from any destruction - like the one that supposedly killed off the dinosaurs.



(Think You're Tough?) Guy Gets Hit By A Train, Gets Up & Keeps Talking On His Cell Phone

A man in Kansas was hit by a moving train, got up and walked away.

The 25-year-old man was walking on the tracks and didn't move even when the train operator blew his horn.  After the man was hit, he got up and kept talking on his cellphone. He ended up getting a ride and went to the hospital for cuts on his legs and shoulders.

He told the cops he didn't hear the train because he was wearing headphones. He is being charged with criminal trespassing.




~~George Clooney's ex, Stacy Keibler is 34 (WWE, WWF, WCW babe)
~~Actor, Harry Anderson is 61 (Night Court; Dave's World)
~~Fashion designer, Ralph Lauren is 74
~~Actor Steve Coogan ("Night at the Museum") is 48. (Tropic Thunder)
~~Actress, Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland 2010) is 24 (The Kids Are All Right; Defiance)
~~Actor, Max Thieriot (Jumper) is 25 (Chloe)
~~Actress, Lori Petty (Point Break) is 50 (A League of Their Own; Free Willy; Tank Girl)
~~Actor, Greg Evigan is 60 (BJ & The Bear; DeepStar Six; My Two Dads; many more)
~~Actor, Sir Roger Moore is 86 (James Bond movies-- The Spy Who Loved Me; Live and Let Die; For Your Eyes Only; Moonraker)
~~Actor Jon Seda ("Homicide: Life on the Street") is 43.
~~TV/Radio Host/sports guy, Jim Rome is 49
~~Baseball manager, Joe Girardi (NY Yankees) is 49


~~Usher (Usher Raymond) is 35
~~Singer Justin Hayward (of the Moody Blues) is 67
~~Drummer, A. J. Pero (of Twisted Sister) is 54
~~Singer, Sir Cliff Richard is 73
~~Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks) is 39.
~~Country bassist Doug Virden (Sons of the Desert) is 45.
~~Country singer Melba Montgomery is 75
~~Singer/Musician, Thomas Dolby is 55 ("She Blinded Me with Science")
~~Singer, Karyn White is 48



Gravity Tops Box Office Again

"Gravity" held off "Captain Phillips" to top the box office for the second straight weekend. 

The George Clooney and Sandra Bullock space drama took in $44.2 million to take the top spot while the Tom Hanks drama took in $26 million to open in second place.

Last weekend's number two movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2" fell to third with $14.2 million and "Machete Kills" bombed!... opening in fourth with $3.79 million.

Top 10 Movies

1. Gravity: $44.2 million

2. Captain Phillips: $26 million

3. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2: $14.2 million

4. Machete Kills: $3.79 million

5. Runner Runner: $3.72 million

6. Prisoners: $5.7 million

7. Insidious Chapter 2: $2.6 million

8. Rush: $2.36 million

9. Don Jon: $2.34 million

10. Enough Said: $2 million



For What It's Worth.. We Lose About 5 Days A Year To Slow Loading Computers

Sitting around and waiting for your computer to load stuff wastes an average of five days every year for most people.

A study (conducted by SanDisk) surveyed more than 8,000 people in the United Kingdom, finding they lost more than 130 hours each year to waiting for their computers to load. It could be worse, though: in Italy, the average time-loss was seven days. Here in the United States, we only lose 4.9 days a year.



Cure To A Hangover?

Pedialyte, a drink for dehydrated babies, may also be a cure for hungover adults

It's packed with electrolytes.   And Chicago college and graduate students swear by the drink

Sales surged 16% in August compared to the same month in 2012, with some customers saying that it's like Gatororade but without all the added sugar. 



Video Of The Day:

And Now Dogs Saying i love you!  I couldn't resist!