Good Morning!  Here we go.. 1 month exactly til Christmas..  Time to get your shopping on!  Of course before that though, it's Thanksgiving this week.. YAY!!!  Can't wait to gorge myself stupid!  I love Turkey day!  I eat way too much and take a nap, and then go to the mall for the black friday or whatever you call it shopping!  Tonight it's the lighted parade and the opening of the festival of trees!  See ya then!  Here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to a new study, students who cheat in College, are likely to look for a job in this field after school. What?

A.   Governmental!


Bonehead Of The Day:

A homeless man in Georgia was arrested after he climbed into a building and stole an alligator.

The man managed to climb the tank and stole a 4-foot long alligator named, "Nubs." The man used a pole to poke the alligator and when it moved close to him he grabbed it and ran.

When the man was spotted he threw the reptile into a river but was arrested a short time later. The alligator was rescued but bit one of the workers who saved him.

Nubs has to be in isolation for 30 days and the worker who was bit is recovering.


Storm Could Make Holiday Travel Even Worse

A nasty storm crossing the US may hinder Thanksgiving travel. 

The storm is expected to bring heavy rain to the Southeast on Tuesday before heading north up the East Coast.

It has been linked to several fatal icy road accidents in Texas and New Mexico so far.

Forecasters are warning the storm could cause flight delays and icy roads for some of the millions of people traveling for Thanksgiving on Thursday, depending on the path it takes as it heads toward the East Coast.


Confirmed.. Fist Bumping Is Healthier Than Hand Shake

A study shows fist bumping instead of shaking hands can reduce the spread of bacteria.

The study consisted of a group of clean-handed people shaking hands, then doing the fist bump.

The handshake exposed the skin to three times as much bacteria. The skin was also in contact 2.7 times longer which resulted in more bacteria being spread.


So This Will Be Possible.. 3D Printed Hearts

Scientists could be able to 3D print human hearts within the next ten years to be used in transplant surgery.

Experts claim that they have already created a coronary artery and 3D-printed some of the small blood vessels in the heart.

The doctors' studies have reached the advanced pre-clinical stage showing that printed blood vessels will reconnect with a person's tissue creating blood flow in the tissue.

The team at the University of Louisville's Cardiovascular Innovation Institute are developing special 3D printers that will eventually be able to print an artificial hearts in about three hours, made from the patient's cells.



~~Actress Jill Hennessy is 45.  (Wild Hogs; Crossing Jordan)
~~Actress Christina Applegate ("Married with Children", "Up All Night") is 42. (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy; Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead)
~~Actor Eddie Steeples ("My Name Is Earl") is 40. (Raising Arizona; Akeelah and the Bee)
~~Actress Katie Cassidy ("Arrow", "Taken") is 27  (A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010); Melrose Place 2009; Gossip Girl; daughter of pop star David Cassidy)
~~Actor Joel Kinnaman (the new RoboCop) is 34 (The Killing; Safe House)
~~Actor Jerry Ferrara (Turtle on "Entourage") is 34
~~Actor-game show host Ben Stein is 69. (Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Win Ben Stein's Money)
~~Actor John Larroquette is 66. (Night Court; Richie Rich)
~~"Dancing With the Stars" judge Bruno Tonioli is 58.
~~Actor Billy Burke ("Twilight") is 47.
~~Actress Haley Webb ("Teen Wolf") is 28 (The Final Destination)
~~"Today" show correspondent (former First Daughter) Jenna Bush & twin-sister Barbara Bush are 32
~~Competitive eater Joey Chestnut is 30
~~Actress, Noel Neill is 93 (Lois Lane on Adventures of Superman TV Series)
~~Actress, Kathryn Grant is 80 (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958); Anatomy of a Murder; more)
~~Actor, Matt Clark is 77 (Walker, Texas Ranger-- Cooper's Friend / Hank Cotton)
~~Character actor, Tracey Walter is 66 (Jack Nicholson's accomplice in original Batman movie; The Silence of the Lambs)
~~Actor, Dougray Scott is 48 (Mission Impossible 2)
~~Baseball star Nick Swisher is 33
~~Former NFL QB Donovan McNabb is 37
~~NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter is 48
~~Former NFL QB Bernie Kosar is 50
~~Former baseball shortstop Bucky Dent is 62
~~NASCAR commentator Mike Joy is 64
~~NFL coach Chip Kelly is 50
~~NFL Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs is 73


~~ Singer Amy Grant is 53. ("The Queen of Christian Pop"; Mrs. Vince Gill)
~~ Singer Mark Lanegan (Queens of the Stone Age and Screaming Trees) is 49.
~~ Singer Tim Armstrong (of Rancid) is 48.  
~~ Singer Stacy Lattisaw is 47.
~~ Guitarist Rodney Sheppard (of Sugar Ray) is 47.
~~ Rapper-producer Erick Sermon is 45. (EPMD; solo)
~~ Singer Percy Sledge is 73.
~~Musician, Steve Rothery (of Marillion) is 54


What You Went To See This Weekend.. Hunger Games 2 Maybe?

The new "Hunger Games" movie set a new record on its way to first place at the box office

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" took in $161.1 million over the weekend to open in first place. 

That is a new record for November beating "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" which previously held the record with $142 million in 2009.

"Thor: The Dark World" fell to second with $14.12 million after spending the past two weekends at the top spot. "The Best Man Holiday" fell from second to third with $12.5 million.

Top 10 Movies

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: $161.1 million

2. Thor: The Dark World: $14.12 million

3. The Best Man Holiday: $12.5 million

4. Delivery Man: $8.2 million

5. Free Birds: $5.3 million

6. Last Vegas: $4.4 million

7. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa: $3.45 million

8. Gravity: $3.3 million

9. 12 Years a Slave: $2.8 million

10. Dallas Buyers Club: $2.77 million


Christine McVie Wants To Rejoin Fleetwood Mac

Former Fleetwood Mac singer Christine McVie is hoping to get her place back in the group after reuniting with her former bandmates during their recent dates in London.

Christine quit the band in 1998 for a quiet life, but she returned to the stage with Fleetwood Mac during two shows at London's O2 Arena in September. She enjoyed the reunion and hopes she can do it again in the future.

She said: "It was amazing, like I'd never left. I climbed back on there again and there they were, the same old faces on stage. I like being with the band, the whole idea of playing music with them. I miss them all. If they were to ask me to rejoin I would probably be very delighted, but it hasn't happened so we'll have to wait and see."

She also admitted her decision to walk away from the group was probably a mistake, saying: "I think I was just music'd out. I suffered from some kind of delusion that I wanted to be an English country girl and it took me 15 years to realize that it's not really what I wanted at all."


The Most Popular Gift Of The Holidays..  It's Not An iPhone

Gift cards are becoming the most popular holiday gift .

A recent study found that gift card spending will reach an all-time high this holiday with more than 80% of shoppers planning to purchase at least one.

And the average shopper will spend an average of $163.16 on gift cards… an increase of 4% from last year.


How To Stop Hating Your Job & Be Happier At Work

Besides a paycheck, employees are most grateful for their friendly co-workers.

In fact, co-workers were more important to their happiness than having a good benefits program, a supportive manager or a flexible work schedule.

Most full-time workers spend more than half of their waking hours at the office, so having friendly colleagues can make all the difference when it comes to job satisfaction.

OfficeTeam found five small things people can do to be happier at work:

1. Socialize with co-workers: Participate in activities like team lunches or birthday celebrations. Getting to know colleagues builds camaraderie and makes working together more fun and productive.

2. Step away from the desk: Employees can clear their mind by taking short walks or enjoying lunch outdoors. Use vacation days in order to get time away from work.

3. Explore flexible scheduling options: Professionals should find out if their employer supports alternative work arrangements. They may be able to reduce their commute by working from home on certain days or modifying their hours.

4. Take advantage of perks: Make use of benefits beyond health insurance and vacation time, like on-site exercise facilities, discount programs or dry-cleaning services.

5. Set goals and meet them: Work toward career objectives by volunteering for stretch assignments outside normal responsibilities. Build new skills through professional development programs.


Video OF The Day.

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