Hellooooo..  Welcome to Monday..  Yee haw right?  Here we go with another work week, let's hope it's short.  Here's what you missed this morning.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   An Average Healthy Person will do this about 18 times a day. What?


A.   Fart


Bonehead Of The Day:

A Sacramento, California comic book store had some extra employees over the weekend. According to CBS Sacramento, back in December, the replica car of  "The Flintstones" was stolen from outside of World's Best Comics.

Cops later got a confession from one of the three teenagers who stole it but the owner of the shop took matters into his own hands. “The legal system and the messiness of it, that’s not always necessary. And I think this was one of those times when it just wasn’t necessary,” owner Dave Downey explained. So instead, the three guys had to dress as "Flintstones" characters and work at the store this past weekend on Free Comic Book Day, the busiest of the year.

On Saturday, they did their time, dressed and Fred, Barney, and even Wilma. Whether they learned their lesson or not, Downey says his sales skyrocketed. 




The Hook Up Truck Is Open For Business

Who needs a bed when you can get it on in a truck? Artist Spy Emerson has created the Hook Up truck-and it's exactly what it sounds like.

CBS San Francisco is reporting the rentable truck is a "conceptual art installation" that comes with a metal and wood bench covered with vinyl and plenty of perks. Temperature controls, birth control, contraception, and even a video camera option all come with your rental. Emerson is also quick to point out the entire truck was built with cleanliness in mind. "I’ve created a very minimalist room," she said. "Everything is wiped down and cleaned before and after every person.  It’s probably cleaner than the BART or any public toilet you’ve used.”

And as far as she and her lawyer know, the Hook Up Truck is legal, but to be on the safe side, it's free for now. While it's only in California now, the truck can be reserved for "immediate dispatch" and booked for festivals, weddings, or holiday parties. You have to be 21 and registered with the website here




Middle Schoolers Try Making Weed Cookies In School

Four middle schoolers in Iowa tried to spice up their home ec assignment. The 13-year-olds from Burlington reportedly mixed weed into their cookie dough last week. WQAD is reporting that before the dough could be cooked or eaten, another student alerted school authorities.

The students were arrested then released that same day. Now the four tweens are suspended from school and the search has turned to how exactly they got the pot and brought it into school. 

Police Lieutenant Jeff Klein says if they were adults, the felony charges would equal a five-year prison sentence and the possession charges would mean up to a year in jail. Since they're under 18 however, their punishment will depend on if they have a “past criminal juvenile record.”




Cinco De Mayo A New American Holiday

Cinco de Mayo isn't just about hoisting beers.

The anniversary of the "Battle of Puebla" on May 5th, 1862 commemorates the pride and valor of the Mexican people in response to aggression of a better-equipped and much larger force from France led by Napoleon III. Under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin, who served under Mexico's only fully indigenous president, Benito Juarez, the Mexican army defeated a "superior" enemy, who was demanding unreasonable territorial occupation and influence.

So enjoy your brewskis.  But keep in mind the seriousness of the occasion.






  • Henry Cavill (“The Tudors, “Man of Steel”) – 31
  • John Rhys-Davies ("Lord of the Rings," "Raiders of the Lost Ark") – 70
  • Ann B. Davis ("The Brady Bunch") – 88
  • Danielle Fishel (“Boy Meets World”) – 33
  • Richard E. Grant (“Dracula,” “Downton Abbey,” “Girls”) – 56  
  • Lance Henriksen (“Alien,” “Millennium,” “The Book of Daniel”) – 74
  • Michael Palin (Monty Python) – 71
  • Roger Rees ("Boston Common") 59,
  • Tina Yothers ("Family Ties") – 41
  • The late Tyrone Power (“Blood and Sand,” “The Mark of Zorro,” “Witness For The Prosecution”) (1914 – 1958)…he would have been 100



  • Adele – 26
  • Parachute’s Will Anderson – 28  
  • Chris Brown – 25
  • Craig David – 33
  • Steve Stevens – 55
  • Lil Za – 20
  • The late country legend Tammy Wynette (1942 – 1998)…she would have been 72



  • Reality TV star (and sometime singer) Brooke Hogan – 26
  • Director Kurt Sutter (“Sons of Anarchy,” “The Shield”) – 54  
  • Newsman Brian Williams (FAST FACT: He replaced “NBC Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw in 2004) – 55
  • The late journalist Nellie Bly (FAST FACTS: Nellie Bly is her journalistic pseudonym – her real name was Elizabeth Jane Cochran. She once faked insanity in order to do an investigative report on mental institutions – her work revolutionized investigative journalism) (1864 – 1922)
  • The late philosopher Karl Marx (FAST FACTS: A political theorist who wrote the “Communist Manifesto,” his work with Frederick Engels produced a new philosophy of government and economics that would influence all of Russia and lead to many revolts.) (1818 – 1883)




Weekend Movie Wrap Up

As expected, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is far and away the top dog at the box office this weekend. At this point, the sequel is making about 30-percent more than the original. The rest of the top five is just as predictable. "The Other Woman" came in second during its second week out, "Heaven is For Real" slipped to third, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" was pushed to fourth by the newest superhero in town, and "Rio 2" rounds out the top five. 




Video Of The Day:

What’s the deal? With Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey leading the charge, we’re treated to the “Tonight Show” barbershop quartet version of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty To Me.”