Good Morning!  Happy Monday..  Hope you had a good weekend.   Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to new research, you're least likely to do this between 8am and 11am. What?


A.   Lie!


Bonehead Of The Day:

Today's Bonehead Of The Day comes from San Antonio, Texas, where being a Peeping Tom has apparently gone high tech. One of the female employees of a company that shall remain unnamed was using the toilet when she heard something beep. Not exactly what you want to hear when using the facilities. She took a look and discovered an electronic device taped to the shelf of a storage locker located directly in front of the toilet. The cops were called and discovered that the device was periodically taking pictures of employees using the toilet. And one of those pictures stored on the camera was of the bozo who installed the camera, an employee of the company. And if that wasn’t bad enough news, he was also wearing his name tag when the picture was taken. He’s busted!



Men Flock To My Little Pony Convention.

Men flock to My Little Pony convention

Men flock to My Little Pony convention | Orange UK: Hundreds of My Little Pony fans are looking forward to converging on Manchester for a convention - mostly aimed at adult men.

They are turning the TV franchise, which prompted a generation of little girls to beg their parents for a horse, on its head.

BUCK - at Manchester's Bridegwater Hall in August - is aimed at 'Bronies' - or 'brothers who like ponies'.

Bronies are devoted to the adventures of Applejack, Fluttershy and Princess Twilight Sparkle.

The fad took off in 2010 with the launch of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a cartoon update that did away with some of the old sexist stereotypes.

Although 80% of devotees are male, female fans, or 'pegasisters', are also now coming on board.



Cop Wants To Ban Profanity In Town

Neptune Beach Police Chief David Sembach wants to ban profanity in town - Neptune Beach Police Chief David Sembach is looking to ban the use of public profanity in town and is hoping to pass an ordinance that would allow officers to cite individuals who start fights by using their potty mouths.

"They can curse all they want. That's what the U.S. Supreme Court says. They just can't incite another person to violence," Sembach told WTEV.

"There's no place for that kind of stuff in a public forum," said Ken Meadows.

Not everyone agrees with Chief Sembach, who is also hoping to pass a law banning the obstruction of public passageways.

"It's a waste of time and taxpayer money to try and do something like that," said local resident Edward Spear.

The City Council would still have to approve the proposal for it to move forward.

Neptune Beach Mayor Harriet Pruette has stated that she is not in favor of the profanity ordinance and thinks that enforcing it would be difficult.




Man Files Lawsuit For 2,000 Decillion

62-year-old New York Anton Purisima is mad. So mad, he's suing thousands of people for $2,000 decillion. Decillion, for those not familiar, is the number two with 36 zeros behind it. is reporting Purisima is suing Au Bon Pain Store, Hoboken University Medical Center, the City of New York, and LaGuardia Airport, to name very few. Why? Well it's a little vague, but the site is reporting the 62-year-old is claiming a dog bit his middle finger, he's routinely overcharged for his coffee at LaGuardia Airport, and some Chinese people took his picture without his permission, among many other things.

The complaint says the defendants' acts caused damages "cannot be repaired by money" and are "therefore priceless." $2,000 decillion will be a nice start.





  • Eleanor Tomlinson (“Jack the Giant Slayer,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Angus”) – 22
  • Eric Lloyd ("The Santa Clause") – 27
  • Geraldine Somerville (“Harry Potter,” “Gosford Park”) – 47



  • ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill – 65
  • Shooter Jenninga – 35
  • Grace Jones – 66
  • Rohan Marley – 42
  • Sean Paul – 50
  • AC/DC’s Phil Rudd – 60
  • Sam Smith – 22
  • Pete Townshend – 69
  • Yo Gotti – 33
  • The late Joey Ramone (1951 – 2001)…he would have been 63



  • Racecar driver Dario Franchitti (FAST FACT: He married Ashley Judd in 2001 and while they separated briefly in 2013, they reconciled following an accident on the track) – 41
  • TV personality David Hartman – 79
  • Broadcast journalist Jim Lehrer – 80
  • Reality star Kim Zolciak – 36
  • The late wrestler (and sometime actor) Andre the Giant (FAST FACT: Due to his 7-foot, 5-inch; 525-pound stature, people regarded him as The Eighth Wonder of the World) (1946 – 1993)…he would have been 68
  • The late author/screenwriter/director Nora Ephron (“Sleepless in Seattle,” "You've Got Mail") (1941 – 2012)…she would have been 76
  • The late communist ruler of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh (1890 – 1969)
  • The late explorer Ferdinand Magellan (He planned the first successful expedition to circumnavigate the world) (1480 – 1521)
  • The late Cambodian dictator Pol Pot (He led Khmer Rouge revolutionary group from 1963 to 1988 – and between 1975 and 1979 murdered 25-percent of the country's population through starvation, overwork and executions.) (1925 – 1998)…he would have been 89
  • The late Nicole Brown Simpson (1959 – 1994)…she would have been 55
  • The late Malcolm X (FAST FACTS: He was born Malcolm Little and after the death of his father, he and his brothers would hunt game to make ends meet. A trip to the Muslim holy city of Mecca helped him to develop his beliefs; he began signing his last name as X to replace the ancestral slave name Little.) (1925 – 1965)…he would have been 89



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