Here we are Monday..  This is gonna be a fun week for me, got my parents coming in tomorrow, my sister and her husband on Friday, and we're all gonna get together for my cousin's wedding on Friday..  Can't wait..  Hope you have a great week.  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to a new study, ½ of your guests at your party are doing this. What?


A.   Snooping!



Bonehead Of The Day:

Bozo criminals for today come from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where a group of teens, aged 15 to 18 failed miserably in their attempt at vandalism. Armed with BB guns, the teens cruised the neighborhood, shooting at windshields of parked cars. Things were going fine until one resident jumped in his car and took off after them. He didn’t attempt to pull them over, instead he just followed them, speeding up when they sped up and slowing down when they slowed down. This so rattled the kids that they took extreme action. The called 911. Not the best idea. The cops caught up with them and, after sorting things out, arrested them and charged them with property damage and possession of drug paraphernalia.



Man Living In Airplane In The Woods

Sick of your split level home? Why not bunker down in an airplane? Bruce Campbell does just that, living in a Boeing 727 in the middle of the Oregon woods for six months out of the year.

The 65-year-old had a mission to save old planes from becoming scrap metal, and bought this particular pad years ago and has spent about $220-thousand in modifications, according to "Huffington Post." One plane isn't enough, however. Campbell's next goal is to reuse an airplane in the same way, but in Japan. 

"I think most people are nerds in their hearts in some measure," Campbell said. "The point is to have fun." Believe it or not, there are other people who are having fun in the same way as Campbell. Aircrafts have been made into homes in Texas, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands. 

Source: "Huffington Post"



Worlds Largest Lego Tower Reaches 114 Feet

In cased you missed it, a group of school children in Budapest, Hungary got their names in the record books thanks to some lego blocks. is reporting the world record for tallest lego tower has been beaten.

Reaching 114 feet tall, the tower that was built in front of St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest beat the previous record by over two feet. Unfortunately, the tower has already been disassembled. 

The former record holder was in Wilmington, Delaware and also built by a group of very dedicated students who managed to wrangle up 500-thousand blocks. 




Bonehead #2

A belly button isn't that big: Randall Streeter is a dedicated, and crafty, drug dealer. The man was nabbed by police in North Carolina on drug charges. After stopping Streeter's car during a routine traffic stop, cops found over 150 bags of heroin and $1,200. Officers found another 40 bags literally in Streeter...and his belly button. Some percocet was also found lodged in his navel.






  • Logan Browning (“Meet the Browns”) – 25
  • Michaela Conlin (“Bones”) – 36
  • Johnny Depp (“Edward Scissorhands,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise) (FAST FACT: He won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his role in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”) – 51
  • Michael J. Fox (“Back to the Future,” “The American President”) – 53
  • Tamela Mann (“Diary of a Mad Black Woman”) – 48
  • Natalie Portman (“Black Swan,” “Rush”) – 33
  • Gloria Reuben (“ER,” “Raising the Bar”) – 50
  • Brian Patrick Wade (“The Big Bang Theory”) – 36
  • Mae Whitman (“Avatar,” “Parenthood”) (FUN FACT: She started her career doing voiceovers for Tyson chicken commercials.) – 26





  • Muse’s Matthew Bellamy – 36
  • Uriah Heep’s Mixk Box – 67
  • Hootie & the Blowfish’s Dean Felber – 47
  • Wes Scantlin – 42
  • The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons – 44
  • Starsailor’s James Walsh – 34
  • The late Les Paul, who also invented the electric guitar – (1915-2009) …he would have been 99.
  • The late Jackie Wilson (1934-1984) …he would have been 80.





  • Author Patricia Cornwell (Kay Scarpetta series of crime novels) – 58
  • Miami Heat’s power forward/center Udonis Haslem – 34
  • Religious leader and author Bishop T.D. Jakes (FAST FACT: Pastor of The Potter House, a megachurch with 30,000 members, whose sermons are broadcast all over the world on numerous stations including Trinity Broadcasting Network and BET) – 57
  • Screenwriter David Koepp (“Jurassic Park,” “Mission Impossible”) (FAST FACT: He is among some of the most successful screenwriters on Earth, having sold over 2-billion dollars in ticket sales and box office receipts.) – 51
  • Comedian Jackie Mason – 83  
  • Film writer and producer Aaron Sorkin (“The Newsroom,” “The West Wing,” “Moneyball”) – 53
  • Legendary sportscaster Dick Vitale – 75
  • The late songwriter Cole Porter (1891-1964)



Video Of The Day:

Wish I could afford to do something like this for my dad..  Ya know it's Father's Day this weekend, so here's a real tear jerker.. Feel good video..  Enjoy.