Good Morning!  So I think I over did it this weekend..  Too much fun..  I need an extra day to recover..  Unfortunately not gonna happen..  Hope you had a great weekend.  Here's to a quick work week..  The weekend is just around the corner! :)  Here's what you missed today on the show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: By the time they graduate from high school, the average kids will have eaten 1,500 of THESE.

A: Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches!
Bonehead Of The Day:

An Alaska man was busted driving a motorized shopping cart while drunk -- while inpossession of stolen cookies and cake mix.

A grocery store employee called police after seeing the man drive the motorized cart into parking lot traffic.

When an officer arrived, a store employee was holding onto the handlebars of the cart to keep the suspect from driving any further.

Another employee told police that drinking while driving a motorized shopping cart has been a regular problem for the 63-year-old . In the past, he has tried to run over employees who tried to stop him.




Coming Soon:  Cars Women Actually Want To Drive

Car makers say the companies should design cars suitable for high heels and with comfy seats, so that women want to drive them.

Instead, car companies are paying more attention to a car's horsepower than to the effect of high heels on leg-room-- and whether seats fit women's backs better than men's.

Research has showed that half of all women are unhappy with their cars and three-quarters of them feel ‘misunderstood' by car makers.

Execs feel a need to train more women engineers, who can help design and create the 'female-friendly' cars of the future.


NOTE: Women who are the key influence in seven out of ten car purchases.



~~Actor, Greg Kinnear is 50 (Dear God, As Good As It Gets, You've Got Mail, Mystery Men, What Planet Are You From?; Little Miss Sunshine)
~~Comedian Joe Piscopo is 62 (SNL: Johnny Dangerously)
~~Actor, Jason Patric is 47 ( The Lost Boys; Sleepers, Speed 2)
~~Actor Thomas Haden Church is 53 (Wings, Sideways, Spider-Man 3; Easy A)
~~Movie producer-director-writer Bobby Farrelly is 55 (There's Something About Mary; many more)
~~Actor, Will Forte is 43 (SNL; MacGruber)
~~Olympic gold-medal speed skater Dan Jansen is 48
~~Tennis player Venus Williams is 33

~~Singer, Barry Manilow is 70
~~Rapper, Krayzie Bone (of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony) is 40
~~Singer/musician, Gregg Rolie is 66 (formerly of Journey)
~~R&B Singer, Kevin Thornton (of Color Me Badd) is 44

Man Of Steel #1 At The Box Office

The 'Superman' reboot, "Man of Steel", scored the best June opening ever, with $125.1 million.

Even if you don't include $12 million from Thursday night Walmart screenings, the actual three-day earnings of $113.1 million still beat out "Toy Story 3"'s $110.3 million record.

Meanwhile, "This is the End" debuted with $20.5 million, followed by "Now You See Me" with $10.3 million.



1. Man of Steel, $113.1 million

2. This is the End, $20.5 million

3. Now You See Me, $10.3 million

4. Fast & Furious 6, $9.4 million

5. The Purge, $8.2 million

6. The Internship, $7 million

7. Epic, $6 million

8. Star Trek Into Darkness, $5.7 million

9. After Earth $3.8 million

10 Iron Man 3, $2.9 million


Follow Up Bonehead From Last Week:  The Guy Who Accidentally Sold His Wife's Wedding Ring...  He's Out Of The Doghouse!

A $23,000 wedding ring accidentally sold it in a garage sale for $10 has been returned.

A couple given a wooden watch box by one of their relatives who bought it at a communitywide garage sale recovered the ring.

A woman (in Laguna Niguel) had hidden her $23,000 ring inside the box for safe keeping from her twin toddlers before heading to the hospital to give birth to her fifth child on May 31. When she returned, her husband admitted he had sold the box at the yard sale for $10.

The wife says her husband never expected they'd get it back.




Cheers Reunion.. Kind Of

George Wendt will guest star in an upcoming TV Land sitcom called "Kirstie",  joining former "Cheers" co-stars Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman.

The show stars Alley as a Broadway star whose 26-year-old biological son tries to reconnect with her after his adoptive mother dies.

Perlman plays Alley's assistant and best friend, while Wendt will guest star as Thelma's ex-husband, who cheated on her while they were married.

The show will also help reconnect members of the "Seinfeld" cast. Michael Richards is set to play Alley's driver and Jason Alexander will guest-star as her Broadway agent.

A premiere date for the series will be announced soon.


Finally!  An App To Confess Your Sins To:

My Confessor App will allow faithful to keep up digitally with when their local priest is hearing confession, or the sacrament wherein Catholics recount sins to a "confessor" who , in turn, doles out penance, usually in the form of prayers.

A Roman Catholic priest from Wisconsin says he wants people to "not feel uncomfortable asking about confession".  The Rev. Richard Heilman wants "everybody ignited in the Holy Spirit."

When accessed, the app will display a red status box, which means "Father is OUT," or a green status box meaning, "Father is IN." It also includes a description of Reconciliation, as well as related tips.

The app will be available for the iPhone and Android by the end of the month, and the app's development updates can be found at




Nerd Alert:  Star Trek Home Furniture Is Now Available


It looks like a prop from the latest "Star Trek" movie, but the "Emperor 200" is equipped with a touch screen control center, three 27-inch LED screens and an air-filtering system to control heat.

The makers of the furniture are based in Canada, and describe it as the ‘ultimate computer workstation.'

So far, clients have included Microsoft programmers and the US Marine Corps, but the price tag is about $50,000.

The adjustable aluminum frame of the Italian leather chair lets you to swivel or work while lying on your back, which is great if you suffer from lower back pain.



Video Of The Day:

Your Life As A Dog..  Enjoy!