Good Morning!  Welcome to Monday... Let's hope we make it through it alive ha ha..  So here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to statistics, single women are almost twice as likely to do this than single men, and it's been that since the 90s. What?


A.   Buy a Home!

Bonehead Of The Day:

A woman in St. Petersburg, Florida was arrested and sent to jail by accident. 

The woman was pulled over for speeding and the cop said there was a warrant out for her arrest for battery.  She said it was a mistake but the cop arrested her and took her to jail. 

Turns out, the 'wanted' woman and the woman pulled over had different spellings of their first names.  But it took cops several weeks to drop the charges. 

The police department is investigating the incident. Meantime, the woman has hired a lawyer.


Sounds like Here..  Travel Nightmare.. No Airconditioner.. Locked In A Plane.. Ugh

More than 150 passengers were forced to sweat it out on an Allegiant Airlines plane for 2 1/2 hours in Arizona after a maintenance issue left the aircraft without air conditioning.

Passengers had already boarded the plane when the problem was found. The passengers were required to stay in their seats in triple-digit temperatures even though the plane was still at the gate.

There were no reports of any injuries to the passengers.

The AC problem was eventually fixed and the plane headed to its destination.


The Ages We Are At Our Happiest

People are the happiest at ages 23, and 69. 

Researchers surveyed 23,100 people between 17 and 85.  They found at 23 and 69 were the ages people were most satisfied and happy with life. 

But satisfaction dips during the mid-50s and drops further still after 75.

It dips in the 50s because that's when people have the most regrets about their life.


Schindler's Actual List Is Up For Sale On Ebay

Only four versions of the famed "Schinder's List" exist in the world and one of them could be yours!

Three versions of the list are currently in museums but one has just been listed on eBay and the seller is looking for $5 million on the document before the end of July.

The current owners said they decided to put the document on eBay because the story belongs to the world.


** Oskar Schindler created the list during WWII to guard the lives of over 1,000 Jews.


The Worlds First Hypoallergenic Cat?  If It's Real, It Could Cost You 28K To Get One

A small biotech company says they have cured cat allergies by creating the first truly hypoallergenic cat.

But before you rush out to grab your very own, investigators are diving deeper into the claim and finding that it might not be true.

Cats from the company run from $4,000 to $28,000. They claim the cats do not have the gene that makes people allergic to them, but a group of people who bought the cats say they still found themselves having symptoms of allergies.

Another issue with the company is that many have been left on a waiting list for over a year with no sign of getting their allergy-free cat anytime soon.


5 Unique McDonalds Menue Items From Across The World

1. The McBean, Sweden--Scandinavians are known for their healthy diets, which is why it's no surprise this vegetarian burger is on the menus in Sweden. The McBean patty is a blend of cannellini beans, kidney beans, onions, carrots, and green peppers, served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, and a special sauce.

2. Bubur Ayam McD, Malaysia--This McDonald's porridge comes with chicken strips, onions, ginger, fried shallots, and chiles.

3. Chicken McDo with Spaghetti, Philippines--This popular combo in the Philippines combines a fried chicken drumstick and spaghetti with Bolognese sauce.

4. Ham and Cheese on a Pita, Ukraine--In Ukraine, you can order a Ham and Cheese Pita, but that's not really why this item made the list. In a combo, you can swap classic McDonald's fries for "country fries," which look like what we might call steak fries in the United States.

5. Georgie Pie, New Zealand--This "Kiwi Legend" was discontinued from the permanent menu, but has returned at some New Zealand McDonald's locations. It's made up of minced steak and cheese


New Patch Makes Us Invisible To Mosquitos

A California company has made a patch that makes humans ‘invisible' to mosquitoes.

It could save millions of lives by stopping the spread of malaria.

The Kite Patch uses non-toxic compounds that disrupt mosquitoes' ability to find people, using carbon dioxide, for up to 48-hours.

The crowd-funding website Indiegogo is running a campaign to raise $75,000 to send 20,000 patches to Uganda where Malaria rates are over 60 percent.



~~Game-show host Alex Trebek is 73 (Jeopardy!)
~~Actress/Singer, Selena Gomez is 21 (Wizards of Waverly Place; Justin Beiber's girl)
~~Actor-comedian-director Albert Brooks is 66. (Taxi Driver; Defending Your Life; The Muse; Finding Nemo)
~~Actor, David Spade is 49 (Saturday Night Live, Lost and Found, Dickie Roberts (Former) Child Star, Joe Dirt; Just Shoot Me; 8 Simple Rules, Racing Stripes, The Benchwarmers; Rules of Engagement; Grown Ups 1 & 2)
~~Actress, A. J. Cook is 35 (Tru Calling, Criminal Minds' Jennifer "JJ" Jareau; Final Destination 2)
~~Actor, Danny Glover is 64 (The Color Purple, Lethal Weapon movies, Queen, Operation Dumbo Drop, Beloved, The Royal Tenenbaums)
~~Actor, Willem Dafoe is 58 (Wild At Heart, Platoon, The English Patient, Affliction, American Psycho, Shadow of the Vampire, Spiderman (2002), The Clearing, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, American Dreamz)
~~Actor/comedian, John Leguizamo is 49 (House of Buggin'; To Wong Foo--Thanks For Everything--Julie Newmar, Spawn, Moulin Rouge; Assault on Precinct 13, ER, The Happening)
~~Fashion Designer, Oscar de la Renta is 81
~~Actress, Louise Fletcher is 79 (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Cruel Intentions)
~~Former NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson is 41
~~Singer/drummer Don Henley is 66. (The Eagles; solo)
~~Funkmaster, George Clinton is 72 (Parliament; Atomic Dog)
~~R&B Singer Keith Sweat is 52.
~~Singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright is 40.


What You Went To See In Theaters This Weekend

"The Conjuring" was the biggest movie in the country over the weekend knocking "Despicable Me 2" from the top spot. 

The scary thriller took in $41.5 million to open in first place while the "Despicable Me" sequel fell to second after two weekends at the top with $25 million. 

"Turbo" opened in third with $21.5 million and "Grown Ups 2" dropped from second to fourth with $20 million. 

Top 10 Movies

1.  The Conjuring, $41.5 million

2.  Despicable Me 2, $25 million

3.  Turbo, $21.5 million

4.  Grown Ups 2, $20 million

5.  Red 2, $18.5 million

6.  Pacific Rim, $15.9 million

7.  R.I.P.D, $12.7 million

8.  The Heat, $9.3 million

9.  World War Z, $5.2 million

10. Monsters University, $5 million


Video Of The Day:

So coming out of comic-con this weekend, is the new trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead, I thought you'd enjoy it!