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The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   1 out of 4 women say they do this every other day. What?


A.   Take a Shower



Bonehead Of The Day:

Michael Harp uses jail phone call to order pizza after arrest for allegedly stealing beer - According to Kentucky police, a shoplifting suspect who was arrested on suspicion of stealing $36 worth of beer didn't call someone to come bail him out during booking -- he called Domino's.

While Corbin police were booking Michael Harp for shoplifting and alcohol intoxication in public, he allegedly asked to use his cellphone.

A short while later, a Domino's deliveryperson showed up with five pies. According to police, they were able to link the call back to Harp's cellphone.

Harp reportedly told the pizzeria that his name was "Captain Wilson," one of the officers who helped arrest him.

He denies ordering the pizzas.



Dinosaur Poop Is Up For Sale

Auctioneers I.M. Chait have just what your collection's been missing...dinosaur poop. That's right, the California gallery is putting six fossilized pieces of dinosaur feces up on the auction block and they're expected to bring in some major cash.

A collection of five "coprolites" could bring in anywhere from $4 to 6-thousand. Then there's the "enormous and rare" coprolite, which is expected to fetch anywhere from $8 to 10-thousand. As if this particular lot isn't strange enough, the description of each lots is really worth the read. The group of five are "fine examples" that are "fascinating," including one that is "a dark purple-brown, attractively speckled in white." That enormous and rare poop sample? It's "remarkable" and "truly spectacular" with a "wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow coloring and terrifically detailed texture."

If you want to get in on the auction, it starts the 26th and you can bid online on the I.M. Chait website. You want to focus on Lots 339 and 340. We'll just take their word for it, though. 




Married Man Goes To Doctor Finds Out He's A Woman

No one goes to the doctor and wants bad news, but what about complete life changing news? A 44-year-old man in Yongkang, China went to the doctor with stomach pains and blood in his urine. When professionals at the First People's Hospital of Yongkang did CT scans, they couldn't believe what they saw- a uterus and ovaries. 

"He had short hair and was dressed in man's clothes. We did not realize he was a female at first," said a doctor surnamed Zhao. Doctors did remove a benign tumor that was causing stomach pain, but the side affects he arrived with were from having a period, according to GlobalTimes. Doctors also noticed the patient had no Adam's apple, no facial hair, and "deformed" family jewels. He suffers from adrenogenital syndrome, a disorder that messes with the "normal development of gender characteristics." 

As the man explained, however, he has been married to his wife for 10 years and hasn't had any trouble in the bedroom.

Source: GlobalTimes



Mark Your Calendar For The Straight White Guy Festival

Straight white guys, get your calendars out. Flyers in Clintonville, Ohio are promising the "Straight White Guy Festival." According to the flyers, it's an all day event on September 20th that'll serve beer but not tolerate illegal drugs.

It's taking place in Goodale Park, a popular location for gay pride events in the town. Reaction to the so called festival have been mixed. "This kind of thing implies there's some kind of struggle going on for being a straight white person in Ohio. Straight white people are doing just fine," same-sex marriage advocate Michael Premo told 10TV. "I think it detracts from the real problems of Ohio that need to be solved, that are being denied their constitutional rights because of who they are, or who the love." Others aren't taking it as seriously. "I think it's funny. If they want to do this, great, freedom of expression," said local resident Cheralyn Elkins.

There have been no permits filed according to the town, so this could be a big joke, but if not, it should be noted that the flyer says everyone is welcome!

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Woman Shoots Lover Because Sex Was "Meh"

Ladies, we all have certain…ahem…needs. If those needs aren’t being met, it’s usually best to move on. Well, one woman wasn’t going quietly. 

Sadie Bell was convicted in April of assault with intent to do great bodily harm for shooting her boyfriend, Edward Lee, in the stomach in January of 2013 — but she’s now been granted bond pending an appeal. For what? Oh, cuz she thought his performance in bed wasn’t up to snuff. Huh?

According to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, 58-year-oldBell admitted that she had had sex with Lee at her apartment, after which she proceeded to shoot him for his performance. She also accused Lee, with whom she had been involved in a 15-year affair, of cheating.

Obviously, shooting somebody is never cool, but I’d probably say that second crime is a little more shoot-worthy, Sadie.

“She was upset with him,” Walton explained. “After a sexual act that she felt he wasn’t performing adequately and accused him of then having an affair, and then took out a gun and shot him.”

Oh and hey, guess what. She allegedly also shot her husband back in 1991. Somebody please get this woman some anger management. Or, at the very least, a new “toy.”

As of Thursday, Bell had still not posted the $10,000 cash bond ordered by the court. The boyfriend’s still recovering from his wounds.

Source:  Opposing Views





  • Justin Bartha (“The Hangover” “National Treasure”) – 36
  • Joey Bragg (“Liv and Maddie” “Camp Fred”) – 18
  • Josh Harnett (“Black Hawk Down” “Pearl Harbor”) – 36
  • Edward Herrmann (“The Lost Boys,” “Gilmore Girls”) – 71 
  • Jon Lovitz (“SNL,” “Happiness,” “Big”) – 57
  • Juno Temple (“The Dark Knight Rises” “Atonement”) – 25
  • Robin Williams (“Mrs. Doubtfire” “Good Will Hunting”) (FAST FACTS: He attended Juilliard Drama School with fellow actor, Christopher Reeve, who he remained friends with for the rest of his life. He had a breakthrough role as a comic actor in Mork and Mindy.) – 63
  • The late Don Knotts (“The Andy Griffith Show” “Three’s Company”) (1924-2006) …he would have been 90



  • Paul Brandt – 42
  • Skillet guitarist Korey Cooper – 42
  • Paloma Faith – 29
  • Damian Marley (FAST FACT: He is the son of Bob Marley) – 36
  • Aventura’s Romeo Santos – 33
  • Cat Stevens – 66



  • Soccer player Brandi Chastain (She famously stripped her jersey to bare only a bra after scoring a dramatic, game-winning goal for the US national team in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup) – 46
  • Former “Wiggle” Jeff Fatt (the purple Wiggle) – 61
  • “Dancing with the Stars” pro Chelsie Hightower – 25
  • Movie director Norman Jewison (“Agnes of God,” “Moonstruck,” “The Hurricane”) – 88
  • Model Ali Landry (FAST FACT: won Miss USA in 1996) – 41
  • Former Attorney General Janet Reno (FAST FACT: She was the first woman to serve as Attorney General and the second longest serving Attorney General after William Wirt.) – 76
  • Attorney Kenneth Starr (He was the federal investigator during President Clinton's impeachment.) – 68
  • The late author Ernest Hemingway (“A Farewell To Arms,” “The Old Man and the Sea”) (1899-1961)
  • The late Marshall McLuhan (He wrote about mass media and predicted the World Wide Web thirty years before its inception - “War and Peace in the Global Village,” “The Mechanical Bride,” “Understanding Media”) (1911-1980)



Video Of The Day:

Weird Al’s latest takes on the Pixies with a blend of the band’s “Debaser” and “No. 13 Baby.”