Good morning!  I am excited for today.. Ryback from the WWE is stopping in.. Looking forward to the big show tonight at the Tyson.. We will see you there.. Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q:  39% of men say they actually like it when their wife does this.  What is it ... and who are these guys?!

A:  Burps!

Bonehead Of The Day:

Firefighters in Oklahoma City rescued a woman who got herself stuck in a donation bin.

The woman dropped off several bags of clothing at a thrift store donation bin. When she got home, she realized she had dropped a tennis bracelet inside the bin, so she went back the next day to try and get it.   As she tried reaching into the bin, she fell in.  

She was able to call 911 from inside the container. She was stuck in the bin for about 2 1/2 hours until she was rescued.

** FYI ** She never got back the bracelet she was looking for.




The 8 Most Common Turn Ons

1. Warm Weather.

Use the weather to your advantage. A paper by Matthew Vess of Ohio University suggests that in most people's minds, warmth is associated with intimacy. So hotter climates naturally lead to more thoughts about other hot activities.

2. Being Happy.

It's all about your perspective on life. A 2008 study found that happy people have ten times more sex than those who consider themselves unhappy, contrary to what most of today's angsty television dramas would suggest.

3. The Time Of Day.

Know when to act. A 2012 survey concluded woman are most amorous at 11PM on Saturday night.

4. The Color Red.

Dress to impress. Seeing the color red not only signals dominance, it causes the body to increase adrenaline secretion and raise blood pressure, triggering an increase in sexual stimulation for any person.

5. A Hurricane.

Make the most of inclement weather. A YourTango poll during Huricane Irene showed couples seem to think sex is hotter during a storm, as they're forced to stay inside and stay occupied for hours at a time.

6. Music.

Put on some music. A 2012 study found that in some cases music can be more arousing than touch.


7. The Holidays.

Use the calendar to your advantage. Studies have shown a sharp increase in sexual activity around winter holidays, and in the US, conception rates reach a peak in December.

8. Little Gestures.

Don't forget the little things make a big difference. According to Couple's Therapist Sharon Gilchrest O'Neill, little gestures like helping with the groceries or bringing your partner a cup of coffee when they first get up in the morning really adds up. A physical connection is nothing without reinforcing the mental and emotional.



Secrets To Making A Good First Impression

1. Be a little nosey--If you're heading out on a job interview, you already know to research the company, but did you know that it's also a good idea to find out about the person who's interviewing you? Talk to mutual acquaintances and do a little Googling to find out where that person has worked before and whether you have any common connections. Then don't hesitate to use that during your interview.

2. Avoid a fashion fail--Dressing inappropriately is the quickest way to make a bad impression. So be smart about what you wear. Leave that low-cut dress in your closet in favor of slacks and a cashmere sweater. And before you start that new job, ask around about the office style. A business suit can look just as out of place in some workplaces as jeans and a tee would in others.

3. Be on time--This one is a no-brainer. Being late shows that you don't respect the other person's time, so build in plenty of time to deal with traffic jams or detours. If you show up early, you can always run to the corner and have a cup of coffee while you wait.

4. Turn off your smartphone--Texting, emailing and taking calls through a visit is an excellent way to end your meeting on a bad note. And, no, putting your phone on vibrate doesn't cut it.

5. Shake hands--A handshake is always in order, whether you're meeting new colleagues, new neighbors or your future in-laws. Carry hand sanitizer if you're a germaphobe!

6. Respect boundaries--Don't hug your new neighbor the first time you meet or call your new co-worker Billy if he introduces himself as William. Being too familiar with someone is a great way to alienate them.

7. Be gracious--Thank the person you just interviewed with by email and then mail a formal thank-you note. If you're heading to your future in-laws' place for dinner, bring a small gift like a pretty box of chocolates. Drop off a bouquet of flowers to welcome your new neighbors.

8. Stick to neutral topics--Whatever the situation is, stay clear of hot-button topics like sex, politics and religion unless you're with close friends who share your same views.

9. Show an interest in the other person--Even in a job interview, it helps to be a great listener and ask about the person you're meeting. Ask your father-in-law about his golf game or your partner's boss about his kids. Nobody likes to be stuck with someone who just wants to talk about themselves.

10. Offer up a compliment--Try things like, "I've heard a lot of great things about you", or "I understand that you're an excellent golfer." But if you don't have a sincere compliment to give, it's fine to skip this one. People can tell when you're being insincere.




Does This Sound Familiar?

Tweens today are extra spoiled and want instant gratification

Researchers surveyed 7 to 14-year-olds in the US and their parents.  They found 56% of the tweens want instant gratification while 44% are willing to wait for a reward.

And 74% of tweens would rather not work for an employer saying instead they'd prefer to work for themselves.

The survey also found that tweens have a lot more say nowadays… 55% of the parents said their children wielded a lot of power when it came to choosing where to go on the family holiday.




What you went to see this weekend:

"Monsters University" is the biggest movie in the country for the second straight weekend. 

The prequel to "Monsters Inc." took in $46.2 million over the weekend to come in first place. 

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy's new movie "The Heat" opened in second with $40 million while "World War Z" came in third with $29.8 million. 

"White House Down" opened in third with $25.7 million. 

Top 10 Movies

1. Monsters University, $46.2 million

2. The Heat, $40 million

3. World War Z, $29.8 million

4. White House Down, $25.7 million

5. Man of Steel, $20.8 million

6. This is the End, $8.7 million

7. Now You See Me, $5.5 million

8. Fast & Furious 6, $2.4 million

9. Star Trek Into Darkness, $2 million

10 The Internship, $1.4 million





~~'Actress' (?), Pamela Anderson is 46 (Home Improvement's Lisa the Tool Time Girl, Baywatch's C.J. Parker, Barb Wire, VIP, 1993 Playboy cover girl; Stripperella, Stacked)
~~Actor, Dan Aykroyd is 61 (Saturday Night Live; Ghostbusters movies; The Blues Brothers)
~~Actress Liv Tyler is 36 (Armageddon; Lord of the Rings movies; daughter of of Steven Tyler of the band Aerosmith)
~~Actress Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill) is 31.
~~Actor, Steven W. Bailey is 42 (Grey's Anatomy's Joe/narrator)
~~Actor Henry Simmons (NYPD Blue) is 43.
~~Actress, Karen Black is 74 (Five Easy Pieces; Nashville; Family Plot; many more)
~~Actor, Andre Braugher is 51 (Homicide: Life On The Street, Frequency, City of Angels; Men of a Certain Age)
~~Mrs. Mark Wahlberg, model Rhea Durham is 35
~~Legendary actress, Olivia de Havilland is 97 (The Adventures of Robin Hood; Gone with the Wind; The Heiress; The Snake Pit)
~~Actors Steven and Andrew Cavarno (Party of Five) are 21
~~Actor, Jamie Farr is 79 (cross-dressing Corp. Klinger on M*A*S*H)
~~Actress, Claire Forlani is 41 (Mystery Men; Meet Joe Black; CSI: NY; N.C.I.S. Los Angeles)
~~Actress, Melissa Peterman is 43 (Fargo; Reba; Rita Rocks; Baby Daddy)
~~Actor, Alan Ruck (Spin City) is 57 (Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Twister)
~~Cookiemaker Wally Amos is 77
~~Olympic gold medal track star Carl Lewis is 52
~~Tennis analyst, Patrick McEnroe (John's brother) is 47
~~NFL star Adrian Peterson is 34


~~Singer Deborah Harry (of Blondie) is 68
~~Rapper, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott is 42
~~Singer Fred Schneider (of The B-52s) is 62.
~~Singer Victor Willis (of the Village People) is 62
~~Singer Evelyn "Champagne" King is 53.
~~Country Singer, Michelle Wright is 52
~~Bluegrass musician Adam Haynes (Dailey & Vincent) is 34
~~Bluesman James Cotton is 78


~~ Diana Frances Spencer, England's Princess Diana would've been 52 today.  She died during a car crash, August 31, 1997, in Paris, France.

Video Of The Day

How cool would it be to ride with Bryan Cranston to the premiere of breaking bad.. Find out how in this video.