Good Morning!  Happy Monday..  I’ll tell ya what, it started off rocky, let’s hope it gets better.  We were without power for a lil over an hour, so it can only get better from here right?  LOL, let’s cross our fingers.. Here’s what you missed on today’s show and some stuff you didn’t because we weren’t on the air lol.


The Morning Brain Buster:


Q.  4 out of 10 kids will have their first one before their 4th birthday.  What? 


A.  A Cavity


Bonehead Of The Day:


A South Carolina woman was sent to jail because she didn't return a Jennifer Lopez movie she rented nine years ago.

She had rented "Monster-in-Law" on VHS back in 2005 and never returned it.

The store's owner had gone to court back then and got the judge to issue a warrant.

Nothing happened for nine years until she showed up at the county jail to report a crime and a records checked turned up her warrant.

She spent a night in jail for petty larceny and "failing to return a video or cassette." It's a misdemeanor and she plans on fighting it.



25 % Of Americans Think The Sun Revolves Around The Earth


A new study has found that one in every four Americans thinks that the Sun circles around the Earth.

Another question in a survey asked whether the Earth began from a big explosion - only 40% got that one right.   And 48% correctly said that human beings developed from an earlier species of animals.

Comparing the survey in the US to one that was given in the European Union, Americans did better on questions of astronomy while Europeans did better on questions of evolution.



Not Something You See Everyday.. A Surfing Pig


A Hawaiian hog named Kamapua'a, or Kama for short, is a surfing pig.

He's so good that Costco gives him free surfboards and his devoted owner, Kai Holt, has promised never to cook him in an imu, a Hawaiian underground oven.

Little Kama's surfing adventures began a few months ago when he fell into the family's backyard swimming pool and discovered that he could swim.

Aside from the free boards from Costco, the pig also gets clothes from Local Motion and received a Go Pro camera from the Bike Factory.

His Instagram account, kamapighi, has over 940 followers who keep up with his adventures.





~~NBA legend, Michael Jordan is 51
~~Reality 'star', Paris Hilton is 33 (The Simple Life, House of Wax)
~~Actor, Jerry O'Connell is 40 (Stand By Me; Jerry Maguire; Crossing Jordan)
~~Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 33 (Inception; (500) Days of Summer; 50/50; 3rd Rock From The Sun; The Dark Knight Rises, Premium Rush, Lincoln, Don Jon)
~~Actor Chord Overstreet (Glee) is 25.
MichaelBay (Transformers) is 49 (Armageddon; Pearl Harbor
; many more).
~~Actor, Lou Diamond Phillips is 52 (La Bamba; Courage Under Fire; Young Guns)
~~Actor Dominic Purcell ("Prison Break") is 44.
~~Actress, Denise Richards is 43 (Starship Troopers; The World is Not Enough; Spin City, Valentine; Wild Things; Melrose Place, Undercover Brother)
~~Comedian/actor, Larry The Cable Guy is 51 (Blue Collar Comedy TV/Tour: Cars movies; more)
~~Supermodel, Selita Ebanks is 31
~~Actress Rene Russo is 60. (Ransom; Get Shorty; Outbreak; The Thomas Crown Affair; many more)
~~Actor, Jason Ritter is 34 (Freddy Vs. Jason, Joan of Arcadia; Nancy Morgan and John's son)
~~Actress, Brooke D'Orsay is 32 (Royal Pains; Drop Dead Diva)
~~Actress, Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars) is 18
~~Actor, Hal Holbrook is 89 (The Brighter Day, Designing Women's Reese Watson, Evening Shade; did many TV & Broadway projects; Mark Twain Tonight, The Firm, All The President's Men, The Bachelor)
~~ Actor Richard Karn ("Home Improvement") is 58.
~~Actress, Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter's Ginny Weasley) is 23
~~Actress, Mary Ann Mobley is 75 (Miss America of 1959; Diff'rent Strokes' Maggie McKinney Drummond, Falcon Crest)
~~Actress, Patricia Morrow (
Peyton Place
) is 70
~~Actress Christina Pickles ("The Wedding Singer," ''St. Elsewhere") is 79.
~~Comedian Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) is 80.
~~NFL legend, Jim Brown is 78 (The Dirty Dozen)
~~Former NHL star, Luc Robitaille is 48


~~Singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) is 42
~~Guitarist Tim Mahoney (of 311) is 44
~~Singer, Chante Moore is 47
~~Blues Singer, Bobby Lewis is 81
~~Singer, Dodie Stevens is 67
~~Singer, Loreena McKennitt is 57
~~Country singer Bryan White is 40
~~Country singer-songwriter Johnny Bush is 79.
~~Country singer, Jon Randall is 45



Lego Movie Tops The Boxoffice Over The Weekend


"The Lego Movie" got some competition from two remakes from the 1980s but still took the top spot at the weekend box office.

The animated Lego movie took in $48.8 million to come in first place for the second straight weekend.

The remake of "About Last Night" opened in second with $27 million while the remake of "Robocop" opened in third with $21.5 million.


Top 10 Movies

1. "The Lego Movie": $48.8 million

2. "About Last Night": $27 million

3. "Robocop": $21.5 million

4. "The Monuments Men": $15 million

5. "Endless Love": $13.3 million

6. "Ride Along": $8.7 million

7. "Winter's Tale": $7.7 million

8. "Frozen": $5.8 million

9. "Lone Survivor": $4.07 million

10. "That Awkward Moment": $3.3 million



8 Ways To Live In The Moment


1. When waiting in a line, engage your awareness--Notice the colors and sounds around you. Or challenge yourself to maintain awareness of your feet in contact with the floor for 10 full breaths.

2. When you're stopped at a red traffic light, chill out--You have a choice: You can feel frustrated and impatient, or you can do a traffic-light meditation. Nourish yourself with three refreshing, mindful breaths.

3. The next time the phone rings, let it ring three times--Use that time to breathe and smile. Telesales companies know that customers can "hear the smile" on the phone, and ask employees to smile when they're on calls. If you smile, you'll feel more patient and happier when you speak.

4. Change your daily routine--If you normally drive to work, try walking or cycling for part of the journey. Or take a slightly different route on the school run. Or speak to different friends or colleagues at work.

5. Take up a new hobby--When you change your habits, you engage different pathways in the brain. You instinctively wake up to the moment and just are.

6. Organize tasks--Make a list of all the things you need to do. Then prioritize. Ensure that you put mindfulness at the top of the list!

7. Prioritize fun--Put fun activities on your to-do list. Non-urgent activities serve as breathers between blocks of energy-draining "doing" mode. And while you're participating in the fun activities, fight any feelings of guilt that may try to creep in.

8. Turn off--Designate one day per week that's technology-free. A beeping phone and Internet connection encourage you to switch on "doing" mode. If you work a normal nine-to-five week, choose Sunday as your day to go without. Take the kids for a walk in the park, play a game or, if it's raining, read a book.



Video Of The Day

I'm a fan of Orange is The New Black.. Here's the trailer for the upcoming season.. Can't wait!