Good Morning!  Here we are Monday..  Let’s hope it’s not too rough on us..  Here’s to it going quickly and moving on into Tuesday J.  Here’s what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brain Buster:


Q.   Every year, $50 million dollars worth of these are stolen from Hotels in the US. What?


A.   Towels!


Bonehead Of The Day:


An 18-year-old in West Lafayette, IN tried to imitate the "Grand Theft Auto" video game by stealing a mini-van and running into cars.

The guy climbed behind the wheel of his mom's mini-van and started playing a real-life version of the game.  He hit six cars and ran into a pedestrian. The woman was seriously injured.

He told cops he did it on purpose because he wanted to act out a real-life version of his favorite video game.

He was arrested and thrown in jail on a host of charges.



Glitch?  Woman Claims Casino Owes Her $28 Million


A woman claims a casino in Michigan City, Indiana owes her $28 million after the slot machine she was playing announced that she was the big winner.

The woman was playing a penny slot when she said the machine flashed $28 million. The casino said a software glitch caused the amount to flash but no bells or whistles went off signaling she won.

The casino offered the woman and her boyfriend steak dinners but she says she wants the big payout.

The state is now investigating how the mistake happened.




No Go.. Fight Between DMX & George Zimmerman Has Been Called Off


The celebrity boxing match between DMX and George Zimmerman was called off by its promoter.

The reason: threats were made against him.

The three-round match would have put Zimmerman up against X, who is known more for his history of arrests than his music.

Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Damon Feldman said on Twitter that the match was off after generating a public outcry.

He wrote: "Done with George Zimmerman if you had a major payday sitting in front of you, I know no one else would walk away like I did ***Next!!"

Feldman was dealing with a ton of criticism after the fight between Zimmerman and DMX was announced last Wednesday, which was also Trayvon Martin's birthday.

Civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton warned people against glorifying Zimmerman and a "Cancel George Zimmerman's 'Celebrity' Boxing Match" Facebook page got 315,000 "likes."

The fight had been first set for March 1st and was then switched to March 15th.

A spokesman for DMX released a statement saying X never agreed to the fight and it wouldn't affect his concert schedule.





~~Veteran actor, Robert Wagner is 84 (It Takes a Thief, Switch, Pearl, Hart to Hart's Jonathan Hart, Lime Street, Austin Powers movies)
~~Actress, Elizabeth Banks is 40 (Catch Me If You Can, The 40-Year Old Virgin, Invincible, Scrubs, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Role Models; 30 Rock; Man on a Ledge; The Hunger Games movies; more)
~~Actress, Laura Dern is 47 (Jurassic Park; Enlightened; daughter of Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd)
~~Actress Emma Roberts ("Unfabulous," "Nancy Drew") is 23. (Scream 4; We're the Millers; American Horror Story; niece of Julia Roberts; daughter of Eric Roberts)
~~ABC News/GMA host, George Stephanopoulos is 53
~~Talk radio host, Glenn Beck is 50
~~Actress, Chloe Moretz is 17 ((500) Days of Summer; Kick-Ass movies; Dark Shadows; Hugo; Carrie 2013)
~~Actress Makenzie Vega ("The Good Wife") is 20.
~~Actress Kathleen Beller ("Dynasty") is 58.
~~Olympic swimming legend, Mark Spitz is 64
~~Golfer, Greg Norman is 59
~~Retired baseball star, Lenny Dykstra is 51
~~Baseball star, Lance Berkman is 38
~~former NFL star, Ty Law is 40
~~NFL analyst, Daryl 'Moose' Johnston is 48
~~College basketball coach, John Calipari is 55

~~Singer, Roberta Flack is 77
~~Singer, Don Omar is 36
~~Singer Eric Dill (The Click Five) is 32
~~Keyboardist Ben Romans (of The Click Five) is 32.
~~Singer, Robbie Nevil is 53
~~Drummer, Nigel Olsson (Elton John's band) is 65
~~Country Musician, Jeremy Baxter (Carolina Rain) is 34
~~Country singer Dude Mowrey is 42
~~Country Singer, Lionel Cartwright is 54
~~Guitarist Don Wilson (of The Ventures) is 81
~~Bassist Bob Spalding (of The Ventures) is 67
~~Singer Jimmy Merchant (of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers) is 74



Lego Movie Tops The Boxoffice


"The LEGO Movie" was the biggest movie in the US and it wasn't even close.

The movie featuring the voices of Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks and Will Ferrell opened in first with $69.1 million.

"The Monuments Men" opened in second with $22.7 million while "Ride Along" fell to third with $9.39 million after three straight weekends in first.

Top 10 Movies

1. The LEGO Movie: $69.1 million

2. The Monuments Men: $22.7 million

3. Ride Along: $9.39 million

4. Frozen: $6.91 million

5. That Awkward Moment: $5.54 million

6. Lone Survivor: $5.29 million

7. VampireAcademy: $4.1 million

8. The Nut Job: $3.8 million

9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: $3.6 million

10. Labor Day: $3.23 million



25 Douchey Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing


Are you a douche? Wait - before you answer that, you should probably read this list of 25 douchey things you may be doing without realizing it.


1. Babbling on about your fantasy team
2. Call people names like "boss" and "champ"
3. You have "balls" hanging from the back of your truck
4. You keep stickers on your flat brimmed hat
5. You brag about not having cable
6. You grunt while curling at the gym
7. You take selfies in the bathroom
8. You tip bare minimumm
9. You wear your sunglasses inside and/or at night
10. You're a namedropper
11. You wear sleeveless jerseys to NBA games
12. You display empty liquor bottles around your house
13. You text during dates
14. You give out spoilers on TV shows and movies
15. You wear a cell phone holster
16. You make your friends watch funny Youtube videos
17. You sing old indie songs during karaoke
18. You give out advice when it isn't asked of you
19. You Instagram everything you eat
20. You sign your e-mails "cheers"
21. You still call shotgun
22. You wear the band shirt to the concert of the band you're seeing
23. You quote Borat
24. You buy jeans with holes in them
25. You take the last slice of pizza



Best Gift For Your Valentine?  A Kiss!


Women would rather have gestures like a goodbye kiss for Valentine's Day than expensive gifts.

Researchers found only 34% of women said they wanted underwear as a gift, while twice as many, 65% liked flowers.

But many women just wanted gestures like a romantic walk or a goodbye kiss in the morning.

Men also like gestures with many saying they would like a homemade meal cooked for them or a flirtatious text or phone message. But some say a romantic weekend away would be nice.



Goodbye kiss in the morning

Unprompted "I Love You"

Date night

Going out for dinner

Romantic walk

Being bought a gift for no reason

Romantic weekend away

Having your favorite meal cooked for you

Being bought flowers

Flirtatious text or phone messages



Goodbye kiss in the morning

Going out for dinner

Unprompted "I Love You"

Date night

Romantic weekend away

Romantic walk

Having your favorite meal cooked for you

Being bought a gift for no reason

Flirtatious text or phone messages

Being bought flowers



What A Single Pound Of Human Fat Looks Like


A website is selling a single pound of human fat.

The fat looks like the real thing but it's made of soft, pliable vinyl plastic and can be squeezed and manipulated to feel like real fat.

It's being sold by Anatomy for educational purposes.



Video Of The Day:


Today’s video I found a great collection of Ron Swanson moments.. If you’re not familiar with his character on Parks & Recreation.. You need to check this out. He’s hilarious!  Enjoy!