Good Morning!  Did you have a good weekend?  I enjoyed a relaxing and fun weekend..  A lil work and a lil play.. Hope you had a great one.  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to new stats, last month, Google was not the most visited website! It lost to this site! What?

A.   Yahoo!


Bonehead Of The Day:

A Texas woman got locked inside an acupuncture clinic after the owner left mid-treatment.

She saw the owner leave and called out for help for about five minutes as she lay on the treatment table.

Eventually she called 911 and told them she was locked inside. She was in the middle of treatment and had to pull the needles out herself.

A worker in a different office in the building let her out when police got there.

The owner says he ashamed and baffled as to how he left his patient locked inside.


Crazy People Ran With The Bulls In Virginia

4,000 people in Virginia ran with the bulls on Saturday.

The event was like the one that takes place in Spain. Twelve, 1,000 pound bulls were released to chase after the people running. People ran in groups of 500-700 people.

They paid $60 to do the run and many did the event because they wanted to do something dangerous and live to talk about it.

Runners had to sign a waiver because they could get hurt. One person was taken to the hospital after he got trampled and one other person got looked at after they fell.

Most of the people who ran were between 18 and 40 and about half of them were women.

The run will also take place in California, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania.



~~Actor, Macaulay Culkin (the Home Alone kid) is 33
~~Actress, Melissa McCarthy is 43 (The Nines; Gilmore Girls; Mike & Molly; Bridesmaids; Identity Thief; The Heat)
~~Actor Chris Pine is 33. (Star Trek 2009/2013; Unstoppable)
~~Actor, Dylan O'Brien (MTV's Teen Wolf) is 22
~~Actress, Keke Palmer is 20 (Akeelah and the Bee; True Jackson, VP)
~~Actress, Hayley Hasselhoff (David's daughter) is 21 (Huge)
~~Actress, Ola Ray (gal in 'Thriller' video) is 53
~~Actor, Evan Ross (Diana's son) is 25 (ATL; According to Greta; 90210)


~~Actress-singer Shirley Manson (Garbage) is 47
~~Adrian Young (No Doubt) is 44
~~Actress/Singer, Thalia is 42
~~singer/actress Cassie Ventura is 27. (Step Up 2)
~~singer-musician Tyler Connolly (Theory of a Deadman) is 38
~~musician Dan Vickrey (Counting Crowes) is 47
~~Singer/songwriter, Valerie Simpson (Ashford & Simpson) is 68
~~Jazz musician Branford Marsalis is 53
~~Singer, Robert (Bob) Cowsill (The Cowsills) is 64
~~Country Singer, Jimmy Olander (Diamond Rio) is 52


What You Went To See In Theaters This Weekend

"Lee Daniels' The Butler" was the biggest movie in the country for the second straight weekend.

The real story about the White House butler took in $17 million over the weekend to come in first place.  "We're the Millers" came in second for the third straight weekend with $13.5 million. 

"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" opened in third with $9.3 million and "The World's End" opened in fourth with $8.9 million.

Top 10 Movies

1. Lee Daniels' The Butler, $17 million

2. We're the Millers, $13.5 million

3. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, $9.3 million

4. The World's End, $8.9 million

5. Planes, $8.6 million

6. Elysium: $7.1 million

7. You're Next, $7.1 million

8. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, $5.6 million

9. Blue Jasmine, $4.3 million

10. Kick-Ass 2, $4.2 million


Favorite Music Makes Teens Drive Badly

Teens drive worse when listening to their favorite music. 

Researchers had 85 teens that were accompanied by a researcher/driving instructor take six 40-minute trips.

For two of the trips they listened to music from their own playlists, two they listened to background music designed to increase driver safety and two trips without any music.


The teens made more frequent and serious mistakes while listening to their favorite music -- and teen boys made more mistakes than teen girls.


Now You Can Cook With A Dish Washer?

Dishwasher cuisine is (allegedly) an up and coming trend in the food world.

A handful of YouTube videos and food blogs are showing off the method, and even Oprah offered up a recipe for a meal of noodles, asparagus and salmon that can be prepared in the dishwasher.

So how does it work?

You can place the salmon in an airtight container, along with a lemon wedge, oil and some spices. 

Run the dishwasher like you normally do with soap and dishes, and end up with clean plates and a well-cooked meal.


Ladies:  Splashlights.. A Hot New Hair Trend?

The hairstyling trend has gone from highlights to cutting-edge concept called splashlights.

The trendy highlighting technique creates a band of bleached hair that stretches from ear to ear — a look inspired by a laser beam.

A color expert explained, "The idea is for the color to look like a ray of light. Like a shine mark." 

Social media is indeed helping to spread the word.   Some stylists are already moving the "splash" from a horizontal band to a vertical one.

But not everyone is thrilled about the potential trend. A blogger at a beauty site threatened to shave her head if the trend took off.


Video Of The Day:

The biggest buzz of the weekend was the Nsync reunion at the mtv video music awards, so here ya go the performance.. Enjoy!