Happy Monday!  I'm looking forward to a half day today, after the show heading to Sioux Falls for a family fun day.. Gonna hit the zoo and wild water west.  Should be fun.  Hope everybody has a great day.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: A new survey reveals that most women own 65 of THESE.  


A: Beauty products



Bonehead Of The Day:

Bonehead Of The Day for today comes from Woodbridge, New Jersey and forgot Bonehead Rule Number 101097: The old “if at first you don’t succeed” adage doesn’t apply to boneheads. James Perdue entered the Forge Inn armed with a knife and attempted to rob the clerk. He ran off without getting any money. Undaunted, he went to the La Bonbonniere bakery, and, again failing in his robbery attempt, stole $2 from the tip jar. He regrouped the next day and went to the Hess gas station, again armed with a knife. Again, he left empty handed. He then headed over to a 7-11 store. Same result. Left empty handed. But this time, the cops were in the vicinity and were able to apprehend our hopeless bozo. The final score: Take: $2; Bail: $50,000.




9 Year Old Fights Off 400 Pound Alligator

SAINT CLOUD, Fla., Aug. 10 (UPI) -- A 9-year-old Florida boy amazingly only had minor injuries after fighting off a 400-pound alligator he encountered while swimming Thursday.

James Barney Jr. was swimming in a lake in Saint Cloud, Fla., when he said he felt something clamp down on his foot.

"I just immediately hit it and I let it go a little so I pry its jaw open," James said. "First I thought someone was just playing with me and I didn't know what happened. I reached down to go grab it and I felt its jaw, I felt its teeth."

The nine-foot alligator left only minor cuts — and a tooth — on James' leg.

"I want to put it on a necklace so that I can tell all my friends," James said of the tooth.



North Carolina Man Arrested After Beating Cops In Doughnut Eating Contest

CAMDEN COUNTY , N.C., Aug. 8 (UPI) -- A North Carolina man who beat police officers in a doughnut-eating contest got his just desserts the next day after they realized that he was a wanted man.

Bradley Herbert entered the cuisine-eating competition at the Elizabeth City Police Department's National Night Out Against Crime and won it by polishing off eight doughnuts in two minutes.

The field that the 24-year-old defeated included local police officers and firefighters.

"I did congratulate him," Lt. Max Robeson told WTKR. "Good for him. He can eat a lot of doughnuts. Good for him."

The day after the contest, officials realized that Herbert was wanted in connection with two break-ins that happened at local grocery stores thanks to story about the suspect's eating prowess.

"When I came in that morning and read that article I was pissed because it's like throwing it in our face," Robeson said. "We've been looking for you for months. I didn't ask him if he won a trophy -- he probably did."

Herbert was charged with two counts of felony breaking and entering and misdemeanor injury to real property.

"It's like he had the audacity to do something like that knowing that he had broken into these places," Robeson said.



Tractor Story:  bonehead #2

VERO BEACH, Fla., Aug. 8 (UPI) -- This one may not involve gonorrhea, but it certainly is a tractor story...

A Florida man was hit with a charge of driving under the influence after he allegedly was driving a tractor around Vero Beach and "dancing" in the seat.

At some point during the tractor trip, Elias Velez-Morales also allegedly urinated on himself and on his clothes. In a possible effort to dry out, he had his genitals exposed.

When an Indian River County Sheriff's investigator approached the 24-year-old, the officer noted that Velez-Morales "appeared to be so intoxicated he was unable to give (his) name and address."

Velez-Morales did cop to having three beers, TC Palm reported.

In addition to DUI, Velez-Morales was also charged with driving without a license.



Soon You'll Be Able To Text 911

Get those “somebody’s breaking into the house” emoticons ready, because soon, you will be able to text 911. Yep, after a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission approved a new rule requiring cell providers to support text to 911 by the end of 2014.

In a statement, the FCC said, "Today’s action will make text-to-911 more uniformly available and keeps pace with how Americans communicate. Reports indicate that more than seven out of 10 cell phone users send or receive text messages.” The FCC added, “Text messaging is also widely used by Americans who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech disabilities." The new rules will also apply to third-party apps that, as the FCC put it, "enable consumers to send text messages to and from U.S. phone numbers." This would include popular apps like iMessage and Google Hangouts, which can act as your default text messaging service.

The bad news is only two percent of emergency responders can currently receive emergency texts, which doesn't bode well for this plan. Only 100 call centers in 16 states—including all of Vermont and Maine—are capable of receiving emergency texts. If you text 911 and the call center in your area isn't capable of receiving texts, you will get an automatic message that says it's unavailable. Does that response come with a frownie face? Because that’s definitely frownie Emoji worthy. 

Source:  The FCC






  • Angelle Brooks (“V.I.P.,” “Malcolm & Eddie”) – 47
  • Embeth Davidtz (“Schindler’s List,” “Matilda”) – 49
  • Arlene Dahl (“Reign of Terror,” “Three Little Words”) – 89
  • Viola Davis (“The Help,” “Doubt”) – 49
  • Anna Gunn (“Deadwood,” “Breaking Bad”) – 46
  • Will Friedle (Eric on “Boy Meets World”) – 38
  • Chris Hemsworth (“Star Trek,” “Red Dawn”) – 31
  • Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine and Darth Sidious in “Star Wars”) – 70
  • Antonique Smith (“Notorious,” “Across the Universe”) – 31
  • Alyson Stoner (“Camp Rock,” “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”) – 21



  • A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali – 44
  • B2K’s J-Boog – 29
  • Eric Carmen – 65
  • Gemma Hayes – 37
  • Manfred Man’s Mike Hugg – 72
  • Joe Jackson – 60
  • Guess Who’s Jim Kale – 71
  • Charlie Sexton – 46



  • Comedian Affion Crockett (“Def Comedy Jam,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) – 40
  • Wrestler Hulk Hogan – 61
  • Entrepreneur Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, Inc. – 64
  • The late the late author Alex Haley (“Roots: The Saga of an American Family”) (1921 – 1992) …he would have been 93




Video Of The Day:

This Guy seranades his cows with his trombone.. Enjoy!