Today is a very special day for me.. It marks my 5 year anniversary with my wife Sarah.  I love her more and more each day.. Happy Anniversary Sarah, I love you!  And now that I got that out of the way.. Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: The average person spends 3 years of his/her life where?  

A: On the toilet 


Bonehead Of The Day:

A woman from Pennsylvania is suing US Airways for losing her husband's ashes after TSA agents made her put them in her checked baggage instead of her carry-on. 

The woman's husband died of cancer and she was taking them back to England where he was from. 

TSA agents at the airport told her she couldn't keep the ashes in her carry-on so she had to put them in her checked luggage.  When she got to England the ashes were missing. 

She contacted US Airways but she says they didn't help and never found the ashes. 

She is now suing the airlines who says they are not responsible for the missing ashes.


DriveID Stops Drivers From Texting & Using Phones

Using our phones while driving is a dangerous issue, but software companies have come up with ways to block us from risky behavior.

A new app can recognize when your car is in operation and blocks you from using it while driving.

The new app, called DriveID is REALLY smart. Depending on where the phone is sitting in your car it changes its behaviors. If you move over to the middle of your driving console the phone will allow you to use bluetooth, navigation and handsfree calls. Pass the phone to the passenger seat, though, and it's fully operational.

Emergency calls are allowed at any time. Texts get an auto-response that you're driving and will text them back later. You can log onto a website and change your settings for what you can and can't do while driving and a parent can get access to your account and password protect it.

It will cost you $89 for a one time purchase and is compatible with just about everything.


This Man Is Quitting His Job.. Sharpening Pencils For $35 A Pop

A former census taker from Beacon, NY gets paid $35 a pop to sharpen pencils for people.

They're perfectly (artisanal) sharpened pencils that take weeks to get right and shipped out to you.

After leaving his job as a political cartoonist, he started working for the census recording all the data with a No. 2 pencil.  He wanted to find a way to get paid to sharpen pencils for people. And he did.

He sharpens them by hand and even ships them with their shavings and a "certificate of sharpening."

Most people order his near perfectly sharpened pencils to display as artwork, and he's starting to feel like it's lost the novelty and is a bit too much like work.

Order your perfectly sharpened pencil now before he stops for good. They're just $35 each…and he'll even use his own pencil.


Airless Tires Are Here.. But Not For You yet

Forget about needing to add air in your tires. A new prototype from the military is air-free.

Military vehicles are using the airless tires - a mix between a wheel and a tire that has a rubber tread band and a polymer web in between.

The tires have been able to hold up to gunfire and travel for thousands of miles off road without issue.

Expect to see the new airless tires available for retail vehicles very soon.



~~Legendary actress Sophia Loren is 79.
~~Actress-comedian Anne Meara is 84. (Jerry Stiller's wife; Ben Stiller's mom; All My Children; The King of Queens)
~~Actor, Gary Cole is 57 (Midnight Caller; Office Space; Brady Bunch Movie's Mike Brady, Pineapple Express; Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby)
~~Actress, Kristen Johnston is 46 (3rd Rock from the Sun; The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas; Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me's Ivana Humpalot)
~~Actor, Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) is 37
~~Actress, Moon Bloodgood is 38 (Terminator Salvation; Faster)
~~Actress, Asia Argento (xXx) is 38 (Land of the Dead)
~~Candy Spelling (Tori's mom) is 68
~~Actress, Debbi Morgan is 62 (All My Children's Angie Hubbard / Angie Baxter)
~~Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Taylor is 78
~~Baseball star, Jason Bay is 35
~~NFL star, Dante Hall is 35
~~Hockey Hall of Famer Guy LaFleur is 62
~~Car racer, Juan Pablo Montoya is 38
~~WWF legend, Greg Valentine is 62


~~Rock musician Randy Bradbury (Pennywise) is 49
~~Bassist, Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden) is 45
~~Bassist, Chuck Panozzo (STYX) is 66
~~singers Matthew Nelson and Gunnar Nelson are 46
~~Rick Woolstenhulme (Lifehouse) is 34
~~Rapper, Yung Joc is 31
~~Guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt (of Extreme) is 47
~~Rock Musician, Mick Rogers (Manfred Mann's Earth Band) is 67


In Theaters This Weekend:

Prisoners (-R-)
A six-year-old daughter Anna and her young friend Joy are missing, and her dad decides he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands.  Stars Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard. (PROJECTION: $20 MIL.)

Battle of the Year (PG-13)
Battle of the Year is an international dance crew tournament that attracts all the best teams from around the world, and the Americans have never won.  Stars Laz Alonso, Josh Holloway, Josh Peck, Chris Brown.  (PROJECTION: $8-$10 MIL.)


Finally!  A Spa Where You Can Bathe In Beer!

In the Lake Region of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, there's a spa that is offering the ultimate beer experience--  spa treatments that let you bathe in beer, as well as drink it. 

Treatments include a body exfoliation using hops, barley and honey, followed by a beer bath and massage, starting at $250.

There's also a 50-minute pedicure beer foot bath and a 25-minute hair beer rinse.

The spa also has an expanded beer and ales menu for tasting.


The Worst Things You Can Say To Your Wife

The more that we are asked by our significant others to eat healthier, the more likely we are to eat unhealthy.

Guys, even if you mean well, saying that your wife should go on a diet can mean to her that she's overweight, unattractive, or not sexy anymore.

Specialists recommend men should emphasize adopting a healthier long-term lifestyle instead of dieting. The reason is that diets are characterized by restrictions that are hard to maintain and easy to break.

Encouragement like, "Will you join me for a walk after dinner? I'd love the company," will be received better than, "You should probably skip the ice cream tonight."


Not A Good Sign... Man Cuts Off His Testicles An Hour Before He Gets Married

A man in the U.K. cut off his testicles with a pair of scissors an hour before he was going to get married.

After the slicing, he ran into the church and started throwing around chairs and bleeding all over the floor.

The man was taken to a hospital by the cops and was given a mental health assessment.

Even though the cops wanted to do more investigating the man got married that day. The bride wasn't told what happened until after the ceremony.


Video Of The Day:

I can relate to this video.. This guy is trying to get his dog to get up and out of bed..  It's kind of funny what he does to get him going.. Check it out.