Good Morning!  Happy Friday!  The weekend is here, your Muskies and Bandits are in action this weekend, should be a fun time.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Here’s what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   The item that contains the most germs in your house, is this! What?

A.   The Kitchen Sponge!



Bonehead Of The Day

The bonehead of the day today, comes from the International File in Ipswich, Australia, where an unidentified bozo attempted to rob a 7-Eleven in a scene right out the video game Dead Rising. Armed with a running chainsaw and wearing a flower pot over his head, he stormed into the store and demanded cash. After the clerks sought shelter in the back , he turned his attention on the store fixtures, chainsawing a window and several display racks, before dropping his pants and mooning the clerks. He then grabbed a bottle of soda and left. The cops were called and found our bozo walking down the street near the store. He’s under arrest.



Mac & Cheese Pancakes..  WHAT?!?!?

I don't know about you guys, but I just can't get enough macaroni and cheese. In fact, I think it's about time to start eating it for breakfast, but since a bowl of pasta for breakfast still just doesn't feel quite right, I'm happy to be able to get my cheese fix in a different form -that of pankcakes.

If you're brave enough to try something different in the morning, Misc. Kitchen has a great recipe for macaroni and cheese pancakes and they look surprisingly tasty. In fact, pancakes already include flour, milk and eggs, and adding something savory like bacon or cheese is pretty common, so why not throw in a little pasta as well?



Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine


Miracle Machine /Rex

A British Inventor and his partner claim to have invented a machine that turns water into wine.  The Miracle Machine promises to make a 750 ml bottle of wine including cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, within three days. And they claim it can produce a quality wine tasting like a $12 bottle for as little as $1.20.  Working vaguely like a soda stream, the user adds water and ingredients and lets the device do the work.  A smartphone app guides the user through the process while monitoring progress.  It’s makers say it rivals some of the best wines on the planet, and will change the winemaking process forever and the cost will be around $300.  The inventors plan to use kickstarter to raise the money for basic infrastructure and to create the first 2,000 machines.



Wake Up & Smell The Bacon Without Using A Frying Pan

MADISON, Wis., March 6 (UPI) -- The Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon in Madison, Wis., served up a device that awakens sleepyheads to the sizzle and smell of frying meat.

The "Wake Up & Smell the Bacon" device syncs with the Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell the Bacon iPhone application that releases the sound and smell of bacon -- without having to lift a skillet or program a microwave, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Beginning Thursday, bacon fans everywhere can apply for a chance to get a free bacon device through April 4.

 Company officials said the app also has "amusing bacon sayings or 'baconisms.'

"With nearly 2 million mentions of #bacon on Instagram, it seems people never get tired of bacon," said Tom Bick, senior director of integrated marketing and advertising at Oscar Mayer, a division of Kraft Foods Group.

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Actress Rachel Weisz (1971)

Brandon T. Jackson (1984)

Laura Prepon (1980)

Jenna Fischer (1974)

Peter Sarsgaard (1971)

Wanda Sykes (1964)

Taylor Dayne (1962)

Donna Murphy (1958)

The Young Ones star Rik Mayall (1958)

Bryan Cranston (1956)

Isley BrotherErnie Isley (1952)


J. Geils Band singer Peter Wolf (1946)

John Heard (1945)

Folk singer
Townes Van Zandt (1944; d. 1997)

Film executive
Michael Eisner (1942)

Daniel J. Travanti (1940)

Maurice Ravel (1875; d. 1937)




In Theaters This Weekend:


300: Rise Of An Empire  Rated R


·  Synopsis: Greek Gen. Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) leads the charge against the invading Persian army.

·  Cast: Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey


Mr. Peabody & Sherman  Rated PG


·  Synopsis: A time-traveling dog and his boy meet some of history's greatest characters.

·  Cast: Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter



Video Of The Day


A video apparently showing Back To The Future star Christopher Lloyd unveiling a real live hoverboard is proving a viral smash hit.  More than eight million people have watched the clip of what purports to be the anti-gravity toy from the iconic 80’s movies brought to life.  However, all was not as it seemed.  The video was reportedly a hoax, orchestrated by pranksters Funny or Die.  Funny or Die, the comedy video website founded by Will Farrell and Adam McKay, have not yet claimed responsibility for the elaborate prank.  Check it out!