Good Morning!  Happy Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend!  I’m lookin’ forward to watch my son’s soccer practice this weekend.  Should be fun.  Here’s what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brain Buster:


Q.   According to a new study, less than 1 out of 5 Americans feel confident they'll be able to do this. What?

A.   Retire Comfortably



Bonehead Of The Day:


A 7-year-old boy called 911 in Honeyville, Utah because his mom wouldn’t give him Oreos.

The boy called 911 and said his mom is throwing stuff at his face-- he almost died when she threw a knife at him.

When police got to the home they found no evidence of abuse but instead found the boy called because his mother wouldn't give him any more Oreo cookies.

They had a long talk with the boy and the real reasons to call 911.



16 Year Old Snuck By Everyone & Climbed The WorldTradeCenter


A 7-year-old boy called 911 in Honeyville, Utah because his mom wouldn’t give him Oreos.

The boy called 911 and said his mom is throwing stuff at his face-- he almost died when she threw a knife at him.

When police got to the home they found no evidence of abuse but instead found the boy called because his mother wouldn't give him any more Oreo cookies.

They had a long talk with the boy and the real reasons to call 911.



Coming Soon To Starbucks.. Booze!


Starbucks' COO recently revealed that the coffee chain has been testing its evening "alcohol and light bites" menu in select locations, and will be expanding it to thousands of stores.

So far, alcohol has been sold at about 40 stores in Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Portland, and DC. Other items on the menu, available after 4pm, include truffle macaroni and cheese, parmesan-crusted chicken skewers, and chocolate fondue.

But don't get too excited: The rollout of the menu to more stores is expected to take several years, and only stores in urban areas will likely see the expansion.



(Would You Believe) You Can Predict Lottery Numbers


A Brazilian mathematician claims it is possible to predict the results of the lottery by applying complicated math and probability theories.

The man looked at 20 lotteries from around the world and found he was able to predict the winning numbers using math and probability theories.

He even developed a website which allows people to view the likelihood of different numbers being drawn in those 20 different lotteries.... but people may need a math degree themselves to understand it.



Man Dresses As Waiter & Serves Homeless People Restaurant Style Meals


An LA man dressed as a waiter has been serving homeless people restaurant-style meals.

The prankster filmed it for Youtube where he dressed as a waiter and served up fancy meals, with all the fixins to homeless people in LA.

The meals are real, and the “prank” really ended up being almost a feel-good kind of thing that captured the real reaction of people down on their luck.

The heartbreaking responses included shock, hugs, and one man choked up and said, “I used to eat like this. This will get me through the day.”



It Took One Game For 80 % Of People To Lose Their Chance At $1 Billion In NCAA Tournament


 Over 80% of people who signed up to win a billion dollars through Yahoo’s Tourney Pick ‘Em game are already out thanks to one game.

Warren Buffett was offering a billion dollars to the person that could fill out a perfect NCAA tournament bracket through the Quicken Loans Challenge on Yahoo.

When Dayton upset No. 6 seed Ohio State yesterday (Thursday) 83.7% of users were knocked out of winning the billion dollars.



For Those Keeping Score.. Teens Yell At Parents 59 Times A Year.. & Say They Hate Them 27 Times A Year


A new study has found that teens tell their parents that they hate them 27 different times in a year - and shout at them 59 different times.

Parents are being told by the person they've spent 15+ years taking care of every single day that they hate you over two times a month.

It seems like teens are acting out because of their worries. They’re worried they don’t look good enough or cool enough to fit in or that their grades aren’t strong enough to be successful.

Parents are reminded that these are tough years of growth for our kids and we need to wait it out while they figure out who they are.



Everything In Life Is Better In The Sunshine


Life really does seem better in the sunshine. There’s apparently a link between weather and mood.

Good weather puts us in a good mood, which can make us friendlier and more helpful.


Here, a few more reasons to look forward to sunny weather:

1. We tip more generously--Not only do customers tend to leave higher tips on sunnier days, if the server tells them it’s sunny outside, they were more likely to leave bigger tips. Also, if a server writes a fake “weather forecast” on the back of the bill predicting sunny weather, the customer will leave a better tip.

2. Flirting works better--Researchers put an attractive 20-year-old male in a park and instructed him to hit on women who looked to be between the ages of 18 to 25. He used the same line every time, but got more phone numbers on sunny days than he did on cloudy days.

3. We’re more likely to help each other out--Researchers planted a mole (sometimes a man, sometimes a woman) on a street. This person was instructed to drop a glove and continue walking as if he or she hadn’t noticed losing it. They found that on sunny days, passers-by were more likely to help and return the glove, than on cloudy days.



Hear Your Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat?  There’s An App For That


Hearing your child’s heartbeat is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have. Now, thanks to a new iPhone app you can have it again and again, in from the comfort of your own home. Or a McDonalds drive thru.

The app called Bellabeat helps mothers keep track of their baby-to-be’s growth and now thanks to a new app upgrade you can use a fetal heart monitor right on your phone. There’s an attachment that you hold up to your belly and through sound waves it carries your child’s heart beat through the attachment and onto your smartphone screen.

The heart rate monitor will cost you $129 extra, but for some parents it’s worth it.



Dry Cleaning Is A Waste Of Money.. You CAN Wash ‘Dry Clean Only’ Clothes At Home


Most clothes that say dry clean only can actually be washed.

An expert it's perfectly possible to wash many dry-clean-only clothes as lots of labels aren't accurate in the first place.

And an experiment found several clothes that said dry-clean only came out perfectly fine in the wash... including a silk shirt and a cashmere sweater.



The Human Nose Can Detect 1 Trillion Odors


A new study found that humans can detect more than one trillion odors.

To find out how many odors we can distinguish, researchers asked a group of people to put their noses to the test. During each experiment, they were asked to smell the contents of three vials that scientists had mixed using 128 different odor molecules. Two of the vials contained the same mixture, one did not. The group’s task was to identify the odd mixture. Then, the researchers were able to determine that people can distinguish two odors when their components are different by more than half.

In other words, if less than 50 percent of the molecules that make up two odors are identical, your nose will be able to tell.



20 Things You Did As A Kid Your Kids Will Never Do


Here are 20 things your kids are never going to do that you most definitely had to do as a kid.


1. Call your parents from a payphone to pick you up.
2. Rent a VHS tape from a video store.
3. Stick a copper penny into the gumball machine.
4. Eat all of your Halloween candy.
5. Shoot marbles.
6. Write in cursive.
7. Make a mix tape for someone you have a crush on.
8. Use an encyclopedia for a report.
9. Write on a typewriter.
10. Dial a number on a rotary phone.
11. Play in the street.
12. Drink water from a garden hose.
13. Take a scantron test.
14. Take photos with a film camera.
15. Fall asleep in the trunk of a station wagon.
16. Roam the neighborhood with your pack of local kids.
17. Ride a bike without a helmet.
18. Play darts in the basement.
19. Listen to music on a record player.
20. Play on “dangerous” playground equipment



Scotch Tape Selfies Are A Thing..


'Selloptape selfies' are popping up all over Facebook as the new selfie craze.

Thousands of people have been wrapping clear tape around their face to make themselves look like grotesque ogres.

They then upload their bizarre picture to Facebook and nominate a friend to take part in the challenge as well.

The Sellotape selfie trend was started by college student (Brighton University student, Lizzy Durley) who got the idea from a film scene.



~~TV Host/Actress-comedian Rosie O'Donnell is 52
Gary Oldman
is 56 (The Fifth Element; Harry Potter's Sirius Black; Batman Begins; The Dark Knight; The Book of Eli; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
Matthew Broderick
is 52 (Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Lion King's Simba the adult, Biloxi Blues, Addicted to Love, Godzilla, Election, Inspector Gadget, The Stepford Wives 2004, The Producers, Deck the Halls, The Tale of Desperaux; married to Sarah Jessica Parker)
Kevin Federline
(famous for being Britney Spears' ex-hubby) is 36
Timothy Dalton
is 68 (former James Bond; Centennial, Scarlett, Flash Gordon, License To Kill, The Rocketeer, Brenda Starr, The Beautician and the Beast)
Cynthia Geary
is 49 (Northern Exposure's Shelly Tambo)
Sabrina LeBeauf
("The Cosby Show") is 56
~~TV Host,
Ananda Lewis
is 41
Rhys Darby
(Yes Man) is 40 (The Flight of the Conchords)
Scott Eastwood
(Clint's son) is 28 (Flags of Our Fathers; Gran Torino)
Kathleen Widdoes
("As the World Turns") is 75.
Laura Allen
is 40 (All My Children, Awake)


Eddie Money is 65.
Rodger Hodgson
(Supertramp) is 64.
Derek Whibley
(SUM 41) is 34
MC Maxim
(of Prodigy) is 47
Conrad Lozano
(of Los Lobos) is 63
Russell Thompkins Jr.
(of The Stylistics) is 63
Andrew Copeland
(of Sister Hazel) is 46
Jonas "Joker" Berggren
(of Ace of Base) is 47
DJ Premier
(of Gang Starr) is 45
Robert Sweet
(Stryper) is 54
  Ray Dorset
is 68 (Bill Haley and Elvis Presley bands)
~~Country Singer,
Carol Lee Cooper is 72



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