YAY OH THANK YOU LORD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!  Who's ready for the weekend?  This guy right here!  Hope everyone has a great one!  I'll be in Ponca tomorrow for Sheels 3d archery event and then on Sunday i'll be at Sams Club with CMN.  Make sure to stop out and say hi!  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 64% of parents "escape" HERE for "me time".  Where is it?  
A: The bathroom
Bonehead Of The Day:
An employee at the Loro Parque Zoo on the Spanish island of Tenerife was conducting a drill to ensure that there was a plan in place should one of the gorillas escape from their enclosure. The 35-year-old male employee was dressed in a gorilla suit [for some reason] for the drill, and a vet at the zoo who had not been alerted to the scheduled drill mistook him for an actual gorilla.

What Happened Next Might Surprise You.

No, probably not. The vet shot the employee in the leg with a tranquilizer dart designed to take down a 400 pound gorilla.

So the moral of the story is … what is the moral of this story? To make sure everyone at the zoo knows that there’s going to be a man dressed as a gorilla near the real gorillas and to not shoot him? Sure, let’s go with that.
22 Year Old Woman Uninjured After Being Ran Over While She Was Asleep On The Tracks
AUBURN, Ala., June 5 (UPI) --An Alabama woman was unhurt after being run over by a train on Wednesday. That is not a typo.

According to Auburn police, 22-year-old Lynsey Horne fell asleep on the railroad tracks and was not injured when "a train passed over her."

The train that "passed over" Horne contained two engines and one car.

"She was just very fortunate," Capt. Lorenza Dorsey told Al.com. "I have never seen anything like it."

Dorsey said Horne's slight frame may have kept her from getting injured.

"The train went by her very quickly," Dorsey said. "It wasn't like it was a long freight train."

Horne was charged with disorderly conduct for causing a disruption because the train had to be stopped and an ambulance needed to be called. She was also charged with public intoxication.

The lucky lady was taken to a hospital for examination just in case.

Is The Long Island Medium A Fake?

Is the Long Island Medium a fake? We’re not sure, but Radar Online says that Theresa Caputo is being investigated for fraud. Apparently several people complained that her so-called psychic abilities aren’t as real as she claims.

Investigator and SciFake-dot-com creator Ron Tebo has been talking to Caputo’s clients and associates for more than a year. He says, “She schmoozes with the audience, and wins them over with her big hair, designer shoes and comedy. When they trust her, she goes in for the kill…Theresa is like a vulture preying on the most vulnerable. I think it’s despicable.” 

And Tebo isn’t the only one who’s questioning Caputo. Her fans aren’t buying her act, either. A person who attended her show in Hershey, Pennsylvania said, “She seemed off and almost every ready was like pulling teeth to match up info. For the most part, readings were forced and uninspired.” Another said she came looking for comfort in the wake of her daughter’s death. After the show, she said, “I was a Theresa Caputo believer and watched every one of her shows…after tonight, I am no longer a believer.” Stay tuned…




Do Some People Deserve A Beat Down?

n a case that would seem enough to make anyone’s head scratch, students at a California high school are petitioning for a security guard to get his job back after he was fired for beating the snot out of a special needs student in a wheelchair.  Confused? We were too – especially when we learned that a second security guard has been disciplined for having an altercation with the same student on the same day.


What gives? Some teens at Oakland High School say the student in question, Francisco Martinez, who is 17 and has cerebral palsy, is a troublemaker and basically, that Martinez started it. According to ABC7, school security guard Marchell Mitchell was fired by the school May 19th after he was caught on video beating Martinez after the student argued with the guard, reportedly slapped the Mitchell’s hand and spit on him. Students also told KTVU-TV that Martinez is known for being obnoxious and running over people’s toes with his wheelchair on purpose.


“We acknowledge that there was a small physical exchange prior to the security officer essentially flipping out and attacking the student,” says Oakland School District spokesperson Troy Flynt. “But nothing that even remotely could have justified what occurred.” Exactly, it’s called being a grown up. As for the students, officials suggest they not hold their breath waiting for Mitchell’s return. Flint told noted “I think part of the response stems from the fact that many of the students view the attack as a peer to peer situation and they are thinking about what they would have done in that situation.” Flint added that students are “overlooking the fact that the security guard is “both an adult and a school employee with higher responsibility.”  Mitchell has pleaded not guilty to charges of felony corporal injury to a child. He’s scheduled for a pretrial hearing on June 16th. 




Drunkest States In America

Alright, America, we’re getting a little out of hand with our Cosmos.  According to a new study from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, folks in the U.S. are drinking way too much. 

A government organization called “Healthy People 2020” would like the average American to guzzle no more than 2.1-gallons per person, per year.

How much booze is that?  About 25 bottles of whiskey, 88 bottles of wine, or 320 bottles of beer (must be small bottles). Actual average American consumption was 2.33 gallons over last year…so clearly y’all have been going out for a few more girls’ nights!

According to their study, 43 states increased their inebriation, with the West leading the way by 3.4 percent, followed by 2.3 percent in the South, 2.1 percent in the Northeast, and 1.7 percent in the Midwest.

The only states to decrease in drunkenness were Alaska, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, West Virginia, and New Hampshire.

The biggest boozehounds?  New Hampshire folks, coming in with the highest national consumption rate of 4.65 gallons – nearly twice the national average. Party on!

Here’s a quick snapshot of each state’s drinking habits, with the full list HERE:

1. New Hampshire 4.65

2. Dist. of Columbia 3.89

3. Delaware 3.59

50. West Virginia 1.81

51. Utah 1.37


Source: Yahoo!






  • Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) – 67
  • Harvey Fierstein – 60
  • Paul Giamatti – 47
  • Jason Isaacs (“Harry Potter,” “Awake”) – 51
  • Staci Keanan (“Step by Step,” “You Again”) – 39
  • Johnny Pacar (“Make It or Break It”) – 33



  • Gary U.S. Bonds – 75 (FAST FACT: He changed his name so that it would get confused with government bonds and therefore get more airplay.)
  • Uncle Kracker – 40
  • Korn’s James Shaffer – 44
  • Steve Vai – 54



  • New York Giants football player Prince Amukamara – 25
  • Comedian Sandra Bernhard – 59
  • Author Sarah Dessen – 44
  • WWE Wrestler Drew McIntyre – 29
  • TV news anchor and journalist Natalie Morales (FUN FACT: She was born in Taiwan.) – 42
  • Funnyman Colin Quinn – 55
  • The late artist Diego Velasquez (1599-1660)




Video Of The Day:

WARSAW, Poland, June 5 (UPI) --A video of President Barack Obama hitting the gym at the Warsaw Marriott in Poland is being hit hard by Internet trolls.

The video of Obama working out was shot by an unknown person and uploaded to the web.

Although people like Fox News' Greta Van Susteren were concerned with how the "Secret Service possibly let this happen," most folks have been more interested in ripping the president.