Happy Friday!!  Hope your weekend plans include spending a lil me time.. I'm looking forward to checking out Styx Foreigner & Don Felder on Saturday.. Should be an amazing show.  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 18% of men wish they could change this about their partner.
A: Her laugh



Bonehead Of The Day:

Who's in charge of watching these school busses? WMBB is reporting a second school bus has been stolen, the first was taken last month, and all by the same person...a 12-year-old.

Michael Propst took the first bus back in June on a joyride that ended at a Walmart 15 miles from his Florida school. He did it again earlier this week, this time driving the bus 55-miles to Franklin County, Florida. "They had a bus stopped with a juvenile driver," said Police Chief Sweatt told the site."Our initial reaction was 'oh no, not again.'"

The two times he's been caught, he's seemingly calm. "He's not unruly or resists arrest or anything of that nature from what I understand," said Sweatt. "He's just into stealing vehicles." Buckle up for his teenage years...literally. 





Star Wars Heading To The Class Room

We've found the galaxy far, far away...it's the classroom. According to "Entertainment Weekly," Workman Publishing company has created workbooks centered around the "Star Wars" series.

The "Star Wars Workbooks," as they're appropriately called, cover everything from numbers to writing, featuring Darth Vadar, C-3PO, and the rest of the gang. The books were conceived by Workman editor-at-large, and "ultimate 'Star Wars' geek" Raquel Jaramillo, who used the series to help her oldest son learn how to read.

Even the official "Star Wars" company, Lucasfilm, has given the project its blessing.




Keep Super Glue Away!!

Super glue may be a handy tool, but you should always keep it far away from the bedroom. On this Saturday's episode of TLC's "Sex Sent Me to the E.R." we meet a patient who was fixing the lamp next to his bed. The tube of glue happened to me next to the tube of KY gel, and, well, he got mixed up. The patient's hand got stuck to his family jewels. Oops.




Toaster Selfie?

Forget selfies, let's talk about toasties. Burnt Impressions, the company that gave the world the Jesus Toaster, is turning to selfies. Like the Jesus Toaster, which made toast with the picture of Jesus burnt on it, are now customizing toasters with pictures of you.

For $75, you can upload a picture that will then be built into a toaster to burn your likeness on every piece of bread you feed it. You can even pick out the accent color of the toaster.

There is a warning on the company's website, however, "We are good but remember fine detail is darn near impossible to achieve with heat and toast," Burnt Impressions warns. "If we squint and can't see your face we will cancel order and refund your purchase."

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  • Lee Arenberg (“Pirates of the Caribbean” series, “Once Upon a Time”) (FAST FACTS: He attended Santa Monica High School at the same time as Sean Penn, Robert Downey, Jr. and Emilio Estevez.) – 52
  • Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) (FAST FACTS: She was named the world’s sexiest vegetarian in 2006 by PETA.) – 34
  • Grant Bowler (“Lost”) – 46 (FAST FACTS: He was also the host of the TV show “The Mole.”)
  • James Brolin (“Marcus Welby, MD,” “Hotel,” “The Reagans”) – 74
  • Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl,” “The Covenant”) – 29
  • Vin Diesel (“Saving Private Ryan,” “The Fast and the Furious” franchise) – 47
  • Margo Martindale (“Justified,” “Beautiful Creatures”) – 63
  • Elizabeth McGovern (“Downton Abbey,” “Ragtime”) – 53
  • Kelly Reilly (“Sherlock Holmes,” “Pride and Prejudice”) – 37
  • Jason Weaver (“Drumline,” “The Lady Killers”) – 35
  • The late Harriet Nelson (“The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”) (1909-1994)
  • The late Richard Red Skelton (“Clem Kadiddlehopper”) (1913-1997)
  • The late Chill Wills (“The Alamo,” “Gunsmoke”) (1902-1978)



  • M.I.A. – 39
  • Ryan Cabrera – 32
  • XTC’s Terry Chambers – 59
  • Eve 6’s Ryan Fagenson – 36
  • Pearl Jam’s Jack Irons – 52
  • Underoath and The Almost’s Aaron Gillespie – 31
  • Public Image Ltd.’s Keith Levene – 57
  • System of a Down’s Daron Malakian – 39
  • Karina Pasian – 23
  • Martha Reeves – 73
  • Ricky Scaggs – 60
  • The Alarm’s Nigel Twist – 56
  • The late blues singer Screamin Jay Hawkins (“I Put a Spell On You”) (FAST FACTS: He allegedly fathered as many as 75 children.) (1929-2000) … he would have been 84.




Video Of The Day:

More fun with Weird Al as he takes on Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.”