Happy Friday!  Glad to be back especially when it's a friday!  So here's what you missed on the show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q; A new article says just over 30% of women have done this without telling their husbands. 

A; Donated some of their clothes 


Bonehead Of The Day

A Canadian teen got a little too close to a lion she was helping care for in a South African rehab facility.

The 18-year-old was volunteering at the center when she leaned in to kiss the beast's fur and he tried to drag her into its cage by the legs.

The girl was pulled into the animal's cage, and her legs were gnawed and gashed by the lion and its mate before she was finally dragged away by another volunteer.


The girl was fulfilling her life-long passion for animals by volunteering there before she was supposed to start college in the fall.



McDonalds 5 Most Spectacular Menu Flops

The McRib. The Shamrock Shake. The Big Mac. McDonalds has had some triumphant new produts added to their menu over the years - but not everything has been a success. Here are the five biggest flops from the golden arches.

1. McPizza. In the 80's McDonalds tried to integrate pizza into their menu but the prep process was too slow for those who were used to coming to McDonalds to quickly get in and out with their food.

2. The Hula Burger. A meatless burger with grilled pineapple, cheese and a bun? Sounds genius right? Wrong. This item didn't last long.

3. McLobster. This faux lobster roll in a hot dog bun was introduced on the east coast and didn't take off. I mean, they eat delicious lobster fresh there - why would they want fake McDonalds lobster?

4. McAfrika. This tasteless product was sold in Norway and contained beef and vegetables in a pita. It was released during a famine in South Africa and considered incredibly insensitive.

5. Arch Deluxe. The restaurant chain spent an incredible amount on an ad campaign targeting an older more upscale crowd with this sandwich and it totally flopped.



Life Imitating Art:  Humanity To Begin Testing Weather Terminators Will Tear You To Bits

A new, $1.75 million program has just been launched to discover if robots can turn evil on humans.

The study (funded by the U.K.'s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) is expected to take up to three and a half years to complete.

Researchers across the U.K. will examine how trustworthy robots are — and can be in the future.

As one researcher explains, "Working on this new research project with colleagues across the U.K. will enable us to tackle the crucial issue of developing robotic systems which can work safely with humans.

"This is a vital step in developing robots for a whole range of functions for the future, where they will be useful to humans."



Mom Struck By Lightning, Gives Birth!

A pregnant woman in Albuquerque, New Mexico survived getting hit by lightning and gave birth to a baby girl.

The woman and the baby's father were watching fireworks with friends when lightning struck both of them in the front yard of an home.

The woman was just weeks from her due date and was rushed to the hospital where she had an emergency C-section. 

Mother, father and baby are all healthy. 




~~Actor, Bill Cosby is 76 (Bill Cosby Show, Cos, Electric Company, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Captain Kangaroo, I Spy; Cosby Show's Dr. Heathcliffe "Cliff" Huxtable; Cosby)
~~Fitness guru Richard Simmons is 65
~~Actress, Anna Friel is 37 (Pushing Daisies, Land of The Lost movie)
~~Actor, Topher Grace is 35 (That 70's Show, Pinocchio (voice), Win a Date with Tad Hamilton; In Good Company; Spider-Man 3)
~~Actress Michelle Rodriguez ("Lost"; "Avatar") is 35. (S.W.A.T.; Fast & Furious movies)
~~Actor, Steve Holey is 37 (Reba; Bride Wars)
~~Actress, Cheryl Ladd is 63 (Charley's Angels)
~~Actress, Phoebe Tonkin ("The Secret Circle") is 24
~~Actor, Cheyenne Jackson ("United 93"; "30 Rock") is 38 (Hysteria)
~~Actor/comedian, Charles Q. Murphy (Eddie Murphy's brother) is 54
~~Figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi is 42
~~Showbiz reporter, Shaun Robinson is 51
~~Actor/radio host, Jay Thomas is 65 (Mork & Mindy; Mr. Holland's Opus; Dragonfly; The Santa Clause 2)
~~TV Host, Rolonda Watts is 54
~~ Actress Lisa Nicole Carson ("Ally McBeal") is 44. (Devil in a Blue Dress)
~~Actress Denise Nicholas ("In the Heat of the Night") is 69.
~~Actress Mel Harris ("thirtysomething") is 57.
~~Actor Erik Per Sullivan ("Malcolm in the Middle") is 22.
~~WWF star Brock Lesnar is 36


~~Singer-guitarist Kimberly Perry (of The Band Perry) is 30
~~Singer Christine McVie (of Fleetwood Mac) is 70
~~Singer/songwriter/musician Walter Egan is 65
~~Guitarist Dan Murphy (of Soul Asylum) is 51.
~~Singer Robin Wilson (of the Gin Blossoms) is 48
~~Rapper, Magoo is 40
~~Singer Tracie Spencer is 37.
~~Gospel singer Sandi Patty is 57
~~Country singer Shannon Lawson is 40.
~~Country Singer, Julie Miller is 57



In Theaters This Weekend

Grown Ups 2  (PG-13)
Stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade.  (PROJECTION:  $40 MIL.)


Pacific Rim  (PG-13)
Monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, rise from the sea. Stars Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi.  (PROJECTION$35 MIL.)



Americans Can't Put Down Their Phone, Not Even In The Shower

According to a new Harris Interactive online survey, almost one third of U.S. adults admitted using their phone in a movie theater or on a dinner date. One in five said they used their phone in church or other place of worship and one in 10 even admitted checking in the shower or during sex.

55% admitted they couldn't put their phone down while driving.

The study also found that people are anxious about losing their phone, with 72% saying they keep it within 5 feet most of the time. The biggest fears from losing the phone included 65% saying they were worried about theft of personal information, 58% said not wanting to lose contacts and 39% were concerned about fraudulent calling.



Video Of The Day:

Today's Video I give you elderly people reacting to Twerking..  It's pretty good.. Enjoy!