Happy Friday!  First weekend of the new year, what are you going to do?  Saturday I think i'm taking a day trip to Sioux Falls with my wife for an afternoon of fun, then Sunday I will be stylin' in my tux at the Bridal Spectacular!  See you there!  Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a great weekend!  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: About 60% of people say they do THIS when nobody else is home.  What is it?

A: Leave the bathroom door open


Bonehead Of The Day:

An Alabama woman admitted to drinking paint on the season premiere of TLC's, "My Strange Addiction."

The woman started the habit three years ago and said it's like drinking a thicker version of milk. She also admitted to liking the chemical taste of the paint.

She started drinking paint after her mother died, but said until the show no one had seen her consume it. She estimated to drinking almost 3 gallons at this point.

She prefers paint in marker form and goes to a hardware store every day to buy one.

In an interview since the show aired, she admitted to staying clean and was told by a doctor she was damaging her kidneys.



Bonehead Of The Day #2

A man was desperate for cash, so he broke into a warehouse to steal the brains of dead mental patients and sold the body parts on eBay.

The 21-year-old broke into the Indiana Medical History Museum multiple times and stole jars of human brain tissue and other preserved material.

The museum is the site of the former Central State Hospital, which served patients with psychiatric and mental disorders from 1848 to 1994. Police had investigated break-ins at the museum's storage facility before a phone call led police to the thief.

A man who had bought six jars of human brain tissue off eBay for $600, plus $70 shipping, called the museum after noticing labels on the containers and suspecting something was wrong. Detectives used that tip to trace the thief.

Police set up a sting and arranged a meeting in a parking lot. The day before, the thief had stolen 60 jars of human tissue from the museum. Once the parking lot deal went down, police busted in. A person that was with the thief reached for a gun and was tackled by officers.



Fido Findings..  Dogs Go #2 In Line With Earth's Magnetic Field

Researchers studied the bathroom practices of dogs.

The study found that dogs like to poop along the Earth's magnetic field.

Researchers don't understand why, but after watching dogs poop time and time again, the results are clear… dogs like to poop along a north/south axis - preferably in an open field and not on a leash.

Dogs are not fans of pooping east/west.

Dogs are among other animals that have been found to be motivated by the Earth's magnetic field.





Sit Back & Relax.. Eventually All Cars Will Be Self Driving

A new study finds that all cars will be self-driving by 2050.

Researchers found that the sale of self-driving car in the world will jump from 230,000 in 2025 to 11.8 million by 2035.

They say that would result in a total of 54 million self-driving cars in use around the world by then. But they say by 2050 all care will likely be self-driving.





1,000 Made The First Cut To Take A One-Way Trip To Mars

A one way ticket to Mars?

Over 1,000 of the 200,000 applicants to the Mars One project have been accepted on to the next round which could land them on a trip to Mars.

The plan is to send average citizens to Mars in an effort to colonize it - with no return trip back to Earth in the books.

Those 1,000 will be further whittled down to 40 and they will be sent off in 2024. Of that number 297 Americans are in the running.

There is talks that the selection process could become a reality TV show. Applicants that made it through include an 80-year-old woman and someone that filmed their audition video completely in the nude.

The remaining candidates now need to be tested for their emotional and physical stability if they want to continue in the selection process.






~~Actor/director Mel Gibson is 58. (Lethal Weapon movies; Bravehart, Pocahontas' John Smith, Ransom, Conspiracy Theory, Payback, The Patriot, What Women Want, We Were Soldiers, Signs, Apocalypto, The Passion of the Christ)
~~Actor Dabney Coleman is 82. (Tootsie, 9 to 5, On Golden Pond, You've Got Mail, The Guardian)
~~Actress Victoria Principal (Dallas) is 64.
~~Actor Jason Marsden ("Ally McBeal") is 39. (General Hospital)
~~Actress Danica McKellar ("The Wonder Years") is 39.
~~Actor Nicholas Gonzalez ("The O.C.") is 38.  
~~Actor, Robert Loggia is 84 (Scarface; Mancuso FBI, Emerald Point NAS, An Officer & a Gentleman, Independence Day)
~~NFL QB, Eli Manning is 33 (Peyton's brother; Archie's son)
~~Race car driver, Michael Schumacher is 45
~~NHL legend, Bobby Hull is 75 (father of Brett Hull)


~~Singer Stephen Stills is 69. (Crosby, Stills, Nash)
~~Bassist John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin) is 68.

~~Drummer Mark Pontius (of Foster The People) is 29
~~Guitarist Nash Overstreet (of Hot Chelle Rae) is 28
~~Record producer George Martin is 88. (The Beatles)
~~Singer and former "American Idol" contestant Kimberley Locke is 36.
~~Jazz saxophonist James Carter is 45.
~~Country Singer, Nikki Nelson is 45 (Highway 101)
~~contemporary Christian singer–songwriter, Nichole Nordeman is 42



For Those Keeping F'ing Score..  Wolf Of Wallstreet Sets New F Word Record

Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" has set the all-time record for the use of the f-word.

According to Wikipedia, the 'F' word is used 506 times over "The Wolf of Wall Street's" 180-minute running time. The old record for a non-documentary was Spike Lee's 1999 film "Summer of Sam" with 435 instances.


** Scorsese has two other projects in the f-word top 20, including "Casino" (422) and "Goodfellas" (300).




In Theaters This Weekend:

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (-R-)  
A group of party goers set out with a camera to investigate after a woman dies in the apartment beneath the party. They discover items associated with black magic rituals, even the missing tapes from Paranormal Activity 3. Stars Molly Ephraim, Richard Cabral, Crystal Santos, Jorge Diaz. (PROJECTION: $15 MIL.)



Parental Pet Peeves.. 21 Jerk Moves Other Parents Have Made

1. Doing nothing when their kid misbehaves right in front of them.
2. Taking their 6-year-old to see an R-rated movie.
3. Doing their kid's science project entirely by themselves.

4. Getting drunk at the block party.
5. Making passive-aggressive social media updates.
6. Getting their flirt on with your spouse.
7. Inviting your kid to a birthday party at Disneyland but not paying for their ticket.
8. Talking trash about you and your kid to other parents.
9. Not listening to the rules and sending their kid to school with candy to hand out on Valentine's Day.
10. Acting like a psychopath at their kid's sporting events.
11. Coaching Little League and making their uncoordinated kid the shortstop and cleanup hitter.
12. Giving unsolicited parenting advice.
13. Spouting off about a bunch of stuff you don't agree with in front of your kid.
14. Asking a dad who's out alone with his kids if he's "babysitting."
15. Telling a professional woman, "It must be hard being away from the kids all day and not feeling like a real mom."
16. Bragging about how incredible their kids are without asking about yours.
17. Saying stuff like, "He's just really bored in class because he's so gifted."
18. Letting their kid have ice cream after all of the other parents told their kids no.
19. Dropping their sick kid off at your house for a playdate.
20. Continuing to text when their kid gets hurt.
21. Talking down to you like you're one of their kids.



Video Of The Day:

Here's a great video of some stars before they were famous!  Good stuff!