A New Hampshire man woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare about a gunshot, but it turned out the nightmare was real.

When he woke up, he was holding a gun and had shot himself in the knee. 

Police would not release the man's name and they are not planning on filing charges, because they believe it was an accident.

The man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, although they are not life-threatening. 

The man was alone in the house when the incident happened, but his wife, who was at work at the time, said he was probably sleepwalking.


A Mobile phone service in the UK is helping customers strengthen their fingers with exercises, one of which includes the use of a "thumbell."

The company created a dumbbell or weight for the thumb with the purpose of strengthening those texting muscles.

The idea is that the network speed will be so much faster that users will be able to do more faster, which could cause thumb pain. According to a study, two in five people have had thumb pain in the past five years and more than half said their thumbs got tired after using their smartphones.

The company is testing the Thumbells with its own employees and with some people on Twitter who share photos or videos of them working out their thumbs.

They hope to release the gadgets later this year.



There's a new smartphone app called "Leftover Swap" that will allow you to eat the leftover meals of perfect strangers. 

The app's founder admits that some people cringe when they hear about it, but he says, "For as many people that seemingly have a problem it, there are people who love the idea."

This is how it works:

A user takes a photo of their leftovers and posts it to the app's database. 

Then, someone in the nearby area will have a chance to offer them a trade for the food or just take it off of their hands.

The app's owners aren't sure how to make money from it yet, but for now, they are willing to consider it as a way of doing good and reducing the amount of food waste on the planet.

The app should be ready to launch as a free download by the end of August.